The most popular swimsuit this year.

If you still think that one-piece swimsuit old age, then it is wrong! This year, another kind of Siamese swimsuit and quietly back to the rules!

In the past four or five months, often do not have time to lose weight of their own, holding a bunch of snacks cry out of the sound, and this year’s piecemeal swimsuit again doubly became the majority of women worth celebrating a great event.

The most expensive supermodel Ji Niang’s swimsuit look no slight slack, sexy up from the soft, do not give other women to stay alive, but also her consistent style.

This high difficulty comparable to yoga greatly stretch pose, replaced by others in the ground is also difficult

Siamese baby Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift put on the same star and stripes piece swimsuit, sister is not really talk about it.

In addition to the letter of the body swimsuit, Bella Hadid also prefer other types of Siamese swimsuit, such as this banded cut skin color piece swimsuit will be her good body exposed most vividly.

The back of the hollow black and white splicing piece of swimsuit classic yet young yet.

KK’s long leg looks really like a very fine compass .. high split design more icing on the cake.

Pure white conjoined swimsuit not only gives the health of sexy beauty, more suitable for holiday islands, blue sky and white clouds of blue coast and clothes blend, beautiful like a picture.

Alessandra Ambrosio is the choice of sexy digging design, even wearing a body piece also did not forget to show a good body. Bronze skin in the sun reveals a bright, sexy sun in one.

In addition to digging design, AA more love in the hollow banded piece swimsuit, strap-style design will be sexy to the highest level, compared to bikini’s cool feeling, this swimsuit brought sexy even higher.

Famous waist fine Candice also chose a deep V pure white body swimsuit, can be described as sexy to play a high side.

Chiara Ferragni, the first blogger of the universe, is also known to be active in the fashion industry, and today our protagonist, one piece swimsuit, often appears in the blogger’s daily routine.

Basic Black:

Black as the most basic color, in the use of more than any other color, black, tell the most pure sexy. Own brand of iconic eye elements, for the overall shape to bring a trace of fun and playful.

Striped Series:

Was thin and added a bit cute.

Ring design coupled with the waist of the hollow cut, this piece of body swimsuit can be said to be careful to play to the extreme.

A large area of ​​the back of the hollow, so that the whole back of the United States, so that the beach to play sexy this thing, really not a bikini can be the final say.

Asian fashion blogger Aimee Song wearing a sailor striped swimsuit. To participate in a pool party, or water swimming, how can the lack of a practical yet sexy one piece swimsuit! Sailor stripes bring a touch of fresh ocean atmosphere, exposed back design and side of the playful straps, practical and no lack of design and sexy style.

Miranda children can wear a swimsuit to “kill the Han”, and in the small waterfall in the wet body, although a kind of tourists to this tour, but children with their own good looks and the heat of the body, hard In the “tourists photos” in the out of a day.

Many girls think that swimsuit is the enemy of the exposed body type, and in fact, the election of the swimsuit can not only cover the lack of body, but also make your body look more perfect! The following based on several common body, lists the most suitable for your Siamese swimsuit:

✤ a little meat girl’s gospel ✤

Focus: highlight the waist, making curves, clever possession of meat

Solid color high slits swimsuit

The more color the more the effect of amplification, so solid color high split swimsuit is the first choice for meat and meat. Simple and smooth lines can not only cover the fat of the abdomen, the perfect outline of the curve, high slits of the design can also stretch the legs line. Gigi body of this one piece swimsuit makes the United States Gi advantage to enlarge, possession of meat and invisible.

If you are a pure color control, white is also a good choice, clean white fusion between the sea and sky, fashionable effortlessly.

Black weight loss the strongest,

Flesh color is the weakest effect on the visual weight loss.

If you feel that pure color style is too boring, striped swimsuit is also a good friend of meat and meat, vertical stripes more points!

Cut the swimwear

Dug-style swimsuit seems to be a lot of fleshy girls taboo, that is where you exposed the wrong. Yes, the proper exposure of your thinest place, but will have the overall weight loss of the miraculous. For example, exposing the shoulder and clavicle, avoid weaknesses; lower abdomen of the meat can show the beautiful back; upper body plump girl can reveal the neck lines.

