Is the “pin” is also a magic weapon

To say the initiation of this article or from a friend’s question, to participate in the activities of the organizers who received a small gift, a fine little PIN, he and I complained that “what is the use of this thing, May be a child to play it, “as a little obsessed with this little thing I am really want to backhand to give him an old Beijing elders postings, but unfortunately tolerated his” little naughty skin. “ So this PIN was my income in the bag, after all, Bole is difficult to find the secret, or let it play its use it

I believe that many of my friends have the same confusion, by the gadgets of the exquisite design of the impressed, but do not know how to “play” up, do not worry, you are today to the ground.

To play a PIN through, of course, to understand its past life

PIN – you call it brooch is also OK, or badge worth mentioning, or pin, no special clear and professional Chinese explanation. The author feels that this is more like a fictitious word, when you put it into the carrier when it will be issued a “ping ~” is heard, so the explanation may be more vivid it.

▲ Queen Elizabeth

PIN has a long history. The earliest as a beautiful and elegant accessories, by the royal family nobility, celebrity Ascot favorite, so in the material materials and design is also very luxurious.

Gems, emerald, diamonds, gold, enamel, bone angle, coral and other materials are used in its production. Gorgeous design + expensive materials, so in that era PIN is a symbol of status status.


▲ Gosha


▲ Stüssy


Today, PIN can be described as more and more ground gas, and it is not so high and can not. If the skateboard, tattoo, street, graffiti and other elements become more and more popular fashion point, then play a good PIN you can become the leader of the trend. Its identity attributes are greatly weakened, character portraits, food, musical instruments, favorite slogans, etc. Anything you are interested in can be carried on this little PIN, can be described as a small sparrow. What is more, it will be ironic, interesting slogans and patterns together, full of bad taste. In this pursuit of individuality, seeking “different” era, the “gadgets” can be described as a vote on the tire.

Up to the big clothing show field, down to the daily life, its existence can be described as “pervasive.”

▲ Dior Homme 2017 Fall / Winter

▲ Dior Homme 2015 Fall / Winter

In the suit jacket embellishment badge details, to achieve elegant and informal high realm, breaking the people for the eight children with the inherent impression of suit.

▲ Saint Laurent 2015 Fall / Winter

Will be romantic playful brooch decorated on the motorcycle jacket on top of the clothes for the whole added vitality, quite interesting.

It seems that the big show on the show is still far away from us, but each of us actually “play” it.

Correct! Yes! It is it, juvenile pioneer team emblem. We put it into the school uniform, neck collar is the wind fluttering red scarf, shouting that we are communist successor. If the time is too long, primary school memory is a bit fuzzy, but the Communist Youth League emblem you must have it, after all, you need a little political consciousness.

Visible PIN is loved by the major brands of accessories. You may think these PIN should be regarded as an accessory to these brands, there is no special to do this gadgets brand? The answer is: of course!

We only do PIN

PINTRILL – a focus on creating the US brand PIN, Nike, OBEY, THE PARK · ING GINZA these trendy familiar brands are their partner, of course, never more than that, the brand can now be described as fame, even Last year at Brooklyn Grand Street in New York opened a flagship store.

▲ PINTRILL shop at a glance

PINTRILL can be said to be the world’s first PIN franchise store. “Someone asked me there was no other pin shop in New York,” said Jordan Roschwalb, co-founder of PINTRILL. “I said, ‘no, no other stores anywhere in the world.'”

To know his family each PIN price is about $ 15 on average, and take the small sales of the line, in that inch of land to start the shop, you can say that all benefit from this “gadgets” It is not difficult to imagine the degree of hot.

“Experimenter” walking on the road to the experiment

Believe that you are now eager to rummaging through to find out those “press the bottom of the” good goods, do not worry, as an “experimenter” in the following share a few experiences.

Style selection

First of all, try to choose some color exaggerated, gorgeous PIN, like wearing the tattoo on the outside, the more unique the more courage to attract the eye.

Secondly, if you are Sneakerhead a pair of shoes PIN is essential, will your favorite shoes not only wear on the foot, more into the body, this is how wonderful experience ah. Or rebellious pursuit of thug life you, tobacco, guns, police cars are a good choice. You can also choose some PIN to form a small scene or a little story, sunshine, coconut tree, beach chair, bikini beauty.

In addition, the slogan PIN is also a good choice, such as Supreme launched the “ABCDEFUCK”, silver rectangular nameplate design is very economical, but also highlights its content, read up catchy, but there are so a trace of Bohemian

If you still do not know how to choose, it is better to buy some, one by one try. The author does not evaluate which PIN is best, more choices, more laughter.

With the way

First of all from the wearing position, the clothes of the lapel, chest, pocket and other places are a good choice, but it is best to choose your PIN in a place to reflect, sporadic a few seem very trivial, but to lose Beauty, for your mix greatly reduced.

And the largest back on the back of the need for a lot of PIN to decorate, after all, the average size of the PIN is only a large number of pentagonal coins, a few small but it seems a bit stingy, so a lot of tiled style of the best way to wear. In general, as an ad said: my site I call the shots. This is where you can give full play to your creativity.

Second, the type of clothing to consider, leather clothes, dress shirt, tannery jacket is undoubtedly the highest rate with the carrier, solid color, straight board, these elements to the PIN to provide a great place to show their talents. Like the song “the brightest star in the night sky”, low-key, dark clothing seems to better reflect its existence. And too fancy clothing does not seem to welcome this gadget.

An example of a big article on a hat is not uncommon (as long as you do not feel that you have to tick). In addition, your backpack, handbags, canvas bags and so on are you can “surgery” place. Of course, even more in their beloved shoes on the start, as long as you like what is not for too.


PIN arrangement is not too much stress, to a large extent by the number of decisions, sporadic can be arranged in a few, and the number of PIN is the people look dazzling, but also greatly increased the difficulty of your emissions. So the number of controls is critical.

Of course, if you are an obsessive-compulsive disorder, this is a good way to arrange your choice.

This method of using the dress code to place the PIN is very clever, but also the embodiment of your wisdom, as long as you carefully study something, you can “play” out of the ordinary.


After reading this article, I believe you have a new understanding of the PIN. 100 individuals have 1000 kinds of games are played, there is no need to compare with others, to find their own style you are a master of the. After all, it is a let you in the wild money reflects only one of your own trend of thinking “gadgets.”

Now you can do it! Go to the hole!

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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