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Summer, destined to be colorful season. Or elegant or dazzling colors that allow you to emit a unique beauty. The choice of clothing style is the first task with the dress, and the color can match with you in the appropriate occasion to wear out their own unique gas field. 

Should first talk about the most common in the daily life of the most basic auxiliary color scheme. 

A: coordination of color clothing with the law

The so-called color matching is the use of the same color or similar color, according to its depth, different shades to create a harmonious beauty, this color method is usually easy to easily high. 

Two: contrast color method

The so-called contrasting color is the use of contrasting color, complementary color to match the color. For example, the most classic black and white with, is the most common contrast with the color, but should pay attention to choose the basic color as a contrasting color with easy to wear high-quality clothing, too bright two contrasting colors together but unexpectedly cheap. 

Three: with the attention

The large area of clothing does not have more than three colors. 

Before and after the color echoes, so dress more harmonious unity. 

The use of the color of the dress in the match, so that the overall dress even more advanced, like everyday wear, black, white, gray, camel, blue are very safe base color, they are easy to match with other colors and get good Dress effect. 

In the workplace, choose the color for their own identity, you can play in the work to maximize the degree of professionalism. And if you are wearing the wrong color in an unfair workplace, for example you are a teacher who chooses too frivolous red and bright yellow in your class, and will let the kids divert attention into your clothes , Not on the textbook. This is a small example that can justify the importance of wearing color in the workplace. Today, for several different workplace, given the rationalization of the color scheme, quickly collect it! 

Serious workplace: court, meeting, negotiation and so on

Serious workplace generally refers to lawyers, government officials, executives of listed companies and other important positions in the court, meetings, negotiations and other important occasions to work. And this serious workplace color to wear, mostly black and white and close to the dark black-based, giving a serious, serious, professional attitude. But blindly dressed in the same bargain in the negotiations, it is difficult to communicate the feeling of how serious in the dress to join just the right of the embellishment, for serious workplace dress is very important. The next explain in the serious workplace in the more practical color scheme. 

Black + black

For serious workplace, serious dress gives a rigorous, professional attitude, a black is the most able to reflect the serious sense of color. But in the above said, the black paint also gives the same feeling of hard to communicate, how to put a black piercing smart and capable, embodies the full gas field,focus on the color for everyone to explain. 

For the serious workplace in the longest suit suit, if you choose from head to toe meticulous black, it must reveal the neck, ankle, arms and other safe skin position. Because a black suit itself will give people a sense of oppression, and the appropriate exposed skin not only from the visual dress with the whole black contrast, but also elongated stature, highlight the temperament. 

In addition, choose a black suit, as in the accessories add a little different embellishment. You can learn aristocratic Olivea with a wine red bag as a whole black to do bright, the atmosphere without losing the sense of seriousness. Or you can like the same as Baishao, choose the same base of white gray hand bag for a black dot, more safe and effective. 

In addition to pure black suit, close to the dark dark suit, or black-based color checkered suit more fashionable modern, easy to wear a good temperament. 

And for meetings and other negotiations, cooperation and other needs to play the role of women to solve the problem of the occasion, abandon the rigid suit, choose a black skirt suit to make you more gestures of elegance, reflecting the unique feminine soft, easier to work Reached. 

Black + white

Black and white fashion circles called the most classic color scheme, compared to the above a black, black + white suit color wear law, more suitable for ordinary people piercing open gas field. 

Keep a black suit the same, the inside into a white shirt or white T-shirt, both to retain the formal sense of the suit, and let the suit abandoned the old-fashioned old gas. 

In addition to take the white, the color of the shoes can also brighten the dull suit. Choose a black high heels, Oxford shoes can make you or elegant, or the atmosphere. 

White shoes can be replaced with the inside to echo, more elegant and elegant clothes. 

For serious workplace, in addition to the suit of a large area of black + small area of white embellishment color method, black and white five distribution is also the same fashionable solemnly, shirt + wide leg pants with a good dress show. 

White + white

For serious workplace can often be used suit suit, a white compared to a black, more elegant and advanced spirit. A white can brighten the skin color, highlight the gas field at the same time, so that your personal charm in no way diminished. 