Waist stitching of the swimming can also play in the visual effect of the waist, deep inside the shallow stitching can instantly lose weight, you can also choose high waist type up and down stitching.

Waist hollow partition design, so that the original one pieces of the swimsuit as much as the effect of high waist, improve the waist, fleshy stature in the visual natural elongated a lot.

✤ pear-shaped body girl’s swimsuit ✤

Focus: cover the crotch lines, highlight the upper body and waist line

Skirt swimsuit

Pear-shaped body is a typical body of Asian girls, the characteristics of the upper body is thin and plump, take a cover in the end of the method can not only hide the buttocks, but also let the lower body flat girl hips more beautiful.

Flat-style swimsuit

Flat-foot swimwear is also a pear-shaped girl’s savior, can effectively cover the fullness of the buttocks, play a modified effect. The most popular of the last century, the two stars Marilyn Monroe and Taylor are also plump beauty, good at hiding the hip line of the angle of the swimsuit also let the two put it down.

In addition the girls can choose the upper body has a more exaggerated pattern of swimsuit, because the exaggerated pattern can have the role of diversion line of sight.

✤ flat chest girl’s eye failure ✤

Focus: large area printing, chest decoration

Flat chest girl’s eye contact method, with these methods to let you upgrade 1-2 cup is not a dream! Pattern swimsuit will have the effect of large expansion, the visual look will be more enlarged, the more bright the better the pattern color, the best choice for the flower-shaped, can be visually gives a sense of expansion.

Colorful tropical large area of ​​printing, infinite spread. Satisfy all your imagination on the tropical island.

If you feel that a large area of ​​printing is too high-profile strong, may wish to puzzle Ming puzzle, with a graphic chimney chic a unique swimsuit, angular geometric images, more calm and calm, looks a lot of low-key.

Chest pattern, such as folds, tassels, straps, etc., can also make the chest little girl looks more than one cup!

If the black and white tone is not enough, then let the color to the more bright some of it. Sweet chest strap with bright orange red and white color, warm like fire, the breath of youth blowing.

Lotus leaf swimsuit

Very beautiful lotus leaf design, large lotus leaf blurred the chest waist or even the contours of the abdomen, not only for the chest of the little sister, back to the chest and abdomen meat meat sister left a way out.

Undulating hull design to the chest of the little girl to create a chest full of illusion, so that the chest looks bigger, and then bigger.

✤ The chest fullness girl can choose this ✤

Focus: to extend the chest lines, visually narrow the upper Wai

Deep V-necked swimsuit

Deep V design can stretch the neck to the chest of the lines, people look more tall and tall, while the upper body of the girl is also very suitable for deep V.

Large area of ​​ginkgo leaf printing, reflection of the water ripples in the holiday. Deep and shallow, a piece of printing and dyeing into the sea looks like. Super deep V design elongated upper and neck lines.

Horizontal striped swimsuit

For the chest full of girls, wearing swimsuit always feel uncomfortable, often afraid to emptied. Siamese swimsuit, both the figure of the line elongated, but also reduce the chance of emptying. And stripes pattern even more on the Wai look more flat, with the two, can make the lines even more uniform and natural.

Compared to the ordinary style of swimsuit, the shoulder suit suit design even more elegant. A simple style swimsuit, plus ruching or other details of the fabric design, you can add a lot of the whole person.

If you want to show the same good body but worried that bikini too exposed, then may wish to try to have a special cut with a piece of swimsuit swimsuit, like the figure with the swimsuit can use a special strap design to show themselves, and not As for too much.

Buckle design really “exciting”, exquisite buckle ring to make the hip become sexy, and X-style tailoring design so that the waist from the visual become enchanting Smart.

Read so many dazzling piece of body swimsuit, you are not tempted heart of the small jump, like a leap into the blue sea?

Sunny, sandy, paced on the long coastline, everything is the holiday.

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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