This summer will be the fire of the strapless

To ask this summer will be the dress of a single product is what, strapless wear absolutely must be a! Thin girl can show clavicle, the meat of the girl can cover the flesh on the arm, after you put on a kind of “meet each other” mood.

Strapless the momentum of the fire as early as the early spring of this year’s four fashion week show off the outside has been spread. Many fashion icon are wearing a variety of strapless dressing fashion week, the word strapless, oblique shoulder, V collar strapless, strapless to become a higher than the exposed business line show sexy charm the way.

As early as the twentieth century 50-60 years has been broke into the popular tide, Brigitte Bardot and Monroe famous French sexy stunts, in that era the first strapless wear into a pioneer.

Red word strapless, with hit pleated pleated skirt, blonde, ready to come out of the red lips and red strapless echoes, even in today’s match is also very fashionable.

From the occasion of the diversity and real wear in terms of strapless wear on the holiday can wear clothing boho chic, formal occasions to show decent sexy, a lot of strapless wear can also create fashionable OL style, so practical and sexy You can not be defeated!

Leisure street winds

Whether it is daily out of the street, or the girlfriend party, a strapless shoulder can make you more eye-catching, choose a little with a sense of design of the shoulder strap can be away from passers-by.

Elegant knowledge of the wind

As long as you are not engaged in particularly serious work, dew point shoulder work in the summer is still very decent, whether it is with the knee skirt or pants, as long as the master color, balance good sexy and elegant, strapless can also make you Especially knowledgeable.

BOHO vacation winds

Boho chic is the hottest style of the summer, off-shoulder is one of the most suitable for the seaside resort, whether it is with a pair of denim hot pants or sandals, full of holiday taste!

Zara strapless

Topshop strapless shorts

Forever21 Chiffon pleated shoulder strapless

MANGO word shoulder lace dress 

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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