You can also use the above mentioned accessories embellishment method, with elegant wine red bag with a white suit, distributed full of feminine gas field. 

With a classic black bag with a white suit more atmospheric type. 

In addition to suits suit, a white is more suitable for Siamese pants with a small suit jacket, piercing the wind with the wind to open the gas field. 

White suit with a small black inside to make your overall dress more detailed sense, exquisite details can make you look more professional and rigorous. 

In addition, the skirt is more suitable for white to deduce. Choose to fit the white skirt highlights the meticulous rigorous posture, for the entry and exit of the serious workplace of women can be elegant knowledge into the gas field. 

Gray + white

Because the gray is also bad to wear on the old color, and serious workplace dress restrictions, usually in the formal dress needs, gray naturally behind the black white after the second choice. Unless it is super good body like a good temperament, or is not recommended preferred gray. 

But why to talk about the gray color scheme alone, because in addition to the traditional dark gray, more Guadan quiet gray broke the old sense of the old, become fashionable and elegant, quiet gray suit and white inside the ride can hit Out of the full sense of free and easy, for the regular dress is wearing a professional, after all, a high taste of the election. 

In addition to a large area of gray, white and gray half of the color method is more elegant temperament, shirt + pants with real fashion gas field with the correct solution. 

Gray single product in the match need more possibilities, like a serious workplace in the more common small suit, long vest, cloak, windbreaker and other single product, can make gray and white with a more advanced sense. 

General workplace: white collar, teachers, accounting and so on

For white-collar workers, teachers, accounting and other general workplace practitioners, clothing color selection on the more open. In addition to the basic black and white as a background color, more safe and out of color color can be in the general workplace to wear out of the taste of the good choice. Choose the blue, brown, green three most common and good ride color, according to the color shades, shades of different changes, to show you a variety of possibilities in the general workplace color. 

Blue + blue

Blue is a daily match with the more common security color, it is almost not pick the body does not pick people, with other colors on the mix, always hit the unexpected effect. Suitable for our daily wear of several blue is divided into light blue, light blue, dark blue three, and this part of the States focus on the different shades of blue and blue, how can we wear clothing for colleagues to brighten the color Program. 

The best operation is with the blue with the whole law. Upper body and lower body of a single product as the formation of the same color of the visual suit, looks competent and delicate, full sense of high. 

Similar to the blue with a harmonious over the beauty of beauty, for those who are not good at color, it is easy to create a high-quality goods that sense. The use of a single product can also wear elegant and rich charm of the tone. 

The most fashionable blue with the shades of blue to create a sense of contrast, to create a clear blue transition, both to avoid the uniform and dull, but also look at the atmosphere and full of fashion sense. 

Blue + base color (black and white)

Although the general workplace is not serious as the workplace for the harsh color, but in the general workplace, how to wear the atmosphere and not fashionable charm is not a simple thing. Above introduced the blue and blue with the same color match, so easy to wear blue, try to match with the basic black and white, wearing a good temperament is minutes of things. 

First speak blue + white fresh feeling color. The same is a solid suit suit, put on a blue shell instantly become elegant and intellectual, take a white, for a large area of blue bright spots, it is suitable for summer wear. 

Simple shirt covered with blue halo also instantly have a clear as clear as the breeze. White suit pants can hide the legs of the imperfect, the whole person capable and full of gas field. 

For those who do not require so strict company, you can also choose to use blue skirt dress elegant, simple white T-shirt vest cool and natural. 

If you happen to have a pair of beautiful legs, choose the blue high waist skirt with basic white shirt, so you easily wear into the office of the focus. 

Choose a striped, checkered element of a single product, blue + white will be able to let the young Mature wear soft youth age. 

Finished the blue + white elegant, blue + black more full of gas field charm. Black can make you instantly have a cold workplace elite range of children, and blue just in the black and cold, so that your sense of dryness more soft. 

Blue + brown

This year’s most prominent brown single product,do not know how many times Amway, and blue + brown with the must be strongly recommended to everyone, very suitable for everyday wear, high-level rejection of people crossing the street! 

First of all if you choose the blue and brown bright and bright are strong, with a combination of very eye-catching, are cold and blue and warm color of the brown and together, but will not feel exaggerated, it is suitable for daily absorption dress up. 

