More stylish bags, stars have gone!


What is the M2MALLETIER? A real luxury, each one is the embodiment of art!Founded in 2012, has just launched three years swept the fashion world! A 2014 fashion week has caused quite a stir!

M2Malletier brand from Spain, Barcelona, CO chaired by Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez two female designer. They met in New York Parsons design school, to join the venture.

The French interior designer and architect Ricardo Frank device Jean-Michel Bofill’s work is their most important source of inspiration, also determines the design philosophy of M2Malletier: minimalism and surrealism combined.

In addition to fashion editors, bloggers and other fashion enthusiasts, M2Malletier also accumulated a number of star fans: Kate Bosworth (Kate Bosworth), Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba), Kate Hudson (Kate Hudson) has been holding a M2Malletier bag or at street activities.

Talyor hand M2Malletier attend a brand activities

Solange Knowle M2Malletier hand bag to attend the activities

The whole plain with a red handbag to brighten up. Do not be too clever. Let a person look more western style collocation under heavy light.

As the stars of the push M2Malletier holding, the rapid occupation of the social media Instagram, the tide of people chasing off icon.

M2Malleti IT Bag is occasionally become. The avant-garde design, perfect technology, metal rod grip level straight with a strong sense of identification, with a sense of building geometric metal stents plus neat sense lines, let it become one of the personality of the dyeing package of the most gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.

BOYY Bobby bag

BOYY there are several basic styles, each one is a belt buckle style in the bag, and this is the brand name as impressive place. In addition to the basic needs of the bag body strap buckle is hardware, the other is stripe leather and suede, very simple fashion. The most important is she is not like other brand new as easily fatigued, BOYY several styles are very beautiful, stand up.

BOYY has several series by bloggers like appearance, no significant logo, simply a belt buckle, so also known as the “belt bag”.

This bag with buckle detail first appeared in Copenhagen fashion week, followed by a fashion consultant and stylist Natalie Joos also carry a similar paragraph attended New York fashion week.

Natalie Joos back two different color bags.

Australia is the Chinese blogger Margaret Zhang hand.

Red wine is easy collocation, temperament connotation.

Marni Trunk

   Marni is a women’s wear and accessories brand founded by designer Ms. ConsueloCastiglioni in 1994, pure luxury Marni is committed to creating the style, pop style and Bohemia is the soul of Marni.

The most famous is the Marni truck organ package, many stars in the pursuit to make this originally relatively small minority of the Italy luxury brand fame.

To exercise fashion sense known Marni launched Trunk classic handbag in last year’s early spring series, the bag has multiple layers and accordion style, very large.

Cycling to the designers for inspiration, bag of clean lines and smooth. The bag body with the accordion as a prototype very three-dimensional, and the 5 lined package intimate design also greatly enhance the practicability of handbags.

Through the buttons and adjustable shoulder strap can shoulder can be portable, free conversion to adapt to different occasions, female stars have taken shape and Marini Trunk at the airport and the practical nature of all-match street. With the color of a lot.

Big cousin on the back of this handsome organ bag.

Light color lattice on the road in particular.

Marni truck this package has a great feature is the bag weight is very light, the design of four layer structure and the packet capacity is very large, go back no longer afraid of shoulder pain.

Marni Trunk series from the earliest 2014 spring vacation series, once launched by the stars, fashion editors like a brand of classic IT Bag. The first launch of the size is very suitable for commuting, and the subsequent launch of the medium, small and so on can meet the different needs.

Gold is better nouveau riche bright red coat collocation, regardless of collocation or other dark clothes can brighten and not exaggerated.

From the Hollywood actress who, to the domestic popular line star, are on the back of the bag! With different color of the package is also a lot of hit.

Yang Mi use orange to brighten the overall leisure collocation, Li Bingbing lit the whole paragraph with a silver black Look.

Anne Hathaway favorite color mosaic models, Margot Robbie prefer white.

Kate Bosworth Emma Roberts of the nouveau riche gold, silver Trunk Marni T-shirt shape collocation paragraph is full of heroic spirit.

Milan fashion blogger Linda Tol for suction eye, the election is beautiful color organ bag collocation.

Show off fashion editors and models love this practical bag.

All-match white Marni Trunk.

J.W Anderson

Many of the popular network Reds The metal ring JWANDERSON bag rushed to emerge, become one of the latest trends. As a metal ring fixed folding handbags, is the only decoration handbag, the subtle and elegant design, the future will continue to be hot.

Logo this bag from a young weirdo designer Evening Standard, his design is always a subversion of the traditional aesthetic feeling, in a small bag of logo in the next year, he must design logo as a selling point.

J.W Anderson Logo Plaque bags in 2016 fashion week on the street, the gold tone crown as logo is its biggest characteristic.

The new’s new fashion director Yasmin Sewell took the Logo Plaque feeling exudes a unique temperament.

Want a niche fashionable bag, this is the first choice, full of temperament.

Lady style.