Will only tie the shirt into the pants?

Shirt is definitely the best of the year, and the more styles and colors the better single product, both good to wear and take good, high temperature can be a single wear, low temperature can bottom, is simply to save the human “what to wear tomorrow? “A big fashion magic weapon.

And the shirt is the most children’s wardrobe most of the single product, as to wear the law Well ~ a little fashionable girl will choose to tie into the pants, with a pair of jeans and then point accessories.

It is not ugly, but a bit boring. Now filled with people like this street, wearing a method is too single.

Today, just like everyone to talk about the shirt in the end how many kinds of fashionable way to wear, come and keep up! I’ll take you to open up the fashionable road.

Fashion entry-level wear method

▼ single bar method

We are accustomed to tie up the shirt, people will feel a little bit more skill, but the method of all tied up, for the big hip girl inevitably some embarrassment, and the single-bar method is more fashionable and practical method.

Single bar method is actually very simple, that is, the side of the shirt side of the exposed side of the bar, so you can also reveal the belt, with the good looks also fashionable ~ ~ ~

This way to wear the shirt than the shirt into the waist to be more interesting, but also more fashionable.

▼ pendulum knot method

Hem full bar method and half bar method are tired of the words, you can try to play a bow in the hem.

Like this to the tail of the bow hidden both seem different, and let you look more ladies.

You can also adjust the height of the bow, with long legs is not a dream!

Or you can “not good dress”, casually set, pull the neckline, and then casually make a knot, free but cool!

How is it better than the whole barrage fashion is much more interesting? A shirt can play a variety of wear law, you want to unlock a more advanced method, look down!

Fashion up to wear law

▼ underwear wear

This year in addition to net socks and ultra-long-sleeved sweater What is the most popular? Presumably should be underwear wear, if you feel like wearing a shirt boring, coupled with wear underwear is not much better?

And this way to wear both sexy and decent, worth a try!

▼ cross method

If you feel that underwear wear too sexy is not suitable for work to wear, that cross method you should like. As long as the hem cross, collar opened, the traditional shirt instantly become a more fashionable “wind” shirt.

And cross the law wearing a shirt very early, but this year again and again popular, goddess Hepburn also personally demonstrated Oh ~ ~

The operation is very simple, unlock all the buttons of the shirt, the two sides of the shirt were cross wrapped around the body, like the same bath towel, then the shirt hem down into the pants to ensure that will not loose and you’re done.

Fashionable fine so wear

Summer is coming, but you have not had time to start a strapless, with a common shirt a little change to wear a law, you can easily have one of the most popular strapless.

​Proper feminine, is there any? In fact, the way to create strapless wear is very simple.

As long as the downward release from the shirt button, so that the position of the collar just right for the width of the shoulder (the shoulder is more exposed to wear some of the more feeling), to ensure a moderate elasticity, the shirt hem at the top of the waist knot, Knot to the Department of the higher point, with high waist skirt or high waist pants can be.

▼ anti-wear method

This is now quite popular wear law, to see you dare not dare Shirt anti-wear, not only enough special, but also a beautiful scenery of the United States back yo ~

The front looks quite normal, a decent look ~ but the back may be a great article.

Bold and fashionable (of course, but also good) girl, you can only shirt tail button or make a bow, taking advantage of good weather show your beauty back.

Or tied to the top of the buttons, elegant through the summer.

Can also be the same as the strapless, unlock a few buttons to expose the shoulder, but the anti-wear method to be more interesting.

If you think this method is a bit “stimulating”, then you can also in the anti-wear when the buttons are tied, there are different kind of retro flavor.

Feeling this year will buy a lot of shirts, you also quickly follow the method to learn, not fashionable words I lose! Hurry to sleep, tomorrow have to get up early tossing shirt it!

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