Summer white Tee so take, than many passers-by are beautiful

Looks like a classic wild white Tee, want to wear clothing style, to avoid mediocrity, is not an easy task.

How does the white Tee wear it? To share with you a fashionable small shortcut: reference T station model wear ride.

This year’s big show field, there have been a lot of white Tee single product, the models are still very practical to wear a ride. A lot of collocation can be moved directly from the show floor, applied to the daily wear on.

Hot summer, looking for cool and stylish white Tee wear inspiration, take a look at the show on the model is how to wear it ~

White Tee + chiffon skirt

Dior spring and summer show this year, causing no small waves. Thanks to several cents fluttering chiffon skirt. White T + chiffon skirt with light, elegant and elegant.

▼ Yubo completely copy the Dior show field of white T wear, tulle under the skin looming is hook

Walking on the road, have been able to see some good-looking girl with this wear. Feeling like a summer heat in the fairy, with a touch of cloud light wind, do not know the light and sweet atmosphere of human fireworks.

▼ Elena Perminova wearing a lace underwear in the coat, and black yarn dress echoes, wearing a very unique

White Tee + print skirt

Warm printing has a full holiday style.

This year, Gucci (left) and Chanel (right) have opened a white T + print dress bad holiday model.

Clean and fresh white T can pressure a lively printing, warm and not too complicated.

▼ can also choose low-key dark color, quiet and elegant

▼ Lily Collins wear a knee print dress, not too much color, but also fresh and comfortable

▼ print skirt is more playful and lively

White Tee + sequined skirt

This year’s show floor, Dolce & Gabbana with sequined dress with white T special stunning.

Sequins give the first feeling, is the ball party in the sexy elements. In fact, the daily out of the street wearing a sequined skirt, but also graceful moving.

▼ or with dazzling metal elements, do not consciously become the crowd most “pretty” that star

White Tee + A word half skirt

Dolce & Gabbana 2017 spring and summer show field, Sicilian flowers with A word skirt with white T, show slender legs and waistline waist.

A half skirt is able to modify the stature. Whether you have fleshy thighs, or the waist line is not perfect, a A-half skirt can avoid weaknesses, to create the waist curve,

▼ slightly cool cool A word small skirt, coupled with soft cotton white T, full of personality

Of course, the A skirt into a cowboy material, the most representative of the vibrant summer, leisure and wild.

White Tee + package hip skirt

If you have a graceful posture, this year’s Chanel (left) and Dolce & Gabbana (right) to pack hip skirt to match, but also show exquisite charming feminine.

Pack skirt, wrapped in elegant, showing sexy curves.

▼ wrapped around the buttocks in the dress is also particularly popular this year, the extension of the infinite extension of your leg lines

White Tee + shorts

White T + shorts, summer is the most classic combination.

This year’s Dolce & Gabbana show field is also so wear, but with white T’s shorts with more Italian style gorgeous.

Do not want so complicated and heavy, a casual denim shorts can be a fresh and trendy summer.

▼ in the clothes to make a knot, revealing Xiaoman Yao. For the summer fitness for so long a good body, to change the law of the good smell ~ ~

▼ white jeans + white T, a white refreshing and summer

In fact, an ordinary white Tee can be used with almost any single product. Want to jump out of the ordinary, you can add a unique in the simple accessories.

It may be chic with a single product, a finishing touch bag, a touch of sultry red lips, a bright smile … …

A simple white T, given a different wear, you can carry colorful souls. This summer, want to refuse mediocre, white Tee fresh and stylish together to learn it together.

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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