April wear guide: how can the weather change, can be very handsome and very stable

Obviously immediately in April, the weather is not willing to let people want to wear. Although not every city’s spring breeze like Beijing is so violent, but now have a similar trouble: no need to winter that piece of the most reliable strong thick coat, but there are still warm demands.

Although the chaos when the dress, but the following four “season” style, may be able to make your season dress “disorderly orderly.”

━ ━ ━ ━

Thin coat to save the field


Yes, now you need a thin coat, and the reason is not just that we are all on the two wearing a whole winter coat has been tired to not die. The body eager to more light clothes, but can not give up the warmth, winter coat of the “burden reduction” thin coat is almost perfect solution.

Because it is seasonal season, the weather with the old urchin like, that change to change, so insist on wearing a doll to play the scene of the men can choose a more generous thin cut, so hot when you can always roll up the sleeve or take off In the hands are not too heavy Night temperature can also be a little drop when the coat buttons can easily buckle, because it is loose version does not seem bloated.

To “passers-by” to learn with the law

This body can refer to the place where the color – thin coat and suit, but there are still layers, the only color on the scarf and sweater above (and is elegant “gray tone early spring”), people line of sight Focus on the face.

In order to bend shape, the sleeves of the sleeves so that the line is also possible, but this street shooting point is to use a piece of trolley shirt color to break the uniform impression of the coat.

T station on the trend of new points

Cerruti 1881 Paris

Very chic with the law, suit jacket and pants form contrast, but the coat and play with the effect of superfluous effect of the way. You may also wish to leave a mind, the next time to see if there is such a coat and jacket combination.


Chic to increase the pattern of silhouette, through more or less contain gray style with a rich and not messy image, which is to “black and white gray” men step by step try a good way to color.


You also try to use a fresh sweater, “from the inside out” to provide visual stimulation it.


Thin windbreaker selection points

❶ No need to stick to the “very fit”, slightly loose some of the best. Not only because of the prevailing over-sized profile, but also because of the flexibility to play the largest coat to the maximum, so you from morning to night, from the outdoor to the indoor wear off more freedom.

❷ color can be lighter, if you can not accept the light blue water color, that gray, khaki can bring a sense of spring light; and black, left to the heavy winter coat it.

❸ always respond to the cold or warm spring spring coat, the pursuit of excessive light material lost the role of warmth. Thin wool material will be one of the best choice.

━ ━ ━ ━

Windbreaker does not wear when to be


London men wear winter trench coat, but in China, probably only spring and summer and early autumn during the temperature is the most appropriate – this time do not wear a coat, even when? In addition to Beijing’s wind blowing, the most annoying spring is often under the drizzle, this time on the need for a powerful coat, and let you “wind, water does not invade.”

The history of the windbreaker is against the wind of the soldiers uniforms, the film is wearing a style of love or killer, but at this moment, it will be your good buddy in the spring.

To “passers-by” to learn with the law

“Trendy children” hoodies, so that the impression of elegant classic windbreaker one second change to another attitude and temperament.

Sturdy Tom Hardy wearing Burberry trench coat, the expression is “orthodox windbreaker man” male elegance.

Selection and impression of different, more distinctive coat color, and then with a strong contrast with the black, learned it? Windbreaker can also be interpreted so bold, do not fall into the trap.

T station on the trend of new points

Giorgio Armani

This windbreaker let the fashion show the scene we love one second! In addition to the blue layer of the design, so that its charm more than a level.


An orthodox “windbreaker + shirt + trousers” workplace good boy image, but because of the elongated and more compact profile and more fashionable. If you are slender, try this kind of style.

Dior Homme

In the Dior Homme’s “cool children’s playground”, the windbreaker’s face-lift more radical, just right parts of the metal pieces of punk, and both sides of the trim more declared windbreaker new generation attitude.

Jil Sander

Long sleeves + large profile, if you pursue a good texture, fashionable high windbreaker, rather than the so-called classic, that is your reference mold.


