Modern catwalk

Show field within the lamp and the pillars of the intertwined

Off-Kilter design

This season, the director Demna Gvasalia through nearly 30 years of Cristóbal design fashion works, the innovation of the “off-kilter”, that is, breaking the previous button button way, is a kind of arbitrary, like how to buckle button design The Gvasalia bold use of this season in the autumn and winter fashion: whether it is straight tough coat, or elegant elegant woolen jacket, or cold and cold feathers, have adopted the off-kilter plus profile design.

Autumn and winter quiet in a touch of red

Clothing profile cut plus big shopper, will be carried in the end plus

Tibetan blue and red has always been hit color preferred

Bloated feathers coupled with another vitality of the green, no! This is the autumn and winter it ~

Even consistently show handsome leather belt motorcycle jacket is also inevitably joined the ranks of off-kilter, with elegant dress under the dress, more handsome mature woman bold to do their own self-confidence.

From the previous shoulder design to today’s off-kilter, every time the women’s fashion shoulder cut on the design changes, creating an elegant modern and stylish female image, embodies the prevailing era of feminism The

Shoulder suits create a of independent self – confidence women


The use of cars and floral elements

Since the show field design into the car park style, this season’s clothing also more or less added to the car elements. Designed as a car rearview mirror handle, car blanket pattern skirt, small details of the parts are all reflected Gvasalia want Vetements elements with its unique way into the small mind, avant-garde full.

Rearview mirror with the car and the metal color blanket pattern combination

Autumn and winter with black and dark green with never wrong

As one of the leading fashion brand,how can we miss the recent hot trend? Girdle, wide belt, floral pattern, lotus leaf and other elements of the design have also been on the field of autumn and winter show on the stage.

Floral is an element of the year

Thick belt and lotus leaf fashionable and modern

Follow the classic century

The biggest highlight of the Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear show is the tribute to the classic high-end fashion designed by Mr. Cristóbal more than 100 years ago. In order to inherit the classic, Gvasalia on Cristóbal design of the high set dress style has not changed much: “So I wanted to keep it pure”.

Mysterious black and dress layers of the design always wanted to find out

Black wave point of the high set dress, cute cute

Interestingly, although Gvasalia did not change the original style, but still in the footwear and accessories on the package to increase his design style, the dress is a variety of colors are pantyhose boots, yes that is Just said he wanted to integrate Vetements into one of  little thoughts.

Black and white and warm orange hit color, advanced and lively

Indulge in the purple doll of the purple dream

Noble and elegant dress with fluorescent socks boots, shines

As well as the 1950s high set dress number plate for the prototype of the clutch, with the dress, as if to return to Mr. Cristóbal retro years, restore the classic yet modern.

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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