Coated with it temper it changed!

One year is spring. At this time a lipstick is really a secret weapon to enhance the value of it! Just recently, the actresses have put on the “glass lips”, in the spring to grasp the open new way.

Glass lip is not only the favorite of the national girl, in the entertainment industry is also set off a frenzy.

You heard it, this spring lips trend and change the wind vane?

Have you ever put on a spring girl full of girls?

Women do not need a fragile glass heart, it touches on the need for a touch of crystal glass lips!

Water toot the lips tender and beautiful, with candy-like girl color, soft and sweet people want to bite a mouthful. Really is suitable for the season of spring, is necessary to date out on the evening Oh!

Glass lips really wild, no matter what kind of occasion to attend, painted with glass lips Naza are tender enough to pinch the water!

Red sexy glass lip lip makeup


Due to the special texture of the glass lips can also be used as a magic weapon to resist the cold wind, a nice nude color glass lip can be said to change the status quo, if you are tangling the choice of what color, you can use a Nude color instead of all, to help you hit the invincible hand!

You may not understand the glass lips, but it is not the lips! This lip is similar to the mirror lip, but with a higher sense of permeability, can make the lips look full and smooth without lip, both ruddy and supple, for the overall makeup to add a natural youthful atmosphere.

Speaking of here, you are not already have to wait for you want to find out what? In order to let you not the first time to draw their glass lips disappointed, Xiao Bian this for you to recommend a Novice Party can also draw a glass of lip secret weapon it!

Hand party is not tangled! Glass lips like this painting!

Candy color glass lips of course the effect is outstanding, but want to successfully wipe even or will be stumped a sister, so first of all to be ready to work, the most important thing is to dead skin and lip moisturizing.

You can start before the make-up coated with a thick layer of lip balm, and then put the lips on the last step, as much as possible so that the lips have more time to get moisture, so you can maximize the makeup before lipstick and Dead skin, painted out of the glass lip effect will be more smooth!


First with lip balm primer moisture, and then use lip liner to speak out the mouth profile. Hand side of the party can use this breakpoint lip line of the outline, it is not easy to fail.


After the lips to connect, with a lip brush to the inside of the slow transition evenly.


Finally with the lipstick like to fill the color, add to improve the gloss of the lipstick or pearl with the most light lip gloss, glass lips to complete it!


Because the products used to build glass lips are very good Tu uniform, so the speed of the application must be fast, the best time to succeed, remember not to smear back and forth, otherwise the texture is relatively thin lip glaze or lip gloss is easy to stuck in the lip , Hard to fix. So after the first pass smear is completed, if there is no place to use the lip brush can be used to fill the local.

Toothbrush star lip brush is very suitable for smearing glass lips, and because the contact area of ​​the toothbrush lip brush compared to ordinary lip brush will be greater, so the fault rate is relatively high, opponents residual star is very friendly. But the glass lips nemesis, but sip lips Oh, sip lips this action can destroy all, so be sure to hold back ah!

Want a better glass lips, you can do it!

Sequins and flash powder to help you a hand.

If you want to exaggerate the effect, you can choose to add a little lipstick surface plus a sequined or shiny powder, so you can make your candy colored glass lips distributed crystal luster, sequins can also extend the durability of glass lips, do both!

Gradient painting is also beautiful and careful!

The upper and lower gradient is also a candy-colored glass lips new set of yo, you can choose according to their own preferences gradient with the color, the gradient of the glass lip can make your lips look more three-dimensional, very suitable for love to take pictures of the sister who!

Lips dry how to paint are beautiful! Save the tips of the pruner’s lips!

Many sisters are usually lips dry when they use lips to ease the dry. In fact, licking your lips can only be temporary you feel moist, we contain amylase in saliva, until the water evaporates on the lips will increase the degree of dryness of the lips, resulting in lips licking more dry, serious when the formation of lime sores The

Or before going to bed with a thick layer of lip balm or Vaseline, at night to achieve better moisturizing effect. Morning brush your teeth, gently wipe the lips with a toothbrush, you can also remove the lips of the horny and dead skin.

Lipstick does not remove the clean may cause pigmentation, lip color deepening, popular point is the lips long spot, it is recommended that the majority of sister who want to use a special eye and lip makeup remover for lip remover.

You sloppy, but can not find her lips dry lipstick how to do? Put some cream or honey can be a first aid Oh!

When we choose lip balm, do not choose waxy products, because it will affect the skin metabolism of the lips. Daytime choice with sunscreen lip balm effect, both can moisturize the lips and can avoid UV damage to the lips skin.

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