Buy points

❶ If your windbreaker claims are mainly used for daily commuting in the dressing environment, then to such as Burberry, Daks, Zegna these re-orthodox windbreaker and men’s brand selection, years of experience so that they provide a ” Windbreaker “the most confident.

❷ Note that the most traditional khaki of windbreaker is not necessarily suitable for each Asian color. Navy blue, dark gray these colors make yellow skin face more clean, more spiritual, these colors of the windbreaker is also to a certain extent, better care.

━ ━ ━ ━

It is leather handsome handsome

Saint Laurent

There are countless times when you want to Shuashu hands stretched out to the closet in the leather, but it is not warm in winter when the summer is daunting, only in the spring and autumn season is not hot and cold weather wear.

From the road of the people of the street shot, we saw countless pieces of narrow body cut the locomotive jacket, modified upper body and show legs long, is undoubtedly the most current style. But for them, may not be able to apply directly to us, Moreover, for the expensive leather goods, “the most fashionable” may not be the most cost-effective, suitable for their own body and dressing preferences, is to let you in this season The most fun to play the style.

To “passers-by” to learn with the law

Yes, there is a sense of high leather actually can and a light camouflage swordsman to play to a, but also no sense of violation. You must have these two pieces of a single product, right? Hands try.

But also a hat-shirt meritorious example, but also a mutual relationship between the achievements: Rose’s leather so that the hoodie’s over-randomness has been improved, the young sense of the hat is to make the leather itself to ease the hardness, black, white, gray With very harmonious.

T station on the trend of new points


Gucci in the complex aesthetic environment, the leather may not follow the fancy up? But different from the cowboy style leather fancy, it’s shot more romantic, but also more in line with the current aesthetic taste, of course, for most men, this style is to go ahead.


Also in the decorative approach up and down the effort, Coach is a collage way, red and black strong contrast to put a strong punk rock flavor. And Gucci poet temperament is not the same, this is undoubtedly more suitable for a strong personality self-confidence man.


Not the traditional impression of the black motorcycle jacket models, at first glance to see the past color and even old-fashioned suspects, but this style is more compromise leather style, to some extent more diversified, suitable for more with the way and temperament , After all, not everyone can be described as hard-edged rock musicians or motorcycle knight.


Buy points

❶ After all, leather is not a casual casually to buy the style, do more homework, go to personally try different brands of different styles, so that their money to spend more valuable. Although the price of leather is not low, but to find the real one for their own, wearing a 5 years, 10 years is very possible.

❷ you may only have a white t-shirt in the leather coat, like the gods of the screen, but do not kill the inside with a hoodie, sweater to make warm may – that is, do not pursue very sharp Of the visual effects and buy a very tight size, to their own with Ye Hao, body Ye Hao, leave a little room.

❸ why not “Perfecto” this style as your first good leather clothing preferences? The short profile of the cropped profile, slippery lengthened hem of the over-sized profile is fashionable, but there is also the risk of swinging out of the tide. Like the purchase of a classic suit jacket, choose your first leather style it

━ ━ ━ ━

Unexpected vest


Yes, vest! For the suit for the uniform man, the three-piece style is undoubtedly play a more warm role, after all, not only to look more compact vest, but also very effective to tightly sealed up the body temperature. And for non-suit with the vest of the choice and style even more.

Tom Hiddles in the Gucci ad in the image of the man is formal but revealing the fashionable temperament, this New Signoria deep purple double-breasted suit suit fit shape, with the vest to make the overall body lines more compact. Wearing a vest to attend a formal occasion of course, or to buy color matching three-piece, if it is more relaxed occasions, you can also choose the color is more playful style, so even if the faded suit jacket does not seem too monotonous.

Ruan Jingtian

To “passers-by” to learn with the law

David Gandy of the London Men’s Week provided us with a dozen men’s dresses. This body three-piece equipment “is not a color”, but it is because of its fit, low-key, so that the beauty of the suit man more taste.

