Skirt below set pants?

When the popular elements thoroughly cooked in the heart but want to play out of the amazing girls, do not be timid, and do not rigidly adhere to the skirt is a skirt, pants are pants of the traditional wear law, mix and match fresh is you become The magic weapon of the eye. Pants outside with skirts, it is time to learn up!

This most in-style dress is called: dress over pants. What kind of chemical reaction does a collision between a pants and a skirt produce? Neutral profile, capable lines, but rubbed into the feminine texture. Two seemingly diametrically opposite style, but can be integrated, not stiff. This is certainly not created with a new match, is the style of the nineties resurgence. This is also very popular with the last century with it, often appear in a variety of magazine pictorial.

This emphasis on the use of clothing structure to achieve the impact of the visual method is actually very practical, it can not be inadvertently to the body is not perfect to block up, and there is no lack of fashion sense. Although each resurgence has its sense of the times, but still will join the now fashion factor. So the stars for this wear will fall in which can not extricate themselves.

Show the field of this wear can actually see, as free and easy representative of the independent temperament, in the long skirt under the wide leg pants to create the foot of the wind at the foot of the wind.

The most like this way to wear the law is undoubtedly Emma Watson, obviously the United States into the princess but not fit handsome heart, a strong gas field all the skirt and pants now mix and match it! Halter show sexy and high open skirt, great personality, sparked a burst of hot topics.

Little girl sister do not have to worry about hold live, petite ghost horse fashion blogger Leandra Medine for this wear is also very much at home. Sweater + skirt + trousers with wear, never seem to have a romantic wind and street wind ride, put on the body is very worth pondering.

The best dress is skirt longer knee more fashionable, but afraid of the short sister can choose the long skirt, skirt length in the middle of the thigh, then can lengthen the visual effect. Afraid of the error can choose the same color with a similar but differentiated. Do not emptied at the same time without losing the sexy, in full compliance with the United States than their careful ah. Hurry up to wear these little wear to wear it!

Open skirt + pants

Open the heat of the past few years seems to have intensified the trend, from the clothes hem and trousers small split fork, rose to open to the armpits and thighs, completely stopped . Then you say that open fork so high, simply put all the exposed out of the show, this time not to put the pants in the past, Moreover, this is still very fashionable.

Shirt skirt + pants

Shirt skirt is also a classic classic, and how can this stack of small trick it? Especially the striped shirt comes with gas field, whether it is metallic color pants or was thin bell-bottoms, can easily control.

Skirt + bell pants

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