Wear well

Leandra Medine will be the fashionable New York style into the endless sense of humor, her fashion content with a cool rebellious sense, elegant, bold, avant-garde and art, so she became the New Yorker fashion life “inspiration manual”.

Fashion is fashionable thinking and the courage to pursue self

Leandra Medine will be the most fashionable woman in the Chatroom column, the CEO of the GOOP website, the famous Hollywood actor Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore or Karlie Kloss have talked to her.

New York trendy Gentlewoman

Leandra in the work of the cold color of the fine set of fine sets, she said: “simple and delicate suit so that I always in the workplace to keep a clear logic, let me more calm and focused, I will match the metal color accessories or high satiety The handbag makes my shape interesting and stunning.

A fine cut suit in New York is regarded as the most significant difference between the working class and celebrity executives wear, a touch of metallic jewelry embellishment which is more active in the overall shape.

There is a sense of design tailoring fashion is often easier to create a strong sense of strong look, to abandon exaggerated kitsch details, red sheepskin handbag to increase the overall shape of the texture and layering.

Printed jacket + pure color wide leg pants is the most Sophisticated wear of the workplace.

Leadra Medine in life

New York girls like to use color and exaggerated accessories to meet the weekend of leisure life, and girlfriend or go to Central Park and family to enjoy lunch, a beautiful Outfit can instantly light your mood, Leadra Medine’s private wardrobe as the artist The studio as wonderful, a variety of materials, fabric dress, hit color pattern and exaggerated accessories mix and match is a wonderful fashion blockbuster.

Leadra Medine has never been a boring person in life, she loves freedom, the seemingly dramatic single product, worn on her body, fashionable nature, no sense of discontent, she said: “Enjoy wearing these clothes belt To the good mood. “

Sky blue + purple + pink and other saturated tones filled with the joy of the summer, in the shade, the light out of the skin luster.

Leadra Medine wearing a shallow khaki sunscreen shirt appeared in the streets of New York fashionable, if you worry about being tanned in the summer, this is also a good match with the skills yo.

Even if a black, but also by her take a very color, green handbag and printed ribbon embellishment which, interesting and eye-catching, suit and skirt of the two kinds of material collision, so that the overall shape appears to have a sense of hierarchy.

Wear a solid color to the flower shop is a lot of happy things Yeah, surrounded by flowers in which romantic poetic.

Often appeared in New York’s fine gallery area, filled with free and stylish art, Leadra chose a silk dress with a thin sweater, so that her low-key hidden among the crowd, but also with high elegance and fashion.

Jane Birkin loves it, France’s most popular blogger Jeanne Damas also put it down, it has long been a symbol of French elegance, leisurely country life the best symbol, but also a shirt And jeans are the most right companions.

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