The world is wearing a cold, but ignored a more advanced wear law

From the show, to see some of the clothes hanging on the hanger will always be eclipsed, relying on gorgeous lights and exaggerated shape of the light is not part of the day, so the designers began to look for a more close to the color of life, they both To look decent, but also to wear texture. After more than a century, the painter Giorgio Morandi’s paintings and colors were affixed to the inspiration board. His prints and oil paintings, warm and soothing, people find that this low saturation color is the appearance of high fashion, even if there is no stage contrast, they still make men graceful.

━ ━ ━ ━

Such as the spring of the Morandi color

Fashion has always been closely related with the arts, and now the color of the suit is no longer rigidly adhere to the calm dark blue, dark gray or black.

Marni SS 2017

Bottega Veneta SS 2017

Gentle colors began to be used, different from the previous show in the suit appeared in the “color”, and now designers will be pure color transferred to a certain percentage of gray, reducing the color brightness and saturation, which The colors are also based on the color of the gray lines of the various Italian filmmakers George Morandi. In Orlando’s still life paintings, bottles and jars more to become the object of painting, he will look at some of those lonely things and colors together, constantly the edges and colors softened.

Marni SS 2017

Bottega Veneta SS 2017

We put Morandi’s still life painting with this season men together, you can simply comment out their color, it seems clean, refreshing spring atmosphere naturally appeared, there is no strong visual impact, but it will not feel boring , This should be the best of the Morandi color, so curious, what kind of people to the color palette so harmonious tone.

━ ━ ━ ━

The independent painter

Morlandi’s self-portrait

Cold, lonely, with such a language to describe the George Morandi color and his creative process seems nothing wrong. George Morandi was born in Bologna, Italy, a place called Grizana, his life with the town of love, he painted the town of natural scenery and collection of bottles and jars, few others, style Concise, simple.

Morandi pen town of Grisana

In the twentieth century Italy, the painting style of diverse circumstances, do not join any genre, insist on depicting the same proposition, and constantly overthrow yourself, this dedication is inconceivable. Although it is not difficult to see from his words and collections Morandi on Cezanne and early Cubist painter have in-depth study, but he himself has always adhere to their own style, it was said Morandi’s creative attitude and Giacomo Leo Pardi (Giacomo Leopardi) poetry “infinite” mood coincides,

“I have always loved this Gushan

And this road almost

Blocking the entire horizon of the fence.

But sitting here, doing daydreaming, I see

Fence outside the infinite space, than the silence of mankind

And deeper silence, an endless silence,

My heart is almost afraid

And stop playing. blast

In the bushes through the line,

I heard infinite silence in the wind –

The eternal idea of ​​the mind,

There are those dead days, and this

The moment of the season and its sound.

My thoughts are drowning in this vast;

Sink in such a sea

Why is it comfort?

His painting is like a love of a Gushan, surprise or melancholy are only their own know, secret attachment from the bitter gray in a trace of hope.

The landscape of George Morandi

━ ━ ━ ━

The vision of the craftsmen is broad and deep

The lonely people are often filled with heart, watching George Morandi’s work, there will be a kind of ease from the bottom of my heart, this feeling is similar to the Oriental “Zen”, as his statement: “that by the visible The senses and images evoked by the world, that is, the world of the body, are difficult and can not even be described by definitions and vocabularies.

Placed in George Morandi studio still life

Morlandi ‘s paintings on three – dimensional space

In fact, it is completely different from what is felt in everyday life, because the world of vision is determined by the form, the color, the space, and the light, and he draws still life, but is not still, Of the photo, recorded the moment of light and shadow, this light and shadow is the material on the time, and space response, he was trying to record the most minor changes in life, and a small look at the macro world to think.

━ ━ ━ ━

Wearing the body of the Morandi color

Avenue to Jane, Morandi depicts the three-dimensional space is abstract, but he reconcile the color is specific, after disassembling color can read, in his palette of paint on a certain proportion of gray , Thus increasing the color of the emotions, and now they are from these paintings have come to the designer’s mind, went to the spring and summer show floor, so that the character of the suit added a soft artistic temperament.

And these colors in the jacket, raincoats, casual suits, sweaters is more commonly used, combined with this season trend is not difficult to find, as long as a little attention to the choice of fabric and cut, Morandi color in the practical and not at the same time Fashionable out of touch

Bottega Veneta SS2017

Profile is still the key words of this season, long suit and high shoulder pads compared to the former is more suitable for going out, dark gray, blue ash, dark green mix is ​​very comfortable, get rid of old-fashioned impression, inadvertently pair of suede shoes Out of modern sports aesthetics.

Marni SS2017

A rigorous suit allows you to enter and leave any occasion will be the eyes gathered, a Morandi color luggage will be the overall shape of the temperament plus a lot of points, so retro temperament in this spring, it will be a landscape.

Jil Sander SS2017

From the Jil Sander demonstration, buttoned leather shirt is a set of eye-catching look, but also the embodiment of the Morandi color system, it can make eye-catching fabric content, stable, different from the heavy, with a A thin, elegant coat is vital.

Ermenegildo Zegna SS2017

For men how to control the formal and informal dress feeling is usually difficult to repair the door of the subject, how to relax in a bunch of high fashion, you can refer to Ermenegildo Zegna spring and summer series. Pink and gray with a soft shoulder lines, filled with 50 years of Italian fashion and elegance.

As now see every piece of fashion, when the Morandi color presented on the fabric above, rich and calm temperament is the most close to the needs of contemporary men, they neither play too far, nor mediocre vulgar, is the edge in the hustle and bustle In the still spotless springs.

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