How to wear fish net socks to look good?

Recently the use of ins friends have not found, fishing net socks can be described as popular in the whole network, a lot of fashion people are wearing, because fishing nets are easy to ride, we are now very obsessed with this porous tights. So, if you want to get more followers in Instagram, let’s take a look at the seven ways of wearing socks on ins.

1. pull the fish net socks to the waist

Foreign fashion bloggers who have been drying in the ins on their own wear fishing socks socks. The photo also tells us that in fact the fish net socks to the waist can make you become very fashionable.

How can you wear it? You only need to have a loose jeans, a pair of fishnet socks and a short T-shirt, has been a perfect match.

2. Put the fish net socks in the hole jeans

Although the fishing socks to wear jeans in the more trouble, and feel uncomfortable. However, this match will definitely give people an avant-garde and refreshing feeling, really very nice!

3. match the skirt

Fishing net socks can also be with the skirt together with the wear to go to work is also not a bad, very fashionable chic.

If the dress code is more conservative, you can consider wearing a close half knee skirt with fish net socks. This match will make you look so boring.

4. Try to wear socks that are not black

Speaking of fishnet socks, our head will naturally show a black socks, but who said fish net socks must be black it? If you wear black shoes, white fish socks will be a good match. If you are a trend leader, fresh pink or bright red fish net socks will make you superior!

5. with naked shoes

Popularity Instagram with Youtube Blogger Meganellaby (she has almost 120,000 followers) is also the number one fan of fishnet socks! Here, she put the fishnet socks with bare heels wearing, vaguely exposed ankle, sexy very.

Many people think that naked heels must not be worn with socks, but in fact as long as the socks do not so thick body, like a nets like a transparent material socks can be.

6. Sportswear match fish net socks

Fish net socks is also very contrast with the sneakers. But do not like Mariah Carey really wear fish net socks to the gym ah! Sportswear match fish net socks is just a recommended dress style.

7. Shiny fishnet socks

Tired of the characteristics of the fish net socks? Fishnet socks can also add gorgeous jewelry.

Wearing shiny fishnet socks will make you stand out at the party.

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