See these two elegant silk shirts,I compromise on them in the first second

Before Daisy was invited by MIKIMOTO to participate in the Baselworld International Watch and Jewelery Show held in Switzerland, wearing a horseshoe sleeve silk white shirt with red dress elegant temperament, many people are asking where to buy?

Now, we are thinking about this piece of horseshoe sleeves silk shirt, and finally on the line friends.

How beautiful is a woman wearing a white shirt?

A delicate white shirt worth investing, its lethality is: even if you only have 60 points of charm, but also to see your first impression to 90 points.

Its beauty is not only because of a simple classic, is wearing a can not resist the distribution of a proud charm. It is more difficult to pass the temptation of the attack.

▼ Anna Mouglalis leaning against the wall smoking, a white shirt a hanging foot, the woman’s innate charming interpretation of the neat handsome

White shirt is not only a “shy boyfriend white shirt shy restless”, but also to the eyes of a woman more than a firm attraction.

▼ a white shirt to strengthen the women’s professional and cool side of the workplace, like the “card house” in the Claire Underwood, but quietly silent on the already issued a strong gas field

It is not just a man’s exclusive, it allows women in different occasions to show the charm of the multi-faceted, the release of “the most like their own.”

And a silk shirt, but also like a white shirt of the advanced version of the more advanced sense, more of the woman’s soft. The elegance of its bones always “firmly occupy the elegant list”.

Silk shirt “soft” is its nature, a jeans casual wear, both look lazy charming, but also enhance the texture, it is a “just good comfortable”, but also the closet “essential gentle single product “.

Do not spend too much time to consider, usually on a simple match with the temperament.

▼ white shirt and jeans classic, effortless fashion can be from the teens have been worn to the old

That the white shirt is good to wear because it “does not pick people”, no appearance requirements, more “no limit on height.”

▼ Sarah Mikaela, owner of 152 only, wearing a white shirt is still very neat

White shirt and black pants with this, not only to meet the sensational sense of the workplace, in the weekdays to spend a little thought can become fashionable outfit.

▼ it can match a variety of pants in the closet, wide leg pants look dignified and mature, tight pants bring fashion and self-confidence

▼ with accessories and scarves, and then take the high waist pants walking in the street is definitely usher in a lot of eyebrows

▼ with some short section of the download in the summer is cool and very simple fashion

Because of a simple, classic, Camelia camellia in this summer brought “two fine white shirt”, no matter what the occasion can be confident of the elegant.

They and the wardrobe most of the US clothing can “become a good friend”, you can also help in any occasion to release the beautiful.

Elegant Horseshoe Sleeve Silk Shirt

Light Smart horseshoe sleeves, this is the beginning of Daisy wearing that piece, in the wrist flow between the little elegant are in a white shirt.

We use the top soft silky 100% silk, make it more close to the skin, compared to the cotton texture of the shirt, the silk shirt is simply hot summer to wear when the perfect savior.

▼ specially designed horseshoe sleeves just fell in the middle of the back of the back position, the curvature of the sleeve is also just lying off the elegant fingertips. Each cuff has a button, you can always adjust the sleeves of the “open” and “together”

▼ camellia editors are usually so to work, haha ~

▼ inspiration for a moment to try to wear a shirt, the wind fluttering the ribbon and sexy back to the United States just want to “say ten true beauty”

▼ horseshoe sleeves add a special button, “open” or “tied” to adjust the size of the cuff easily and easily

Daisy through this shirt, through our careful preparation, finally shelves friends.

French pajamas silk shirt

An elegant French chiffon wrapped in a shirt, the French sense of free pajamas shirt can always bring full lazy with sex.

▼ Audrey Tautou played Ms. Chanel, the hand folder cigarettes wearing a trim pajamas shape deeply imprinted in the mind, the French woman is all the time to reveal the elegant

▼ Whether it is usually to the company or at home, Daisy love this trim silk shirt, and sometimes can wear casual and sometimes comfortable to control the various occasions

Two white shirt with a mirror, whether it is fashionable “plug side” or “full plug”, always elegant lady wind.

Compared to a large number of fabrics, we still use the top of the soft silky 100% silk, “it is more suitable for cotton than in the summer wear”, thin not boring. Set in the body when the real really feel what is amazing silky drape feeling.

▼ it actually with what clothes are nice

▼ from the collar to the cuffs are fine black side wrapped, unlock the button at the cuff can also easily rolled up to become more casual

▼ colleagues wearing a trim pajamas shirt with skirt pants, neat and bright

These two shorts really “to try to know, the original legs of their own so long!”

Appearance is a skirt, “the heart is shorts”, in the summer to wear to prevent fashionable and decent. Silky texture of shorts in the summer comfortable and breathable, even if the hot environment is not boring legs.

​▼ another color is wine red, a little elegant color is very stable, you can match the black word with sandals fresh yet elegant

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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