Long legs and the most fashionable fashionable wear

Finally come up to do not wear a coat of the season, the girls can also be completely please bloated stacking friends, but the line is clearly not ready to take a short T hot pants to show their own body, can be sister not afraid, with “shirt + high Waist jeans “to possession of meat, not only the legs are long and is the most texture with fashion ah

 Shirt to wear well, really very sensible and advanced, clothing is simply not a grade.

Shirt is not a professional woman’s logo, with casual and comfortable jeans is also a perfect match. Do not pick jeans style, whether it is tight jeans or wide leg pants can be perfect match.

And this time to say the focus is that the choice of high waist jeans to enjoy the waist line, elongated the overall proportion of the body.

The best way to wear jeans into the waist is to tuck in the pants, the appropriate belt, fashionable and modified waist.

For what shoes, pointed heels really sad, anyway, is the sister of the good heart, the same elongation of the overall line of the advantages.

With a pair of boots is also a good choice, you can try.

White shirt + high waist jeans

For what shoes, pointed high heels really sad, the same elongation of the overall line of the advantages.

For those who do not want to look mature girl, this lotus leaf white shirt will be your favorite, playful and ghost horse.

For the full personality of the girl, the same for your white shirt! Oversize version of the large white shirt can show your character, especially long sleeves are the focus of this year’s popular.

Blue shirt + high waist jeans

Fresh light blue is too suitable for summer, not only to bring a sense of freshness and really is the age of magic. With the same color of the jeans, structured, simple and comfortable. The basic style can match the jewelry accessories and color bag is bright enough friends.

Seemingly simple shape is completely not simple, sunglasses, scarves, high heels, a bag can not be less.

Black shirt + high waist jeans

Black shirt looks hot, but cool handsome. For the upper body of the more fat girl, the black shirt is more slim, coupled with high waist pants pulling the waist, the whole person look spirit, neat.

Flower / pattern shirt + high waist jeans

There are patterns of decorative shirt more personality and vitality, for blue and white striped shirt, this year is particularly sought after vertical stripes more fashionable trend, the basic models are simple but classic, novel and special design, enough to make people shines.

Printed shirt even more with the breath of summer friends, Xian Qi fluttering enough ladies Fan children full, and not only suitable for weekdays in the dating dress, but also a good choice for travel, in addition to with high waist jeans, fairy dress is also a Nice choice.

Retro wave pattern coupled with a large red lips, the whole person will exudes a charming glory and temperament, classic and elegant.

Having finished this set of practical and fashionable mix, with you talk about wearing a shirt and jeans little trick, so that their clothes more style it.

For a shirt

Bright color on the service of aunt red, not only the texture, it is popular color is good, the atmosphere is full, after all, a good choice.

Do not want to be so formal, revealing a little shoulder is enough, do not seem explicit also fashionable.

If you are bold enough, then with a sense of perspective shirt can try Oh, almost fatal temptation.

Do not underestimate a little bit of design details of the power, bow and tie, court sleeves make you full of vitality.

For jeans

Jeans style is more and more, slightly personality and low-key quality of the jeans it, for everyone to prepare these models. First, straight trousers side jeans, Guards long legs immediately have.

With a pattern of jeans more playful personality, is a farewell boring magic weapon.

Cave is the focus of these years, a little bit of holes with a trace of uninhibited personality, youth by age.

With junk crush jeans this year, hot, so looming ankle sexy and charming.

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