Remember this 4 points, T shirt + how to wear a good dress! 

T shirt with half skirt

Summer the most simple to wear with

T-shirt is everyone has a single product, it can be very strong, this summer, it depends on it to play the United States may be more days. And half skirt, I believe that the beauty of the baby who will not miss it Do not know what to wear, simply put the two pieces of the basic models with the wear it, the absolute leisure and comfortable look.

T-shirt and half skirt with a lot of almost all kinds of skirts can be used with your T-shirt with, but the different styles, put out the feeling also has a slight change.

With a short skirt, with a pack of hip pencil style more knowledge of some, with A-shaped outside the expansion of the skirt is more dynamic.

For the long skirt, hip hip H-type and fishtail dress are even more elegant.

And with pleated skirt or poncho princess skirt is more casual and lively.

However, even if the T-shirt and half skirt is so wild, but also need some more tips to make your match better. Remember the following 4 points this summer, T-shirt and skirt with no need to worry about the mix.

1, thin skirt Peng some

Thin skirt can be very elegant, but also more pick people, easy to skin is also easy to expose the shortcomings, if the legs are not fine enough, then wear a little Peng some of the style of it, outside the expansion of the A-type skirt is better than the H-type The

This year is very popular T-shirt with yarn dress, in fact, yarn skirt Peng some, wear up will be more feeling.

Wear some of these skirts of the skirt, upper body can be tight with some of the T-shirt, tight under the loose will not be bloated.

2, thick skirt with light T-shirt

Summer wear heavy dress will look very boring, such as black leather skirt, the following figure with a white slogan T-shirt than with a black T-shirt gives the feeling to be more lively.

Long velvet skirt is relatively thick, with a white T-shirt and pointed shoes will be a lot of light.

Corduroy, it is more of these “autumn and winter” texture of the skirt, spring and summer wear is not no, but also easy to look boring them, or rely on light-colored T-shirt to bored.

3, only emphasizes a focus

The whole body is the focus of time = no Aspect, so that the body with a focus, identify a suction point can be, do not have too much effort.

Such as wearing a skirt when the color is more complex, T-shirt should take some of the prime, so wear will make people feel comfortable.

The same, when the skirt color comparison, T-shirt will be able to suck some of the eye.

Your printed T-shirt, with plain skirt can play its biggest advantage.

Summer wear a small black skirt inevitably feel boring some, with a white Slogan T, will be very lively.

Rock print T-shirt and small leather skirt with, more cool, upper body dark under the body bright color both eyes and will not feel too tired.

4, wear thin waist was refreshing

Of course, no matter how with, remember to put your T-shirt into the semi-skirt to go, and will not appear waist bloated, summer wear so fresh.

The simplest is to directly put your T-shirt into the high waist skirt, even if the dress is also high.

Or make a knot with half skirt, looked very casual leisure.

You can also play after the end, and then turn inside, into a short jacket, you can make your body proportions become particularly good.

Learn these skills, T-shirt and half skirt with, it will not be wrong slightly!

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