makeup comparable to plastic surgery!

Red lips name suggests, the focus of the makeup must be full of warm red lips.

Will be suitable for their own skin color Cream point painted to the whole face.

With a flat head foundation brush will be cleansing cream open, extended evenly, so that Cream more fit skin.

The liquid foundation to the whole face, dry skin selection moisturizing type, oil skin selection control oil lasting type.

With a wet sponge puff will look finish evenly, with a gentle beat the way to apply Oh

(Wet sponge is not so sucking powder)

Sponge powder puffed out of the looking finish is not transparent and shiny it?

Remove the amount of concealer with a concealer.

With a concealer brush painted in the dark circles, pox India Department, spots and other flaws, to create no time looking finish.

With a large loose powder, picking the right amount of loose powder.

Dry skin girls can only loose powder brush in the T area, forehead and other love out of the oil Department. Oil skin girls can all face smear Oh

Eyelids and eyeliner should also focus on the use of powder makeup Oh, this can make eye makeup more durable.

First repair a suitable for his face type of eyebrows, if they will not repair it, you can find a friend will help repair Oh And then use the eyebrow pen to outline the shape you want to draw eyebrows.

And then fill the eye with a pencil.

Both sides of the eyebrows have to draw the same symmetry Oh, then with eyebrow comb comb eyebrows grooming, brow up, eyebrows and eyebrows outward.

Feel that their face or facial features are not enough three-dimensional girls can use the shadow to modify, with a shadow brush to take a little repair powder.

With repair brush will repair powder from the brow began, blooming on both sides of the bridge of the nose, to create a high nose.

Is not feeling the nose quite a lot of it?

With eye shadow brush dip light coffee color eye shadow.

Smear in the entire eye socket, must be blooming open Oh.

Both sides of the eye shadow to bloom the same.

Brush with dark brown eye shadow with eye shadow brush.

Brush within the area of the double eyelid.

(Single eyelid girl brush in the upper eyelash root 5mm position)

Eye part of the body can be a little deep blooming, emphasizing deep sense.

The same, eyes to blooming symmetry Caixing.

With a small eye shadow brush dipped in the amount of brick brown eye shadow.

Most of the smear is at the end of the eye.

Eyeliner after the third of the location should also apply Oh.

With your fingers to distract the eyelids, with eyeliner from the head began, smooth painting to the end of the eye.

Eye end can be bold extension.

Hand dipped in the amount of champagne pearl eye shadow.

Apply to the area in the middle of the eye socket to enhance the exquisite feeling of eye makeup.

Under the eyelid Department and the next eyelash also smear the right amount, to create a lovely feeling.

Clip eyelashes.

Use thick slender mascara, the eyelash brush longer.

Under the eyelashes have to brush Oh.

With the repair brush to wash the amount of repair capacity powder.

Spread the plaster on the outside contour of the face.

Choose a warm red lipstick with high saturation.

Apply lipstick inside lip.

And then use the lip brush, the lipstick slowly extended to the extension.

The upper lip is also painted in the same way.

The whole lips to complete it!

This makeup is the focus of the lips, we learn it? Straight male favorite makeup —- red lips makeup, really really beautiful Oh! Of this makeup out of the door, to ensure that keep returning to bursting!

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