Summer with such a more elegant and moving

Blue suit fashion suit casual commute all the suit has seen a variety of styles of various styles of clothes to see this suit or it was stunning a ~ fresh blue feeling is very temperament Feel ~

Blue suit fashion suit into the suit category will be casual and tide interpretation of the right is also very consistent with the spring and summer season we choose a very comfortable chiffon suit is very drape, looking at the more texture ~

Fluorescent green vest + high waist shorts this set of a single product can be taken out alone to wear a good boast about the little harness is really very wild really wear within the letter, refreshing cool, not cumbersome ~

Fluorescent green vest + high waist shorts fluorescent green is relatively rare color in the summer this color is the youth of the pronouns many occasions can also simply choose to wear, quality imitation silk texture delicate skin ~

Hanging neck coat + high waist shorts simple and elegant is the key to open the summer door a simple and elegant hanging necklace + orange shorts suit to bring you not the same visual senses loose version with hanging neck design ~

Hanging neck coat + high waist shorts reveal sexy clavicle retro playful can wear a set can be very beautiful and not very monotonous and very unique long sleeves just cold lukewarm season can also sunscreen ~

V-neck chiffon blouse + high waist shorts every morning rush, a suit without brains will be able to get your fashionable single product This is not at first glance that is even Siamese pants? In fact, is the suit Kazakhstan!

V-neck chiffon blouse + high waist shorts with a word collar, Puff Sleeve, high waist, wide leg digital printing many fashionable elements of the blessing of the words of the degree of confidence that we have felt is undoubtedly a thin artifact

Lace jacket + jacket + high waist shorts summer refreshing series of three sets of this season a small cardigan + sling two pieces of what not to be too practical Kazakhstan to buy you can be separated to wear a small woman to bring out the temperament ~

Jackets + jacket + high waist shorts pants vest + wide leg shorts + cardigan wear a very extra points also very temperament is very simple but very comfortable! Very drape, not too hot, it will not be frozen people ~

Striped shirt + shorts shirt is a little retro style, in the long section, a small lapel is very neat, chest is a row of buttons, waist loosened waist, so also worry about your Xiaoman Yao show not come out?

Striped shirt + shorts shirt hem is irregular, both sides like a little fish tail feeling is a high waist wide leg pants, cover the meat was long legs ah ~ suit for lazy ah ~

Purple strapless coat + high waist skirt strapless strap design is not uncommon like this this is both to keep a small sexy and add sweet degree suit or more attractive it chest lotus leaf flowers scattered, add sweetness

Purple strapless coat + high waist half skirt through the vertical folds of the body of the body is covered with a part of the waist meat meat is a package skirt, skirt body texture is very suitable for the first try to taste the taste of the sister ~

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One comment

  1. Courtney Livingston · June 2, 2017

    Wow- you’ve got amazing style! love that floral two piece set!


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