While the normal saturation of blue brown with the match, although the color of people shines, but still tend to have a handsome type of dress, it will not look too bright. 

And the most able to interpret the fashionable degree, is a shallow one deep color method. Partial cold blue choice Mingyan high single product, and warm little brown choose a little light dark, with up very contrast, for handsome and beautiful girls. 

Blue and brown area of the distribution of more flexible, if you think you can not hold a large area of the two colors, choose a color as the main color, another color as a color embellishment, is also very good with the method. 

Brown + white

Think you can not hold blue brown with the match, do not want to miss you can make your temper soaring brown, then brown + white with you must not miss. 

Low saturation and brown with white, very suitable for the school of the fairy school color, light, such as chrysanthemum floating posture, through the dress color can highlight one or two. 

Slightly dark brown with white, more full of gas full of charm. In the workplace can not only explain the sense of pride, but also the atmosphere is not aggressive. 

And then a little bit more brown brown on the more inclined to orange brown, it is more lively and energetic, but also more feminine full sense of quality, and with the mix of light white, just can make you wear in the workplace will not appear unexpected The 

Green + green

Green as this year’s annual fashion color, no doubt is nowadays one of the hottest colors, many fashionable actress have it as a concave shape weapon. 

More suitable for everyday wear is the green vegetation and dark green, green vegetation is fresh and green, and more rich dark green, suitable for skin white light Mature, minutes piercing a sense of high quality. 

Lazy favorite of the same color with the law can also be applied in the green single product stack to wear, easy to wear a harmonious unity of the overall sense, but remember to use a single product in the color depth or material on the different in order to avoid monotonous, Highlight the overall shape of the fashion sense of fashion. 

Green + black

If your single product color is relatively rich green or relatively neutral army green, olive, then with black will definitely be your safest no wrong choice. Both chic atmosphere, but also fully highlight the high quality. 

Green + white

White and green is the day of the match, almost with all the green composition of the perfect CP, ride together gentle and romantic, and bright summer is the best match phase contrast. Bring their own lighting effects of white, you can also play brightening the role of color, to help you hold the green at the same time more wear good color. 

Fashion workplace: designers, fashion editors, brand public relations and so on

Finally,introduce the workplace color scheme is aimed at engaged in the fashion industry, perennial in the fashion circle of fashion fine. For this avant-garde industry, dressing color is naturally based on the shape of the main concave.Choose three nowadays the most out of the paint, red, pink, yellow, how to control the three bright fashion and refined, together to see it.

Has been a lot of people for the fashion industry is inherent in the ideological misunderstanding is that fashion circles must be how to exaggerate how to wear. In fact, the fashion pay attention to the degree of relaxation, especially reflected in the color match. You can wear exaggerated design sense of clothing, but its color is not necessarily fancy, you can wear dazzling bright colors, but perhaps this dress is only basic models. And the small United States next to talk about the three bright colors, because of their saturation is very high, must be with the basic color match to reflect the beauty of harmony. 


Red + black

How to put the passionate red out of my own domineering, a black can save you enough gas field. Red and black color with a sense of contrast can not be ignored, so that the distribution of women at the same time, but also cool most vividly. 

Red + blue

Since the ancient red and blue most CP, the warm red with the blue sea can be interpreted quiet and elegant fashion charm, five five points of the color ratio, the color of the sense of saturation to the extreme. 

Whole red

Wearing a large area of red can instantly let you out from the mediocre passers-by, especially to attend the fashion party immediately become the focus of the audience. 


Pink has always been a sweet girl’s exclusive, and nearly two years of popular quiet pink, so that the pink cast a layer of fairy air around the veil, and this large area of pink wear will not look tacky, but girls full The 

Black skin Hold not large area pink, with the basis of white + pink can also wear a full sense of freshness. 

Black and pink to take the cool girl’s recklessness. 


Yellow’s own youthful full of lively sense, eye-catching halo and summer scenery blend, make you the most dazzling street. 

Large area wearing yellow is not easy to control, especially for yellow skin people, the yellow will make you look very no spirit. 

Yellow with the base of black and white can be knocked out of fashionable lively sense, with white is more fresh, with black can be cool enough. 

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