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Michael Kors succeeds in acquiring Jimmy Choo

Michael Kors announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Jimmy Choo, a leading global luxury footwear and accessories brand. Jimmy Choo shareholders will receive a purchase price of 230 pence per share, the company market value of about 1.35 billion US dollars. This transaction has been approved by the board of directors of Mike Goshi and Jimmy Choo.

Michael Kors succeeds in acquiring Jimmy ChooMichael Kors succeeds in acquiring Jimmy Choo


“Pierre Denis will continue to be Jimmy Choo’s chief executive,” said Mr. John Idol, who has been Jimmy Choo’s annual sales growth of 11% since he began his career in 2012. He has more than 25 years of experience In addition, the company’s creative and design team will continue by the creative director Sandra Choi at the helm.Stand from Jimmy Choo start-up in Jimmy Choo work, since 2013, she began to act as creative director Jimmy Choo has developed into an internationally recognized truly iconic luxury brand, with Mr. Denis, Ms. Choi, and other talented members of the management team have done well, through its pioneering vision and outstanding design talent. A lot of work, and the leadership to ensure that the co – operation in the co – operation so that the brand continues to grow in the world at the same time, still able to adhere to Jimmy Choo inherited the idea.

Michael Jors, honorary chairman and creative director of Michael Kors, said, “Jimmy Choo is the leading fashion luxury company with unique footwear, handbags and accessories, and we appreciate Jimmy Choo’s trendy and glamorous design style. Hope to welcome Jimmy Choo to join our family.

Jimmy Choo CEO Pierre Denis said, “We are confident that we will achieve more fruitful results in the future,” said Jimmy Choo, who is the inspirational development phase of our company, and our management team. We look forward to working closely with Michael Kors’ leadership and team to further develop our brand. Our two companies have the same vision in terms of style and trend.We inherit the luxury brand spirit is the cornerstone of Jimmy Choo brand development , We will continue to pass on our brand vision to global consumers. “

Dog Days Are Here, the girls how to wear?

Want to be cool? In fact, it is not difficult.

Simple as white t-shirt, with a pair of denim hot pants, is a pleasant street beauty!

Wearing a sports vest like a short hit, it is cool!
Of course, this tight-fitting vest need you have a good body type, in order to wear unbridled

Who has a little bit of meat you can choose loose version of beauty, such as various basketball clothes vest.
Dress or vest is a cool choice!
Thin shoulder strap design is too intimate, coupled with short skirts or hot pants will be able to go out!

Thin people can do a dress with a dress to wear a ride. Simple and neat very good ~

Cotton and linen material is sweat and breathable effect is very good, so every beauty are ultimately a white dress in the summer.

This summer can not miss these sneakers.

Converse x Tyler, the Creator

Maybe this summer is one star. For this has been the influx of people on the feet, but it has not been a fire into the wind of the Converse one star series, this summer seems to be the day of its rise. And who is not important, it is only that one star.

From the United States popular hip-hop group Odd Future Tyler, the Creator, this time and Converse cooperation, and did not create a “hip-hop flavor” full of shoes, but chose the sky blue, and orange to match, retro means strong at the same time, also Brought a trace of cool.

KITH x Coca-Cola x Converse

After last year’s series of collaboration with Coca-Cola, KITH will soon release its second joint series with its cooperation. In this series, the most eye-catching, than the tripartite joint this pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star!

Daniel Arsham x adidas Originals

And the artist’s wave of competition must not retreat. This adidas Originals invited the American artist Daniel Arsham to create a pair of new New York shoes.

In addition to the overall style is based on the artist’s own love for archeology, and the integration of the design of broken burr, the most powerful place or the soles of the hidden “THE PAST IS PRESENT / past that is now” fluorescent design.

Small white shoes are still active on the line, but now also need to fluorescent

Vans x “Thrasher”

Vans has been quite a couple of actions in the past two days released with the skateboard magazine “Thrasher” series of cooperation. Two skateboard giants of the cooperation, must set off a “fire.” From this time lookbook can also be seen, Vans seems to be to this time the joint, as the heat in another “fire”!

The series will be officially opened on July 29

Vans x “Thrasher” This time a total of five pairs of different joint shoes, but after all, is a joint series, if you need to choose, printed with “Thrasher” classic “fire” pattern Sk8-Hi Pro, and Slip-On Pro , Is the real can not miss.

Sk8-Hi Pro

Slip-On Pro

Innovation /

Innovation may be the brand is facing the biggest “problem” of the. Want to launch a new shoe, or the existing shoes for major transformation, is not a simple matter.

Reebok Instapump Fury UltraKnit

Socks shoes really did not leave us, but with the intensified trend. This time even Reebok have joined the ranks of socks shoes! Brand this will be the most legendary shoes Instapump Fury out to play innovation, to create a new version of the Instapump Fury Ultraknit!

