Steal the mirror did not discuss

The British “Prince William” Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton married, Englefield in England, St Mark Church held a wedding. Originally the bride Pippa and the groom James Matthews should be the protagonist, but the limelight of the day was all taken by their nephew prince and the nephew Charlotte princess.

Three-year-old British prince is one of the aunt’s flower girl, wearing a white Peter Pan collar sleeve coat and tender green leg pants, white socks, white Derby shoes, traditional dress and prince’s “high cold” temperament formation contrast Meng, Walking in front of the petal look is more lovely. Two-year-old Princess Charlotte is aunt’s little bridesmaid, wearing a white dress, wearing a garland she did not brother task heavy, the whole in the state of selling. Maite Mertelton is the leader of the flower girl bridesmaid team, wearing Alexander McQueen lotus pink dress she not only to control the children, but also to help her sister, the task is quite heavy, but still maintain elegance.

Prince George (right) is one of the flower girl on the aunt Pippa wedding

Kate Middleton took a little bridesmaid and flowerboy into the church

Kate Middleton Demonstrates Children “Quiet”

Trojans are busy, Prince George and Princess Charlotte temporarily brought by the nanny

Princess Charlotte

The bride came out, little flower girl little bridesmaids walking in front

Prince George walked in front of the team, seriously responsible for sprinkling petals

Prince George played the first flower girl, very dedicated

The wedding lasted for an hour, Prince George looked a little unhappy

Hemp tiger touch comfort

Ma Ma teaches Charlotte Princess

Charlotte princess spit out the tongue to sell Meng

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