Dress with shoes

Dress with shoes

The past few years, “sports and leisure style,” the prevalence of shoes to become the “most fashionable in the history of” one of the single product. Is no longer bound by high heels, shoes brought this trend of fashion and fresh. Now, we all put on a light dress, this time nothing more than a mix of shoes more comfortable!

​And so that they are fastened by high heels, it is better to wear shoes more complacent. Skirt mix and match shoes, sexy and casual have, and show is no longer “aggressive” beauty.

This year wearing a skirt with shoes, what can be different?

In fact, the dress with a pair of shoes really do not wear a new way, but why can it enduring it? Every season has a new way to wear it may be the reason for its continued popularity.


Dress and shoes of the new fate

▼ this year all kinds of long-sleeved dress to hot posture back to our line of sight, both can choose with the “no waist skirt”:

▼ from last year began to fire the dress skirt in this year is also not “off the assembly line”, only the most simple small white shoes with enough beauty:


Short skirt + shoes can also be so varied

▼ do not look just a simple skirt + shoes, good use can also wear with different styles.


Little white shoes are no longer “flawless”

▼ was popular white white shoes, to the spring of 2017, to change a new idea.


Is your pink girl happy?

▼ warm spring and summer, if the lack of pink is not very pale? Why not give their own shape with a pair of pink shoes, eye and eyes should be.


You will not have no small black shoes, right?


Shoes can be so gorgeous!

▼ Finally, let’s talk about the gorgeous line of shoes, such as this year’s hot satin material, color stitch models, can be your skirt shape plus points.

▼ for those who worry about their ability to control these elements of the girls, starting from the shoes such accessories will be a better choice.

Warm spring, with a bright weather, skirt with the shoes is the season with the most beautiful!

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