Using the OG color (original color) Instapump Fury Ultraknit probably should be the most comfortable online socks shoes it

Reebok Pump Supreme UltraKnit

In addition to this high- profile Instapump Fury Ultraknit, Reebok another William has long been recommended to the girls Pump Supreme, this time also brand into the innovative Ultraknit technology. The overall shoe body by the Ultraknit knitted material composition, combined with Pump Supreme elegant lines, and many small details of the show, making this pair of shoes is not only thin and comfortable, and full of summer!

This pair of new Pump Supreme Ultraknit is also recently opened slightly! Girls should pay close attention.


New /

In fact, the new week week out, so here on the easy to pick some of William that since the powerful to you!

Adidas Originals NMD

Adidas Originals really want to continue to carry forward the NMD culture, simply every week will receive the new NMD upcoming news. This pair will be released on August 17, the new NMD R1 PK “zebra” color, I believe that missed Yeezy girls, can not wait for it.

There is this pair of our Meibao students recommended in the live, and now has not dragged me to wear a new color in the feet of the NMD R2 PK!

NMD is definitely the first adidas Originals shoes, and the recent flagship of several girls color, are very suitable for girls to wear every day.

Whether it is gray or pink, are wild enough.

Adidas Originals Swift

And as the recent adidas Originals new shoes, adidas Originals Swift’s new color is also the main hit the pink and gray color, to the hot summer with a trace of cool and advanced texture.

Really is a pair of shoes full of science and technology

Nike Air Max 97 Premium

I believe that many girls will certainly pay attention to the Nike “gold and silver bullets” – Air Max 97 dynamic bar This time Nike finally to enlarge the move. Will be launched next month, Nike Air Max 97 Ultra, and I want to introduce to the girls Nike Air Max 97 Premium!

Nike Air Max 97 Premium

Nike Air Max 97 Premium not only retains the classic shape of Air Max 97, but also uses a high-grade suede, as well as leather to build, not to mention such a wonderful four color, and worth starting.

August 4th on the official sale

Girls exclusive /

In fact, sneakers in essence, is unisex, as long as the basic to buy their own size, with her boyfriend to wear the same pair of sneakers is completely no problem. The brand is constantly in the development of girls market, which is to meet the current girls sneakers market in short supply of the status quo. So, there are more and more brands began to launch girls exclusive sneakers.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

In my opinion the most unisex Converse, in this month on a new wave of new exclusive girls Chuck Taylor All Star!

This time the new color, is the most suitable for summer wear Makalong color, whether it is pink, pink green, or pink, girls are full of feeling.

Nike Air More Uptempo “Island Green”

Nike Air More Uptempo boom will certainly continue! Brand not only in cooperation with Supreme after, continue to introduce new color, still this month for the girls to prepare the girls exclusive mint green color big air!

May be able to think of the brand, that is, in line with girls, and very summer color, in addition to Macaron, is the candy. This time the girls exclusive, really is a look, that is, girls will choose the color. Though i will also buy!

For your body swimsuit wear the most suitable

A suitable swimsuit
So to choose

Here the body type to help people buy for their own swimsuit, pear shaped, triangular, oval, hourglass, there is always a type for you.

pear-shaped body

Pear shaped body is thin, with wide hips, thighs are strong, choose the swimsuit to highlight the waist, bare upper body skin can be more, maximize the advantages of your body.

You can choose the two-piece swimsuit waist paragraph, waist Douzhu fat to build tight buttocks effect, in order to weaken the hip and thigh fat.

The one-piece swimsuit fashion this year is also a good choice, also help you wrap hip muscles. Because the suit not too exposed, so this year there is a new dress, is Download directly put into.

Single product brand Recommend

Falbala fly sleeve adds shoulder girl breath!

Inverted triangle shape

Some girls born skeleton, shoulder, hip is relatively narrow, just do not pay attention to “heavy”, wearing a swimsuit to try to choose more styles of cloth shoulder.

You can also choose the split design, highlighting the waist.

It is easy to appear the upper shoulder burden, crowded, can choose V collar one-piece swimsuit, and neck collar are integrally formed and open so big, who will care about your shoulder?

Single product brand Recommend

The upper part of the body width are generally associated with kylin arm, the swimsuit thin lotus leaf edge to solve this trouble.

Oval shape

This is the main abdominal meat more, no curve, can choose to cover the effect of swimsuit in the abdomen, to hide their fat.

The waist is lotus leaf edge swimsuit recommended to the body, pulled tight waist, abdomen, split proportions, show your long legs.

A printing activity with great enthusiasm, fresh and lovely color stripes.

The eye-catching hit color collocation to shift people’s attention abdomen.

Single product brand Recommend

An hourglass figure

Such a good figure, what would you wear casually, anyway, how are the United States (envy huh)

Single product recommendation:

Solid colors, excellent tailoring, minimalist retro and elegant.

Wear points

The beach wearing a swimsuit with a blouse, gulina Karzai and Jiang Shuying will do a good demonstration, swimwear, pure and sexy coexist, partly hidden and partly visible, if your body is fat, just like them, sunscreen fashion, block body, show your slender legs.

If your body is fat, you can choose a scarf scarf suit, casual tied on the waist, thigh occlusion at the same time, there is a different kind of exotic.

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