Not everyone can become a mysterious woman! 

The recent big screen was a goddess to Pa screen, the media so evaluation of her, both Natalie Portman’s elegant, there are Taylor Swift sweet, and Candice Swanepoel’s charming.

Compared to the beautiful “to the desire to write on the face,” the majority of European and American women star, her healthy wheat color dark skin has a bright and charming texture, she is “magic woman” Gail Gato.

Always low-key she came from a little mysterious Israel, Gal Gael in Hebrew meaning waves, and her surname Gadot is the meaning of the river bank. Wave general girl, especially poetic.

In 2004 to participate in the Israeli model contest winning and debut as a model, to participate in Miss Universe after the model has been engaged in the cause of the following year to join the army.

As a lady of Israel, she made a propaganda for the army. Wearing uniforms, wearing a cap, the picture of valiant heroic, let her fire again. Even the New York Post put her photo on the cover.

Surprisingly, thin and tall Gaoduo, actually became a combat coach. Somewhere, which for her later Hollywood career laid the foundation.

After the demobilization, from the model transition to the film actor road, Gail Gary go is not smooth sailing, she had to compete for “007” actress failed, the state girl can not do, but the fate of God will be another huge olive branch Gave her, the first big screen works is the much attention of the “speed and passion” series.

Canada like sports, volleyball, basketball, tennis all come in handy. She is perfect, although the sexy posture to capture, but not rough, but not a trace of fat, slender feeling particularly in line with the East aesthetic. Before accepting a time when the magazine visited, she said: “I do not have big chest, but ok I have two long legs,” frankly cute.

But she was still a fanatical motorcycle enthusiasts, bought a heavy machine motorcycle at home, nothing to ride out to play. So beautiful face, coupled with a pure man child’s heart, domineering!

Speaking of which may be a lot of male fans to cry, yes, our sexy goddess in life has long been a happy wife and fashion hot mom. As early as in the identification of the film “speed and passion 4″ is about to become popular in 2008, Gail Jia Duo chose to marry the Israeli entrepreneur husband Yalong Vesano, from the side of the acting side of the husband’s ” Wife “life.

As a low-key Taurus girl, although living in the feast of Hollywood, but you can not find a lace about her news, she is completely “honestly acting, behave” model pacesetter. Each interview as long as a talk about their appreciation of men, will not hesitate to say that the favorite type is their own husband, on the one hand to admit their independence, strong, but a chat to her husband and immediately become gentle Little woman.

It is the family life business to be impressive. Their own social media, from time to time put her husband and daughter photos, coupled with interesting words, the love of the family, self-evident.

Now Gail Gato mainly living in Israel’s second largest city of Tel Aviv, in order to film she often in the United States and Israel ran around, because the two rush to live in the hotel, she simply and her husband opened a luxury hotel, And later sold for $ 26 million, and made a lot of money from it.

The hotel was acquired the same year, 30-year-old plus Duo confirmed starred in “Superman Batman Battalion” in the important role of the magic ladies, the cause of the full open and take off.

In 2016, took the individual exclusive film of the Canadian, in their own social media announced the pregnancy, the second child so seamlessly connected to their own shooting schedule. Than the hexagrams are accurate, convinced!

After the birth of two children, rest for two months, plus Duo quickly returned to the film publicity. All kinds of magazines shooting, interviews, on the program, making videos, running around the world.

Last week, less than three months postpartum plus duo, wearing flat shoes (headstrong), a red dress, plate with fresh balls head, and her husband attended the premiere of his film.

32 years old, debut 13 years, 13 movies 4 TV series. Married nine years, two children’s mother, a husband to support their own career.

The United States can not be square things, but still make every effort to fight the work of the industry, on the sea, knives and guns, kept trying to fly, fly to fly.

Probably, this is the so-called the more the more fortunate, God feel that must be blessed life it.

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