Quickly received these nice print dress

Today we talk about the print dress. Printed skirt should be one of the most popular single product this year.

If it is not, it does not matter.

Summer is a good season to wear a fine dress, shopping dating, leisure, work commute are suitable. Wear it, wherever you go, you are a beautiful landscape ~ ▼

However, the premise is that your print dress is good enough ah.  

Retro shirt skirt

The first dress to buy retro style shirt skirt, waist wide hem design, not only for many occasions also suitable for all kinds of body. That period is so popular that everyone likes it.

While the printed pattern of the shirt skirt, it is elegant ladies. 

Print style retro dress skirt in the 20th century, 30 years has been very popular, but also the classic style, however ~ ▼

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is a high fashion brand in the United States, referred to as CH, we may not be impressed by this brand is not deep, but talking about Olivia married when wearing this dress half skirt we must be familiar with, that is, from Carolina Herrera ~ ▼

Retro shirt skirt style is one of the main style this year.

This light blue on the retro flavor full, cherry printing increased little playful. 

Yellow and lavender floral pattern will not be too exaggerated, black belt can be removed.

Yellow butterfly pattern will be more eye-catching. Reference price: 16455 yuan ▼


Red this is a change of shoes can be between work and vacation to switch between the wild models. 

Another red flower pattern, more holiday wind point. High waist line is also more high.

This is the same paragraph with the first paragraph. 

Ines de la Fressange

Speaking of my goddess Ina, we should be no stranger, she is the 1980’s is the most famous supermodel in France, is also one of the Liao Buddha’s muse,Paris woman’s fashion. 

Her design is full of French style, printing a single product is art ~ ▼

I personally like this print dress, put on the second change in the art of the heroine. Model diagram a little serious, in fact, unlock a few buttons just fine. 


This year maje also out of a lot of print dress. This shirt skirt design simple.

High waist waist design flute dress also, the first two said that the small man can also be a high single product. I like the green, is also one of the popular colors this year. 


Reformation also quite fire, a lot of design is also very nice, simple and have texture.However, most of them are not fit for me, may be my shorter body of the reasons for it, the skeleton may be more suitable.

This shirt dress is a capital of retro. 

This little man wear better look. 


Zara out of a variety of print dress, this dark still quite retro, it is best like a model with a big red lips to mention the light. 

Romantic One-piece

Every day to wear, one-piece style plus printing and lotus leaf, romantic atmosphere came out. Coupled with small white shoes, easy to go out the street. 

Coupled with high heels, feminine that there will be. 

Tanya Taylor

This is a brand from New York, the designer Tanya want to design a young and dynamic style, her inspiration from the beautiful lines of women and bold fight color, creating a very personal style. Printing is one of the most classic elements of his home. 

Printing plus lotus leaf design a little romantic, dark blue printing will be more skin color, wear dating is also very beautiful. 

Yellow printing more beautiful, but also joined the fashion asymmetric design. 


Maje home out a lot of small skirts, quite suitable for Hobbit. Dazzling little red dress, one can see from the crowd. 

Waist A word skirt style will be more high. 

& Other Stories

Although it belongs to the H & M’s, but compared to H & M will pay more attention to texture, his home several prints cost is also high This is not the waist of the dress is very suitable for vacation, the little man to wear the best with the belt. 

His family also out of the tropical style of pineapple printed harness dress, simple and beautiful. 

This dark blue is his home season main section. 

There is also a Chinese skirt, retro and modern. 


A lot of high street brand this summer also out of a lot of print dress, light view or very beautiful. 

V collar this is not only suitable for big chest sister, is also suitable for shoulder broad masses. 

Elegant wrapped skirt

Wrapped skirt is one of the most classic skirt, V-neck and waist design is very sexy, especially for the chest big waist thin sister. If you choose the classic long sleeves and fans flute skirt style, possession of meat effect will be better. Hem more relaxed, very comfortable to wear it. 

Wrapped the most classic dressed in DVF home, but this season did not see a good look at the printing section, the other brand poured a lot.


The Italian designer Paolo Rossello is keen to redesign the vintage costumes to buy them and give them new life. His design team integration of different nationalities, clothes style is not only retro but also full of personality ~

Star skirt is his family’s classic models, retro and lovely, with the paragraph there are pink. 

Pink Although this is not the standard dress skirt, but V-neck waist design also has the same purpose, followed by a lace.  

Yumi Kim

The designer of the brand Kim on the printing and color have their own unique understanding of his family’s skirt to go to the seaside holiday, but the most appropriate ~ ▼

His family is special, the official website has a “shop by print”, according to their favorite printing to find a single product to buy, Yumi printing is also very elegant. 

Tropical printing pattern wrapped skirt a kind of blowing hot feeling. 

There are more fresh and lovely optional. ▼

His family dress are silk fabrics, magnified look at the details of quite texture. Yellow print more suitable for white people. 

Topshop Unique

As Topshop’s high-end series, unique clothes more design sense, this asymmetrical print dress side slits sweet and sexy. 

Japanese kimono style this two years is also very fire, this a white roses red dress elegant and generous. 

Knot Sisters

Knot Sisters is an American brand established in 2012, this Storm dress retro and sexy, it is suitable for vacation dating. 


Madewell this is a small wildflower pattern above, a little retro, sleeves on the bow is also a little more playful. 

Sexy harness, strapless skirt

Full-body printing for many people may be more difficult to hold, the appropriate dew point of the skin will be more refreshing visual, control is not so difficult, printed dress skirt, strapless skirt two years many brands have launched, Kind of small sexy. 

Club Monaco

In the process of helping you to find the dress skirt, I planted the home of the CM family.This red and white print is the waist of the A word design, a variety of body are suitable. 

Alice & Olivia

This brand is also quite suitable for Asians, many domestic stars to participate in activities are love to wear, more importantly, pro-test on the Hobbit is very friendly. Print dress is his home has been out of this year there are many.

Alice home print skirt elegant and there are some aristocratic temperament. 

I said before buying three straps skirt, one of which is Alice & Olivia this, the above is the flower and bird pattern, put on the body in kind. 

This V-neck is suitable for a slightly more important occasions. Not only prominent neck slender, but also elegant and dignified. 


Reformation of the dresses to wear more people. Asymmetric design of this also quite characteristic. 

The most simple strap section is also very good to see. 

Yumi Kim This “watch me silk” silk dress is also very beautiful. 

Moon River

His home owner clean and fresh and has a retro design, prints look good price is not high.

There are lemon pattern print dress, white and fresh.▼


This brand design simple yet details of the deal, the girl full of heart, the price is mostly hundred dollars level.

This is the back of the dress is wrinkled and tight, with zipper, easy to wear. 

There are purple models. 

This strap is very sweet. 

For Love And Lemons

His family skirt a lot of styles are very easy to poke girl heart, underwear is also very delicate sexy, is a lot of small fairy heart of the brand ~ ▼

Very popular neckband with the same section of the Tube Top, both sweet and stylish. 

Tanya Taylor

It is also a lot of family, shoulder looks good sister try it boldly. 


His family skirt price is very close to people, this dark blue skirt whether vacation or out dating, are very eyeful of a paragraph. ▼

A touch of blue looks cool and comfortable, sling lotus leaf design is very suitable for beautiful girls. ▼

​For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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