No longer have to worry about the legs thick and legs bent.

Midsummer, the girls are full of effort to show their perfect side of the show. As the saying goes, the United States is not the United States, by the thighs. (I do not know where the saying goes) But it is undeniable that a pair of slender legs can definitely make you the crowd in front of the winning magic weapon. And for many people who do not have perfect legs, it can not be beautiful in the summer of it? Give the answer yes! In the final analysis, the legs do not look good, nothing more than the thighs thick, calf thick, legs are not straight, legs are too short four types of problems, today sister-in-one solution to the crux of the solution, ▼

How to do thigh thick

First of all, thighs is a very common problem, the entire thigh muscles thick or bones thick, the whole person though not fat but the thigh is not reduced. There is also a fat thighs are thick, fat are concentrated in the thigh, usually due to lack of exercise or try to sit down. 

And for the thighs of the people, her legs are not no flash point, but also thighs can be thick but straight, it is possible that your calf is very slim, but no matter what kind of advantage, are enough to make you avoid weaknesses, Cover the weakness of the thighs. 

– plan one: harem pants –

For the general type of thigh thick girls, the most perfect solution is the harem pants. 

Harem pants of the thin function is obvious: the pleats of the thighs wide design is perfectly concealed the thick legs of the thigh, and tighten the trousers hem can be modified to your ankle slim, the overall pants full of design sense And not procrastination, although it looks fine but full of fashionable charm. 

If you belong to the tall petite legs thick sister, it is recommended that you choose to choose the harem pants when you choose to reveal a little ankle design, can make your legs and feet look more extended sense, so as to achieve a high effect The 

If the thighs you do not have a slender calf, you can choose the appropriate silhouette of the shape of Harlan pants, both wide leg pants was thin effect, the design of the legs will not let the lower body looks stout. 

For the already fat on the thick legs of the stars, Harlan pants fabric choice is to decide whether you are wearing a thin focus, if you choose stiff fabric, will deepen the heavy sense of the legs, you think that can actually hide the meat fat. (Pictured below)

The right choice is the thin portable fabrics, such as chiffon, trousers fabric, is not easy to show a high level of wrinkles, but also make you look more light. 

– plan two: profile A word half skirt –

In the skirt, the proposed thigh thick girls can choose a long section of the A word skirt. ▼

The benefits of A skirt mainly lies in its A-type design, tightened waist was umbrella extended to the knee below the waist of the slender and scattered hem formation of visual contrast, and reveal the more slender legs and people can not help but through the elegant Of the skirt association may be the same slender thigh, so as to achieve the effect of avoiding weaknesses. 

For the slender waist of the girls, the choice of a sense of strong sense of the umbrella skirt more easily piercing the elegant light Mature temperament, skirt length in the knee down one third of the calf can be. 

The design of lattice and stripes will make your art fresh and thinner. 

– program three: open skirt –

Many people will ask, why today will recommend to the legs of the people who open the skirt, not to hide the rough legs? In fact, if the looming of the exposed, but also make you look sexy pick out. Open the skirt design is so, showing a small part of the legs, feminine at the same time they can look light atmosphere. ▼

And for thigh fat people, the appropriate exposure of the legs but will make you look more thin legs A little bit of the side of the fork, the visual stay in the small triangle area, was thin effect at a glance. 

For the front fork design, better fit in the long skirt, get rid of a sense of boring, was thin and strong. 

– to sum up-

Thigh thick part of the total to give you here, in fact, thigh thick solution is condensed into a word is “cover more points, reveal a little”, just to seize this rule, you will find yourself wearing clothes in fact than imagined More.

How to do the calf

Calf thicker than the thighs, it is really more headache. And small stout people will look more curved legs, so these two shortcomings together, we can not because of this shortcomings that they do not look good to wear, then the two will introduce two typical calf rough Bo Lord, they have also home to wear the wrong, but now it can be a good cover of the shortcomings of the calf.

Irina Lakicevic is a dentist, is also a fashion blogger, you can see out of her calf muscles are well developed, and her hip is also relatively wide. 

Sara Donaldson is an Australian blogger, the same good looks envious, can be short and thick calves her flawed. 

Option 1: bell pants

Bells pants these two years in the influx of people star street shot is particularly common, romantic trumpet with the beauty of the United States. 

Irina Lakicevic, Sara Donaldson with a bell-bottoms are easy to wear a slender leg vision. (Tips: exposed a little ankle thin)

As long as the calf is not beautiful design, tightly the first half of the design so that your thighs look straight and slender, and from the knee down the speaker design just cover the calf part of the imperfect, 

Through the improvement of bell-bottoms, had been relatively thin Yuner has a pair of envy others legs. 

– Option 2: Straight type wide leg pants –

Often concerned about the fashion people must know that Amway has countless times straight jeans, is definitely not pick the body was thin sharp device, for the thigh thick calf is not fine people, can wear straight legs straight. ▼

And in this part, for the thigh thick people focus on talking about seven straight wide leg pants. First of all, the benefits of straight do not have to say, you can change the flaws of your legs into a straight and slender appearance. Wide leg design so that half of the body can be in the loose pants under the wear thin slim feeling. Seven feet long legs just exposed part of the calf, not only with the foot surface can be a sense of visual sense of development, more and in the expansion of wide legs, so as to achieve in the wide pants in the thin your eyesight. ▼

And a pair of pointed high heels can be called the best partner of wide leg pants. Charming pointed high-heeled and wide leg pants knocked out of elegant and outstanding temperament. The pointed design allows your feet to be slim and delicate, visually extending the leg curve. 

– to sum up-

On the calf has a flawed cover method, mainly in the modification, select some of the design of a clever single product, you can let you have a perfect leg type.

How to do short legs

Speaking of legs short, you have to tell you a wonderful way to increase the legs long, that is, long wide leg pants + high heels! A lot of petite female star with this ride out of the supermodel that visual sense. ▼

When the high heels and nowadays the hot long section of wide leg pants with together, so you have a minute minutes with supermodel-like Guards proportion. High-heeled and leg perfectly integrated together, wireless elongated lower body proportion. Like the general choice of 5cm with the general can be high. 

Feminine girls can choose vertical stripes of long wide leg pants, was thin and heavy. 

Bellows pants itself can block the small defects in the legs, thigh thick calf thick all are resolved, the design of the long section is even higher. 

Well, today’s recommendation to here.

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