The men often appear in David around the men’s adviser Joe Ottaway (for example, in a street shot), he is the interpretation of a more casual and personal touch with three-piece method, tannin shirt in addition to bring a young, And the combination of the texture of the vest and interesting interaction.

note! Deliberately put the goose’s vest and grass green pants with a man in the body, the risk index up to five stars! But at least in this picture is full of thick spring, watching there is a good mood.

T station on the trend of new points

Dolce & Gabbana

Loose vest naturally with a loose suit jacket, clothes floating, like spring breeze was blowing. This more chic dress image may not be the most decent workplace, but if the fashion party on the debut, it is definitely a high score.

Brunello Cucinelli

With jeans, Polo shirt, sneakers and woven belts, many elements but because of the unity of color and harmony, the most important thing is that the combination of suits and vests become more young and personal, small changes will be strong enough.

Vintage Levi’s

Buy points

❶ “three-piece” that originally contains the same color with the vest, if you want to mix or wear to other styles to go to the dress, then according to their own preferences to buy a separate suit vest it.

❷ Normal trim and profiled suit vests are available in a wider, loose, improved suit vest, and can be used with a relaxed jacket with a casual fashion style, in the spring and summer weather will undoubtedly make your mood more refreshing The

In addition to the suit vest, filled with thin feathers, to technology and other materials for the various types of vests are more and more up, for those who refuse to dress the nature of the men, these models worthy of you to try.

Brunello Cucinelli

BTW, in addition to wearing a vest, outside the waistcoat is also a major dress in the spring dress!

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A hole in jeans, let me through many girls heart

  In fact, the spring can wear clothes, but ripped jeans and pants all the different bones with a rebellious and a hormone injection momentum:


   In the spring, it feels like the weather warmed up, pulling the brothers, mad line string, blow dirty green stick. Not knowing health, It is sad, sense of relief that is hormone breath, Indescribably cool :


   Not only you, from punk rock and rap old black, and then to the Hollywood community around the small eccentric, is a defender of ripped jeans, all with a bad feeling:

   The young people in our country, to every ripped jeans trousers, that is justice, not letter to the Pearl River Delta jeans factory to see, do the old worn jeans production is the most important part of the young people like visible:

   Ripped jeans is good, but do not wear the wrong clothes have to respect the basic law, sometimes see the hole jeans was wearing mop, I really want to kick the past, taught him a new life.

   The following dress style, a control study, find the most suitable for their own. Please don’t put the wrong, okay?

   Any young people have been rebellious, but not everyone dares to use ripped jeans to the world war.

   Although the hole jeans invented by the youth rebellion, but the taste is not easy to wear. There are a lot of matching clothes, especially in the leather is the best:

   Most can quell field is black holes in jeans, leather patches zipper looks very aggressive, coupled with the motorcycle leather plus back Undercut hair, who did not dare to offend you:

   Remove the cortical patches and the metal zipper reduces aggression, also have aggressive hoodies softening effect, with the head of the white shoe shell, Some good looks :

   Rock burst style, aggressive lowest than the blue hole in jeans, suitable for almost all people wearing, see the wife’s mother is also no problem, very worth a try:

   The degree of difficulty, the hole through the rock burst of wind up jeans. As long as is not difficult to avoid too fancy swagger coat or coquettish shoes to solve the problem. Before going out, multi mirror bihuabihua.

   Remember, shopping, not casual, not just the streets.

   A little joke, holes in jeans is not only wear Pilipiqi.

   Many young men also tried to add a light color T-shirt tight hole jeans, which can not only balance the upper part of the monotonous serious, also can let hole pants lead a fast convergence point, meat collocation:

   In addition to pure white T-shirt, sweater can also make you look is often around 798, Stan and Meng Jinghui brush over the literary youth.

   The more shallow color more gentle, not black sweater, looked like a little brother gangsta rap:

   Solid color sweater collocation ripped jeans is more suitable for warm warm now, at the same time, also gives people a feeling of 985, 211 liberal arts college graduate, Full of poetry and distance:

   If you above these, too soft collocation, enough man, it is directly sheathed with cortex patch holes in jeans, and boots, hardness naturally came back:

   The hole jeans out of young artists feel no difficulty, Oxford shirt, V neck sweater, loafer, the choice is not wrong, the color can be simple.


