This year the most people to buy 5 hats

As long as the people say these four words

He would be able to buy the most pit of the ticket

Eat the most unpalatable restaurant meals

Come all the time

The hat is the quickest way to change a person’s profile. To the overall shape to add a sense of mystery, generally I am less confident that a few days, will catch a wide canopy to mention gas .

To say that the hat is a woman autumn and winter necessities is not an exaggeration, every woman should have a few.

1 wide canopy

Wide canopy hat curvature can be a good modification of the facial lines, in order to wear for you to add a trace of French style, wide canopy can be said that the most simple single product.

It is probably the biggest hat to start the fall and winter. Even wearing a basic section of the coat, wear it walking in the crowd is also bright enough.

Hat slightly inclined buckle in the head, and cover one eye, this wearing a mysterious and cool method is a big reason for the popularity of this hat.

Soft curvature of the brim, coupled with elegant curls, so you look more soft and more feminine.

2 knitted hat

No knit hat winter is not complete! I personally like knit hat, first of all it is very cool, and very good match, almost what clothes can take

Black is the basic section, what clothes can take!

And then put on a pair of sunglasses, the whole set of equipment on the perfect, hat + sunglasses do not want to fashion are difficult

In addition to black and white gray plain, I strongly recommend red! “A little red” can light the whole body dress, you are not so serious and boring, and very skin color!

3 baseball cap

I believe you like me, spring and summer must have chop a lot of baseball cap, winter and then come out can also be used to ah. Wearing a scarf wearing, wearing a sunglasses wear, how to wear are cool.

Baseball cap with the most common autumn and winter wear is with casual clothing more adequate clothing with, such as leather, lamb hair and down jacket.

If you wish, and coats with a collision can not feel the same fashion.

4 berets

Beret from France, the natural symbol of elegance.

With a beret to create all black, while the fashion is not boring.

I think the most beloved is the long-haired short hair can be worn out the taste, even if the hair plate is also very elegant up.

​If you want to choose a little bright color, the best choice can match with the clothes, in short, is not to let the body too much color, so that looks not elegant.

5 Lei Feng hat

Lei Feng hat, cool is not cool, most people can not control. But the improved version of the Lei Feng cap is really too beautiful also small face. I feel able to master Lei Feng hat girls are very personal.

If you feel that the shelter is too exaggerated, you can choose this simple type, is not it very beautiful ~

Take the lovely line of the sister can choose the color of fresh lamb hair improved version, lovely and yet personality.

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