Summer wear on the fashionable shirt is no longer afraid of fat arms 

March does not lose weight, May only sad. The original is true. But also to wear short-sleeved show when the body is because there is no good fitness in March, led to now think about how to cover the body of meat, lower body meat, a loose casual pants or an elegant dress Can be easily covered. But how can the flesh of the upper body block it?

There is a saying is “a white cover a hundred ugly” then wear on the fashionable shirt, you can easily cover all the fleshy, so that people’s attention only to the eyes of your fashionable clothing, and not too care about your fat arm. How the meat and how to wear the trend of clothing, every day is the perfect body.

Wild shirt, cover the meat and sexy

Lena Gercke wearing a white striped deep V shirt, sexy Fan, wearing Ray-Ban black sunglasses, with black suede chain bag and luggage. Lower body with blue high waist burr jeans, sexy and retro, who will care about there is no extra flesh!

Alexander Ambrose rests wearing a white lace perspective deep V shirt, with a retro hole jeans, personality tide full. Casual loose jacket, how do not show the arm of the meat more

A thin white shirt backing, and then with a casual white shirt, fashion and leisure. Leelee Sobieski and then wear black sunglasses, take the yellow print high waist skirt. At the foot of the suede boots inside the white tube socks is very grab salt, the trend of personality is so Fan Fan.

Wide sleeves T-shirt cover the meat no less

Fashionable word collar Puff Sleeve shirt with white half pencil skirt, simple and very skillful, hand holding beige hand bag, more highlights the overall trend of fashion temperament. And Puff Sleeve design elements to join, cute and cover the meat.

Ni Ni sunshine wear more youthful vitality, blue wide-sleeved T-shirt with nine points wide leg pants, foot on the Converse white canvas shoes, and then back on the denim shoulder bag youth is very sunny, age.

King wearing a gray wide-sleeved letter printed T-shirt, with high waist skirt, casual and handsome, wearing letters printed cap, and then wear sunglasses, the trend of handsome Fan full. At the foot of the rough with a small boots is also very good oh

Fan Bingbing fluorescent green letters printed T-shirt, with a light blue hole nine points jeans, full of personality, wearing a stitching graffiti printed cap, wearing striped mirror yurt, international Fan full.

Summer scarf used great

Summer flesh is not on the arm, the neck also has a comfortable scarf covered with meat and fashionable, Gisele Bundchen white suit suit, take a white chiffon shirt, and then tied a white scarf. Simple and capable. Urban trend Fan full.

Quan Zhixian wearing handsome black and then the West, take the white v collar T-shirt, the Department of wine red wave point scarf, lower body with a hole in the hole jeans, clean and tidy wear ride is very handsome.

Song Qian’s white chiffon shirt, and the neck of the black narrow scarf echoes, under the black bell-bottoms, foot yellow high heels, and then back a pink gem inlaid chain package. Fashion trend full of fashion. Cover the meat and fashion.

No clavicle will not show

Fleshy to cover, it is necessary to cover the perfect, Kendall Jenna wearing an orange tight sleeves sleeveless high-necked sweater, with a sexy cave skirt, foot camel suede lace boots. Sexy and full of charm to wear, was thin is still a Fan Fan.

Pikes Lott’s white pleated lotus leaf high collar collar color tight skirt fashionable and very obvious body, foot black tie sandals, cool fashion. Hide the perfect only to show the beauty of the curve.

Wear on the clothes, but also worry about fat arm!

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