   If you said the hole jeans are rebellious certificate, then ripped jeans out of the annual salary of one million straight, is to subvert the old order of the.

   The hole jeans wear a very rich appearance is not easy, the hole to be small, the best at the knees cracked a small cut. With a look full of single breasted coat, with a stuffy Sao, very rich:


   Double breasted blue coat is also suitable for collocation black desert boots, go to town, to avoid the holes in jeans gives people a feeling of sloppy:


  Break open a can not open, but to directly open the window, refreshing, avoid holes around the hanging line. <strong> Adhere to the dark trousers, black robes and best, with flat top hat, rich feeling comes naturally:</strong>


   Love light hole jeans Boy don’t give up, and striped T-shirt shiny brown Bullock leather shoes also can neutralize the dirty pants, but a kind of cynical taste, very chic:


   Although the hole jeans difficult to take, but spend more time, you can always find a suitable combination of collocation and style, while standing Different styles of clothes is the beginning of everything.

   Jingdong launched super brand men’s Day For the audience, master pick out many clothes, <strong> from the basic to the fancy explosion of a single product, and you put a hole in jeans through the 360 senses.</strong>

   Not only for holes in jeans, Jingdong to give young people all dress solutions.

   No matter about the girl for a drink or go to see a big customer, no matter how old you are, how income, Jingdong’s brand super day Can provide the optimal solution for all young people to dress.

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This spring, you only need 6 pieces of all-match and fashionable accessories

A long time ago, depending on what the trend of fashion show. But more and more people are willing to share personal style in the social network, who will wear the clothes in the closet and not all girls follow the trend of update, but according to the season cleverly personality style collocation. Although this sounds very difficult, but don’t worry, we tell you, but you only need this spring the 6 accessories.

A black ribbon is the perfect start

There are many places to wear such a thin ribbon, it is wrapped around the neck like Choker, Olivia Palermo is the 100 point model. You can also put it in a white shirt collar, or to tie in the neck. The other you can not choose such ready-made products, from the arts and crafts store buy a satin or velvet to produce, it is cheaper and easier to DIY.


Olivia Palermo


Chiara Ferragni


A pair of long earrings can make other value-added


You worry about the other too common? Of course, this will not happen. As the Queen Street, Jenny Walton here is that of a mushroom like Mario long earrings can make you the other value.



Muller shoes is also very effective


Wearing Muller shoes will make you elegant and chic, people have noticed you look quiet and low-key, like Emma Watson the sportswear + look slippers. If she does not have this pair of shoes and clothes together, you won’t think her other what is special.


Aimee Song


Linda Tol

When is your straw bag UPDATE

Now the straw bag on the occasions has moved to the street from the beach. Look at the fashion blogger Anum Bashir took this furry Festival feeling straw bags, collocation cowboy shirts and white dress without molimen. Whether leisure or elegant white collocation T little black dress, straw bags can collocation up. Interestingly, although the Herm s Jane Birkin named Jane Birkin bag, but I still love the straw bag.


Anum Bashir


Jane Birkin


Let’s talk about.

Like Bella Hadid this 90s cowboy belt than other Western Cowboy more other points, rely on a unique ring can let you have other magic. Of course, Bella Hadid is very smart to put this belt into the shape of the punchline.


Bella Hadid



Declaration of shades of icing on the cake

No matter you love is round, square or oval sunglasses are never mind, as long as it has enough framework of personality is enough. Because there is no better than it is for other extra accessories.




Yoyo Cao


Carine Roitfeld

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Early spring sweater with well

 Sweater is definitely the early spring of the most beautiful, whether inside or outside wear, sweater can easily do

  And no matter the height or size, as long as the right collocation, can wear a beautiful style

  The little girl look here

  Or an old saying goes, the little girl wants to wear a tall, waist line is very important, choose a high-waisted bottoms, stretch the leg proportion, give a person visual illusion

Sweater + skirt of tall waist umbrella

Sweater + tall waist skirt

Sweater + high waist pants

The brief paragraph sweater + bottoms

The beltIs also high waist line artifact

  The fat girl look here

  If you just upper body fat and thin legs, so congratulations you, you can dress like that.

