Want to be a successful Girl Boss, 9 am in the morning is the key 

In fact to be a Girl Boss the most important thing is to stick to their own , And to become a successful woman is the most important to know how to start their own new day, if you get up every day are very busy, then you may want to learn about their small secret after getting up.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” – Estée Lauder.

1 / let yourself Chill look

Get up every day to rush out of the grooming, in fact, absolutely people feel physically and mentally exhausted, so many women will be successful in the morning for their own set aside more than 30 minutes, so that they have enough time to relax and slowly finishing work Before their own. Of course, you want to get up early 30 minutes is definitely a difficult task, it is easy to let you fail and give up, so each time early 5 to 10 minutes until 30 minutes, and at night you can use this method to get yourself early to sleep The

2 / reject the Snooze button

Seemingly intimate snooze (later reminders) button is actually a crisis, it will make your body function becomes chaotic, especially when you press it more than once, this will make your sleep idleness bad, will not Enhance the effect of rest will make you feel more tired, but also reduce your productivity.

3 / for the body to pay water

Try to sleep for 6 to 8 hours without adding water, even if you do not feel thirsty but your body will feel the water was drained, especially your head, it needs water can work properly, so get up in the morning , The most important thing is to drink a glass of water, the quickest way is to put the water on the bed, so that bed will be the first to remember to drink water, rather than immediately went to the coffee machine next to.

4 / meditation

Maybe you will think that meditation in the morning is something more difficult to do, but in fact just want to meditate to make you more spiritual and concentration, but also make the brain anti-aging, more with the role of anxiety and depression. And the time of meditation is not limited, if you are a beginner that may wish to use a different App to help you start meditation.

5 / stretch stretch movement

And the principle of meditation is exactly the same, stretching in the morning stretching exercise can wake up the body, but also has the role of calm mind, and in fact you can carry out this place in any place, even back to the company sitting in the bit can also Gently stretch the tired body, to maintain the stature also has a certain role!

6 / must eat breakfast

There are countless reasons why you do not skip breakfast this important part, and eating breakfast can definitely make you the whole person spirit, but also can increase your energy all day, reduce the desire to eat snacks, and even enhance your short-term memory.

7 / give yourself a little bit of energy

Anything that can make you feel the energy of the little things you can also be carried out in the morning, even in the mirror of their own smile, in fact, is to let their own way with positive energy.

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You are not good clothes is a good body.

Summer approaching, looking at the closet in the skirt has long heart itch. But a cruel fact in front: in fact, their poor never good clothes, but a good body.

“If you want to dress thinly, first you have to be thin.”

More and more people began to use high-intensity HIIT instead of running or skipping, but in fact Tabata more efficient than the HIIT. It is not only hot times microblogging “fat killer”, it is recognized at home and abroad fat burning the fastest aerobic exercise.

Use your own weight, high speed and effective “fat reduction” and “increase muscle”. Half an hour of Tabata will be able to consume nearly 500 calories, this season is the best power of emergency rescue.

Activate the “metabolic system” by super-intensity exercise, allowing the body to consume fat automatically within one hour of training while improving heart and lungs.

Beauty skirt came immediately, want to make the body immediately thin down may not be realistic, but at least exposed where the first thin ah. With targeted local shaping thin, will make dress and body with a more tacit understanding perfect.

The following single product is not only this summer fashion models, but also the best choice for personal style. But the premise is that with the corresponding local slimming tutorial practice, you will be faster than others some of the United States.

“In the best of the year we have to do something else, such as looking at the thinner, what is it?”

Open skirt – thin thighs

Sexy, charming, a slit open to the waist, with a large long legs and looming Qiaotun stunning crowd. Found in the crowd, the slit skirt is always much more eye-catching than the skirt, people can not move away from the line of sight.

Own magic “fans” of the sexy, sub-minute to create eye-catching big legs. Smart and attractive woman, all like to use the slits elements to ignite the temptation of firepower.

