The legs are not long enough?

With the temperature rise, the recent streets began to appear a lot of beautiful young girl dressed, careful observation is not difficult to find that the vast majority of sister choose pants shorter than the pants on a short length, just showing a beautiful ankle.

Why the exposed ankle so much charm? Simple point on the two words: was thin. Not only refers to the weight of fat and thin, the proportion is also a key. Beauty plastic surgery allows you to have a perfect facial features, weight loss fitness can make you have a charming curve, only the proportion of this thing is the womb in the design is good, it is difficult to nature, only with the clothes with, from the visual On the proportion of gold.

Many people think that the pants legs directly rolled up, you can achieve results. Why the online again and again out of the trousers of the tutorial, because one is not careful to easily roll himself into a ridge to be transplanted, and fashion has nothing to do. Still worry about how to expose a day out of fashionable ankle, over and over again the roll trousers? Then you do not wear a nine pants.

Petite girls of the effort

Nine pants for petite girls, is simply quietly big legs of the weapon. Nine pants only exposed ankle lap position, seemingly nothing, but the “was thin was high” that does not lose shorts skirt, and more points “still hold partly concealed” hazy beauty, reserved Have degrees.

High girls easily have supermodel temperament

Even if the high girls can not give up nine pants. Height 178cm of the angel Ambrosia, has a unique beauty of the face, in a public model in the United States was so easy to remove the eyes. Unfortunately, her waist is too long, the legs seem short. Wear on a suitable pants can let her avoid weaknesses, highlighting the supermodel temperament, on the contrary, the pants are exposed shortcomings, but rather wearing a 5: 5 body.

Super boring single product can take a glory

Nine pants of the magical effect, even for the summer is a bit boring All-black wear, but also can easily light the overall shape. You can not put their mistakes with other factors, the key is whether you are witty choice in the ankle at a short section of the nine pants, if not, it is not hurry up action.

Sexy little pants hot hit

Jeans is almost every girl in the wardrobe indispensable single product, itself is the same fashion, nine points for the length of the army of jeans and add a fierce. Sexy hot tight jeans can be regarded as one of the leaders, smooth alignment fit hip type, along the thigh down all the way to tighten the trousers, exposing slender ankle, eye-catching charming.

Wide leg jeans comfortable and stylish

There are still a lot of girls like loose wide leg jeans, comfortable and casual. It does not pick people, do not pick the body, almost for all types of legs, and almost any single product can match.

Suit nine pants traditional and fashion combination

Suit texture of the pants is not underestimated the object. Different from the cowboy fashion sense, suit fabric seems to always get rid of the law-abiding image, rigorous with some small boring. And nine minutes of the length of clever to the overall shape of a export, so that the suit fabric to the breath of fashion, the perfect combination of the two, down into a white-collar workers dress up the magic weapon.

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