Loose long sweater, show beautiful leg

Loose sweaters + short skirt

Cold +Leather pants

Loose sweaters + jeans

If you feel enough thin leg, that’s all

Loose sweaters + wide-legged pants

Loose sweaters + dress

Loose sweaters + baggy jeans

  Workplace OL look here

  The workplace is not only a shirt and a suit, wear sweaters, too intellectual beauty

Sweater + package hip skirt

Sweater + vents of skirt

Sweater + pencil pants

  Look here, toward a sister

  Don’t like close-fitting jeans, and hate the bondage of skirt, wear casual

Sweater + slacks

Sweater + sweatpants

 His sweater there are many ways to take the above several can also be mixed with wear, likeSweater + long wide-legged pants, also apply to the little girl, we can according to your own body, free combination, also can play street ~

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Girl, you can not beautiful, but you need to know the truth!

You can not high levels in appearance,

But you need to know the truth!



  To hold his own mouth

  Don’t in front of the man cursing his family has not said, most men will see his family is heavier than the wife, the wife can choose, parents have no choice.This is the truth!Women can do is, at least, do not ignore the existence of his family, with in-laws or respect.If really is in-laws do wrong, you can and her husband calmly say their views, but is not abuse.



  Hold his desire to spend money

  Especially do housewives without their own career women, don’t do shopping crazy.Can satisfy the desire to buy their own appropriately, but definitely not careless profligacy.



  Don’t be moonlight clan

  Spend more money, less spend less.Life planning, risk management, to force yourself to save each month beginning to urgent need.To understand the risk transfer out.If all the money I earned out, and one thousand have something urgent need a large sum of money, you will find that every day should not, call to ineffective how miserable!



  To make smart financial secretary

  A lot of women there is no financial power, it doesn’t matter, money is not in his hand but must know ball man for family financial management, so as to ensure that even if a man is not willing to give money you spend, also have a place to take money to spend.



  To learn that playing dumb

  Silly woman happiness, a woman not too strong.At work, can be strong, but in life, marriage must understand the soft.Especially one thing to say is, save some face for men, in front of his friends and family to his embarrassment, it is not a wise choice.Happiness in our own hands, don’t expect others to charity, so to understand business.



  Want to have a sense of crisis

  Don’t old to look a man, look at how he don’t want to go home and watch.Home is a warm harbor, dock to let a man like.Appropriately modify yourself, don’t be a yellow face shiva.You remember, you men who are not in order to live, you can live well.Don’t only gossip, playing mahjong, roaming and a bunch of friends.Discipline their children, don’t even tutoring school children.Remember, improve yourself!



  Want to know to cherish the youthA sense of

  A woman can have how many years of youth, don’t away easily.If you don’t progress, learning, work, and improve the inner cultivation, talented woman beauty around him will be your threat.Don’t stay on the status quo, content to be raised.Constantly learning to enrich himself, inner beauty is the real beauty.



  A woman should have their own career

  How much money is not important, the important thing is don’t have to face every day 4 walls wall, with the society, have worry no place to talk, will only see who all don’t pleasing to the eye at home.Body slowly obesity, physical decline gradually.Because at home to talk less and less communication, less brain…Memory is more and more worse.



  Learn to do home cooking

  Don’t expect to learn chefs, can at least family taste.Can give oneself of the person you like, do a delicious meal, that’s enough.


From here, let’s change the fashion!

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practical wear little guide

 Brief paragraph fleece

Han Fan, loose sense of style and hole do old jeans, inside take fishingnet stockings who say is not the most tide type rocks!

