This year the most worth buying T-shirt

T-shirt is needed every summer, but in fact spring began to start right, because the T-shirt is also very good spring ride Presumably you last year’s T-shirt for a long time collar has become larger, and some color faded it, but also to update slightly. T shirt this year to how to buy? I suggest that these 4 is enough ~ ~

White t-shirt, the smartest investment

White T-shirt is a wild single product, but also really test the goddess of the standard, because we always say good-looking people, just wear a white T-shirt is beautiful.

How big is the white t-shirt? Amber Heard took it on the red carpet!

But I think the white T-shirt most people just need it, it can be used with a variety of you feel the color is not good hold, or the design of a single product, so that those wardrobe is difficult to take a single product no headache.

White T-shirt also has a very practical way to wear, that is, with your all kinds of straps / harness with a single product.

Little girls love the dresses

Wear a greasy bowling pants

From last year to wear this year’s dresses ▼

Slogan Tee, fashionable people have one

To say this year’s fashionable to burst the table of the T-shirt, but also the number of slogan tee, eye-catching slogans make you look more personality, single wear more fun.

Many brands have a very hard in the T-shirt marked with their own logo ▼ logo color is very rich, so that T-shirt has become full of design sense.

As well as flaunt personality of the various slogans ▼ very intuitive to break the boring

Especially in with some minimalist single product, you will find a slogan it will be compared with the pure color T-shirt with a wonderful, more casual with the sex.

Rock band Tee, cool full

Rock people’s attitude is wild and free, and their T-shirt is often not low-key, like printed with a large icon or a variety of legendary figure, T-shirt also with a bit sharp sense of cool feeling.

Star bloggers are also a manpower ▼

It is more suitable with some handsome single product, such as leather or boots, cool full.

And tannins with, but also more street wind unruly feeling, really cool girl’s heart is good.

Striped T-shirt, classic and wild

When it comes to the wardrobe to carry the child, the stripes can be regarded as never fade classic, year after year we are wearing, so even if the closet of all kinds of T more, but also for the stripes section of the budget.

But some people say, not to say that cross stripes were fat it? In fact, mainly depends on how your stripes choose.

Such as wide stripes, it is easy to show old age is also obvious fat. While the relative, thin stripes were young and thinner. So want to dew in the season more “thin” some, or recommend thin stripes.

More common is the combination of two colors of the stripes, a single wear or do take, can create fresh and generous feeling.

If you want to say vitality, or color stripes even better, spring and summer season to wear some bright, so that color stripes to help you more eye-catching it

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