Most suitable for lazy fashionable single product 

Seeing the weather getting hot, we have also started in the dress to do subtraction, shoes, choose boots and sneaker are some hot, girls are anxious to step on a pair of slippers to go out. Recently put the slippers to sell a particularly good Rihanna, Fenty X Puma series Slide became the slippers of the explosion, but usually in order to regardless of the occasion to wear this pair of shoes is not easy to go out, then another “senior slippers – Muller shoes may be able to meet your easy to wear enough fashionable demand. Muller shoes feel too ugly? Maybe you did not choose the right style.

Mules is a French word, usually followed by a footwear without a closed design, and in the early stages of its development, Mules’s toe position is closed. The history of high heels can be traced back to the 16th century, but it became popular in the 18th century, when wearing high heels symbolize a higher level of social class, to reflect you live a rich and rich life, into the 20th century, Mu Le shoes gradually began to become a sign of street street women.

In the mid-20th century, Muller shoes in Hollywood and re-popular, and Marilyn Monroe wearing it frequent appearance has a great relationship, naturally, people will be Mu Le shoes and sexy words linked together.

In the fifties and sixties, Mueller shoes began to appear in the magazine inside the page, in 1951 the US version of Vogue will be able to see its shadow, since then, the trend of Mu Le shoes began to enter a cycle of the process The

Now the show floor, Mueller shoes heel height becomes more diversified, whether there is flat, thick or high heel, will not be surprising, easy to wear off the characteristics of it quickly become Many bloggers star one of the favorite footwear style.

1. Le Fu Mu Le shoes

When it comes to Mueller shoes, we first think of Gucci is probably the pair of music from the evolution of the shoe from the shoe, this pair of Muller shoes from two years ago began to fire, almost occupied all the popular footwear list Of the top, to this day, this style is still very engaging, comfort is also impeccable, no matter what style with the suit will not appear unexpected.

If you feel in the summer to wear a pair of black shoes or some boring, then choose the gold section is a match with a small challenge. In order to avoid people can not grasp the focus, clothing can choose some of the more basic style to balance the effect of metal dazzling.

Another style of the music of the Mu Le shoes are also particularly like the girls who like the clothes almost no pick Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson and Emma Roberts are through, giving the overall feeling of a kind of effortless fashion The

Here to teach you a simple and easy to learn tips, usually tied in the neck or wrist on the square with Mueller shoes, there will be an unexpected effect.

Budget enough girl can buy Gucci or Robert Clergerie’s Le Fu Mueller, the classic style do not have to worry about out of date, student groups who can fought fast fashion brand similar models, cost is still very high.

2. pointed Muller shoes

Mention the tip of Mueller shoes, the most beautiful have to belong to Alberta Ferretti, the brand will embroidery craft exquisite and gorgeous are displayed in the square inch, pointed design is also particularly sexy, in short, is so easy to refuse to wear On this pair of shoes, it is estimated that walking can not help but take the wind

For the embroidery on the Mulls in this matter, earliest impression or in the film “In the Mood for Love”, dressed in cheongsam Zhang Man-yu put on a pair of embroidered pattern of flat-bottomed, looks really filled with unique The beauty of style.

To this day, fashion bloggers and stars are such a romantic and retro single product for a new interpretation, Kendall with a jacket and hot pants are simple and yet sexy, Diletta Bonaiuti and Emma Roberts with nine points Pants are a lot of low-key, Muller shoes sense of random and unprocessed trousers echoes.

Worried about their own can not control the Alberta Ferretti more complicated style it does not matter, the upper simple decoration can also make a simple tip Muller look more refined.

Ballet flat shoes is probably the most comfortable fashion a single product, and the ballet shoe style Mueller shoes also won the people, at first glance you do not think it has anything special, but the shallow mouth design makes more Feet skin exposed, in the visual also stretched his legs, people more like through.

3. rough with Muhr shoes

Having finished a few flat money, you have to talk about the backbone of Mueller shoes – rough with Mueller shoes. Compared with the flat base, rough with the style is often a bit “cold”, but the rough with the advantage is that within 5 cm heel comfort relative to the flat section will be higher, more suitable for the first time to start Mueller Shoes of the girls.

Dressing style more bold girl can try to use their own accessories with the look of different, such as the recent one of the most popular single – net socks, the correct use of the effect after the special stunning.

4. Open-toe Muller shoes

Muller shoes in many styles of the most suitable for the summer is the exposed to the rough with the models, and this is more than other styles closer to the “slippers” this image, the color of the various options also make people really feel the blowing Summer atmosphere. This shoe is the representative of the brand Mansur Gavriel, such a pair of shoes with a color similar to its T-shirt is fresh and vibrant, did not wear slippers to bring the “dirty” feeling.

Upper relatively narrow style looks more chic and comfortable, the upper is relatively wide with the foot, walking time feel more stable, the girls can choose on demand.

Although the gods like slippers, but want to wear clothing fashion sense is also easy, in the dressing of some of the design of a fusion of a single product, such as the bright spot of the shirt, with a split fork or tassel dress and do not take the unusual way pants, are Is to let the exposed to Mu Le shoes look more advanced key.

If you usually need commuting, that the above style or some too casual, then the height of the heel to do a little change can be done, replaced by thick and high with the style, the overall temperament immediately mature a lot, and shirt jeans with Appropriate.

5. cat with Muller shoes

Cat with the Mueller shoes are all the most feminine shoes Muller style, Manolo Blahnik advertising map of the last century’s footwear style now seems to not look outdated, plus a white lace is completely Dior Spring and summer new ah

Such a pair of Muller shoes, whether with pants or skirt are filled with full of vintage, black both sexy and stable, V-type opening of the thin effect is particularly good, shallow mouth only the shortcomings of the shortcomings of the feet Type of requirements may be relatively high.

For the cat with the style, in the classic design of shallow mouth on the basis of some changes in the details can also be a bright spot.

6. fine with Muller shoes

The final appearance of the fine with the Muhr shoes is beautiful and difficult to control the representative, especially for those who do not often wear high heels for women, wearing high heels is hard enough, not to mention there is no followed by a fixed thin slippers?

Charlotte Olympia S / S 2017

Difficult is true, good-looking is true, for those who can not go out of high heels can not go out of the girls, perhaps such a pair of chic and refined in a fine with Mu Le shoes is your true love, wearing it every step One step can make people admire and envy.

Fine with the most famous Muller shoes should be Chanel this pair of fighting color style, fighting color has always been Chanel footwear in one of the most classic elements, heel pearls to the whole pair of shoes temperament points, even if not So easy to control, but also can not stop the fashion fine on the love of this pair of shoes, coupled with simple and clean color of the dress is enough to set off its beauty.

Fashion bloggers are certainly not willing to miss this pair of shoes, Gilda Ambrosio and Aimee Song in the two look have chosen it, Giovanna Battaglia also use Chanel this pair of thin with the Muhr shoes piercing their own style, with pants Looks free and easy.

All in all, Muller shoes, although not all the shoes in the performance of the best, but if you want to pick up in the spring and summer when the election of a pair of unique and stylish enough style, this Moore shoes there is always a suitable for you And easy to wear off this point of view, Mueller shoes can be said that the highest degree of public recognition, or why the dressing room can always see its shadow?

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