Fleece in one of my favorite is also a brief paragraph fleece, same as a whole and the fleece, but shortened length to above the navel, majia line girl figure it’s time for big show ~

Small belly meat meat more, like Gigi, all with high waist item hide all meat, then give some waist skin fully coordinated proportion, pretending to be a thin man works ~

Already thin Gigi also like in the loose short fleece sets a bra top again, increase the administrative levels and can greatly to prevent exposed, the security of beauty balance ~

Kendall this short fleece design is tricky, made a elastic waist, directly under the autho 100 estimates are not exposed, no wonder she can so confidently not good wear fur, big show small pretty waist.

If too much belly meat, collocation of tall waist trousers, revealing half shoulder, collocation small vest, sexy sexy ~

No brief paragraph fleece, you can fold up your normal version fleece, now popular grid on collocation, super good.

  Oversize fleece

Last year, each star is known to all bloggers favorite is super long sleeve clothes, David was very fire, but this version is really good.

As modelling foundation item, all the year round to buy above all is long fleece, many occasions can wear ~ elongated body lines, not only can easily cover a little stomach.

Super oversize wear is beautiful to cry, especially bright color, tie-in fitting with the sun day.

Of course, if you don’t want to show the legs take a tight pants also is very handsome.Especially the baby have a good figure, must not be wasted!

If you like the handsome neutral wind, tie-in style jeans again is also very handsome ~

Tie-in straight jeans, and black boots, wear a man chi points minutes.

  With a skirt

If I have a good pair of legs, then I would have a skirt, both loose fashionable feeling, and there was a sexy young woman.

Joan Small especially like to use it with miniskirts, immediately present a comparable iphone20 big long legs.

One cool David black clothes, originally in the small skirt into cortex, modern degree of opening of ceng up several degrees, I just love this girl ~

Street snap up is also a large fan ~ points minutes plus a small sachets, sex appeal and will be more than a few minutes.

  As an inside take

Now, after all, the weather is not very hot, so sometimes single wear fleece still a little cold, fleece as internal also super beautiful ~

Another of fleece is of cultivate one’s morality, can be infinite set of different style of the coat.If handsome and agile, with lines just suit jacket.

With a leather coat, ‘bomber jacket is make you seconds cool street girl.

Cover a coat can accept waist loose tooling fashion sense is extremely strong, fully faint coloured squares and drive a diu diu winter to life.Square usage is straddling a whole piece of fashion street.

Whether single wear, or as the build, can let you bright eye is out of the street, whether it’s coat or dust coat, jacket, these item is true!

  Trend of the fashion model

Love fleece of the most popular design, we can’t miss for those who think pretty girls are really nice design fondle admiringly

Vetements are familiar, is it the long sleeves who stitching jeans, lighters, clothing, high-heeled shoes, such as magic with the fire.This frequency ultra high green fleece, is said to be in unwitting circumstance are “cooperation”.

Will officially start and Vetements cooperation, altogether long ribbon fleece seems inconvenient wear false, have become everyone’s favorite popular single ghost.

Even Eric song song style, also do not hinder the little fairies to mix with it short skirt, high-heeled shoes play play niang.

Besides love Vete, I especially love Gosha.Last season is good for Gosha and FILA made a good joint.Big love ~ is somebody else’s heart

To see so much, want to chop hand again?Change garments according to the period after all, not to buy some clothes, feeling sorry for yourself ~

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Spring, so to wear a skirt to fashion!

 The skirt will die for woman. The seasons of the year, which season which day can a small skirt? Although the weather is warm, but the spring is the most volatile Gesanchawu will give you to Tianjie rain run as crisp. So beautiful to be cold.


Dress and leather collocation is the main push spring. If love and fan, warm and cumbersome leather. The long skirt not cold and the goddess fan children.


Is still a long skirt, denim jacket. The fresh wind blowing. By age required fashion cowboy.


Or leather dress. The difference is the dress leather becomes soft yarn female let you play


Warm sweater, with thick leggings and bag hip skirt. Beautiful fashion OL


In the thick long sleeved shirt, hair or skirt, wearing a thick tights is cold


Sweater, leather skirt, thick leggings. Beautiful and Hardy


The old coat sweater with a skirt.


Cold can not bare legs. With a knee length stockings. Absolute small sexy


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