fashionable to suffocate, tied to your not just fragrant ~

If it comes to bundled fashion

You can think of is chocker quasi-right

90 years of the 20th century when the popular fashion industry

To now more and more become ordinary people in the daily life of the usual loose jewelry

From the slaves evolved from the jewelry

Let it bring a slight sm meaning

This slight sense of SM can bring mild sexual arousal it

So people can feel sexy

But Benxian’s focus today is not chocker!

But the more flavor of the Body Chains ~

The body chain

In the body of such a rolling curve

Body Chains is like trapping our sight in the labyrinth of the flutter

Be curious about your body password

Of course, such an interesting jewelry is definitely much female star, ins net red favorite; especially Rihanna, is the attachment of the body chain and preference beyond imagination, is simply necessary accessories;

Days after Beyonce with the body chain beat magazine large;

Dimensional model Gigi Hadid contributed a spicy body chain shape;

And her good sister Kendall Jenner;

Even the “Hermione” Emma Watson simply with the body chain to participate in the awards ceremony; let tedious dress instantly add a trace of sexy taste;

Fire over the world of Russian photographer Murad Osmann girlfriend also with the body chain into the mirror; this can be said that the red sector Body Chains originator;

Do not underestimate this thin chain

The staggered design divides the body into multiple parts

Visual focus is broken after the natural also “lost”

More than the length of the navel can also be extended to a certain extent, the proportion of lower body

From A cup to F cup’s body can show off sexy

Just the United States and the United States to cry

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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