Want to be a successful Girl Boss, 9 am in the morning is the key 

In fact to be a Girl Boss the most important thing is to stick to their own , And to become a successful woman is the most important to know how to start their own new day, if you get up every day are very busy, then you may want to learn about their small secret after getting up.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” – Estée Lauder.

1 / let yourself Chill look

Get up every day to rush out of the grooming, in fact, absolutely people feel physically and mentally exhausted, so many women will be successful in the morning for their own set aside more than 30 minutes, so that they have enough time to relax and slowly finishing work Before their own. Of course, you want to get up early 30 minutes is definitely a difficult task, it is easy to let you fail and give up, so each time early 5 to 10 minutes until 30 minutes, and at night you can use this method to get yourself early to sleep The

2 / reject the Snooze button

Seemingly intimate snooze (later reminders) button is actually a crisis, it will make your body function becomes chaotic, especially when you press it more than once, this will make your sleep idleness bad, will not Enhance the effect of rest will make you feel more tired, but also reduce your productivity.

3 / for the body to pay water

Try to sleep for 6 to 8 hours without adding water, even if you do not feel thirsty but your body will feel the water was drained, especially your head, it needs water can work properly, so get up in the morning , The most important thing is to drink a glass of water, the quickest way is to put the water on the bed, so that bed will be the first to remember to drink water, rather than immediately went to the coffee machine next to.

4 / meditation

Maybe you will think that meditation in the morning is something more difficult to do, but in fact just want to meditate to make you more spiritual and concentration, but also make the brain anti-aging, more with the role of anxiety and depression. And the time of meditation is not limited, if you are a beginner that may wish to use a different App to help you start meditation.

5 / stretch stretch movement

And the principle of meditation is exactly the same, stretching in the morning stretching exercise can wake up the body, but also has the role of calm mind, and in fact you can carry out this place in any place, even back to the company sitting in the bit can also Gently stretch the tired body, to maintain the stature also has a certain role!

6 / must eat breakfast

There are countless reasons why you do not skip breakfast this important part, and eating breakfast can definitely make you the whole person spirit, but also can increase your energy all day, reduce the desire to eat snacks, and even enhance your short-term memory.

7 / give yourself a little bit of energy

Anything that can make you feel the energy of the little things you can also be carried out in the morning, even in the mirror of their own smile, in fact, is to let their own way with positive energy.

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