Summer are wearing a skirt, Smart and elegant skirt, a pair of attractive seductive thighs, and the color of the slit skirt is the day of the match ~

7 simple actions burning thigh fat: each action 10 – 15 for a group, do 3 groups, between groups of rest 60 seconds. After the completion of a single leg need to change the other leg to repeat the same action.

▼ bow word bounce

▼ wide squatting

▼ to circle the legs one by one

▼ three-point kick

▼ side lift legs

▼ Side kicks

▼ leaned over the leg

After training, remember to fully stretch the leg muscles, or use the foam shaft to relax.

Stick to it will find a significant improvement in leg type, hip line upgrade will make the thigh in the visual more slender. This summer, let us have a beautiful big leg with it ~

Dress skirt – close milk

The charm of the harness, not only people have to tear it’s desire, but also more sultry than the pure dew, more style.

Do not have to cover up, and do not need to indulge too much, is so Jiaoqiao graceful, you can wear the most charming gesture. Just take a pair of jeans, are enough style.

Delicate skin and wonderful lines, do not deliberately exposed is the most clever sexy, easy to put the body of the feminine call out.

But just think about it, if the light under the harbor overflowing a deputy milk, and then graceful style will be immediately replaced by embarrassment.

▼ even Oscar shadow after their neglect of the deputy milk, this small gold dress with the beauty of the big discount

Here are six chest training exercises to help you carry out daily training. Each action 10 – 15 for a group, do 3 groups. Group rest for 60 seconds. Stick to it, in addition to eliminate the deputy milk, but also to make chest type more upturned.

▼ push-ups, if the action is difficult to complete can try to be more prone to kneeling push-ups

▼ supine push chest

▼ waist supine shoulder and shoulders

▼ supine hands with chest pushes

▼ Standing dumbbells

▼ chest birds

Halter – practice ditch

Halter is also difficult to master but can not help but want to try the summer single product. In addition to the compact arm, smooth shoulder and neck lines, shallow ditch, bumpy butterfly bone, will make your eyes look back more breathtaking.

Every inch of skin exposed to the sense of proportion, like the murmur of love. From the first glance to see, give him a pull into the impulse. If you are tired of the chest of the “aggressive”, it must not miss the United States to the breathtaking halter loaded.

Immediately in the spring and summer, just like the United States and the United States wearing a halter, with ditch charm beings, so the next one or two months is the key.

Here are six back training activities, to help you carry out daily training. Each action 10 – 15 for a group, do 3 groups. Group rest for 60 seconds. Adhere to practice down, the back curve will be more attractive.

▼ from both sides

▼ lean over dumbbell boating, training latissimus dorsi

▼ dumbbells arm up pulling

▼ hard pull, training erector spinae, can slowly deepen your ditch

▼ single-arm dumbbell boating, training latissimus dorsi

▼ After the action is finished remember to stretch, the muscles are stretched in the stretch

The back can not be thick, but also have an attractive ditch, love such a figure.

Crop Top – thin belly

“Lips + high waist” is the summer people love and hate to wear the law, everyone wants to rely on it a second change supermodel, but hate it if you do not desperately fitness to lose weight, then the meat will be exposed Clean and clean.

And want to wear a good look Crop Top, even if there is no vest and six abdominal muscles, at least the abdomen to be flat enough can not have excess fat.

10 minutes Pilates junior waist training, each action 10 – 15 times, rest for one minute after the next action. Note that the whole taut waist, control breathing . Adhere to a month can significantly improve the waist line.

▼ dominate the belly

▼ waist leading action

▼ Cat-style breathing stretch

Pilates is the best thin waist movement, exercise a little less than running dumbbells less, more efficient to stimulate the general exercise difficult to reach the deep muscle – abdominal transverse muscle. When the transverse transverse muscle is tightened, the waist will be reduced by 1.5 – 2 cm. Including Karlie Kloss, including the supermodel rely on Pilates to maintain a charming figure.

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