Called the leg “deep V” open pants

This two years of a variety of open skirt to prove the popularity of this sexy and Chic coexist trend of fashionable people can not refuse ▽

In this year’s spring and summer show field, with a split element of the skirt is still a very important position. Elegant yet sexy, called the legs of the fashionable “deep V” ▽

▲ Y / Project / Hermès Spring 2017

And later not only popular in the skirt on the split fork, so that this year’s coat cuffs have also become a new fashionable logo ▽

But this trendy “deep V” storm did not stop, it is estimated that designers want to: Since the shirt, skirt after the fork has become more design sense of more type, that pants can also be a fork Try it ~ ▽

In this year’s Balmain early spring vacation series you can see almost no good pants, each model wearing pants are opened a high fork, revealing healthy sexy thigh skin, wild and unrestrained ▽

▲ Balmain Resort 2017 Collection

This knife on the trousers in the design, you can let the girls in the spring and summer even wearing pants can show slender legs, and not so hot and more cool ~ feeling really beautiful and practical Er ▽

Domestic and foreign fashion icon who is already early on to put on a fork pants a single product. Gigi is one of the representatives, since the weight of the successful, Gigi are wearing this can open the legs of the fork pants ▽

Even the red carpet, but also with the fork to win … ▽

See, the rate of ultra-high open pants is now a fashionable one leg, and a variety of styles of pants with this element are more unique type ~


Open wide leg pants

Wearing a long time wide leg pants is also the time to point a new pattern, and in the trousers to open a fork as if the wide leg pants have a new fashion feel ▽


With small partners walking in the street, a forked wide leg pants really want to be more chilly and cooler ~ ▽

Even walking with the wind, back to kill can also be said to be very sultry ~ ▽

Even if it is wearing a black like Gigi, with a good body and “effort” of the opening and closing skills can also be fashionable to fly ▽

And need to go to work when the open fork wide leg pants suggest that we do not choose the kind of split above the above is too large, this small split design embellishment can be, take the flat shoes high heels are ok ▽

2Split fork pants

Following the wide leg pants, the same hot bang pants are also not escape the fate of being split, in the retention of the bell pants were significantly higher than the advantages of the more rich sense of detail ▽

▲ Hellessy Resort 2017 Collection

Especially this ankle of the bell-bottoms choose this open fork will avoid it is too heavy, more suitable for wearing in the spring and summer ▽

There is a greater advantage is not to cover you today selected ten minutes to wear clothing street shoes! If you choose this kind of tight body trumpet one meter long legs can easily get ▽

And short paragraph of the bell pants want to distinguish between passers-by out of mediocre is the trousers to open a fork so simple ~ ▽

Olivia Palermo to see the show also chose the pants pants modeling, black micro-eight pants style more temperament ▽


Open jeans

Jeans pattern is now enough, holes, big flanging are hot elements. Well, now more than a fork ▽

4Open pants

Sports winds intensified, a variety of sports wind fashionable single product is also endless, including the split of the pants, in the Off-White show field to see the feeling is really foreign gas ▽

▲ Off-White SPRING 2017

And others are using socks to wear jeans you can be used to take the fork of the pants, spike passers so easy ▽

Both looming if the show legs show sexy, but also to cover the legs are not perfect lines, the summer break the trend of small babies who can take a wave ~

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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