Comes with a stylish temperament denim shirt

Bring their own fashionable denim shirt, so with

Recently there are fans asked about the match with the denim shirt

Own fashionable denim shirt how to wear the best look

Today finishing a period, I hope to help you

A simple and advanced denim shirt

Compared to the classic white shirt, can create a different effect

Look together, how to find their own style with

◆ ◆ ◆

Denim shirt so choose

First from the color

The most noble color is dark blue, must be the most important

Reveals a retro art, good ride also look good

Dark denim shirt shot

Looks mature and elegant, with skirt is also good

Of course, light-colored denim shirt can also choose

Refreshing color, more suitable for spring and summer

Ordinary cowboy blue slightly mediocre

If you choose the details of such collar hit color

But also add a little fun fashion, more picky

But like this fight color cowboy

Looks lack of personality, but also increase the sense of cheapness

So it is not recommended for everyone to buy

From the style, the proposed fit like

Should not be relaxed, due to tough material cowboy material

So the loose style of white shirt does not apply it

Just right looseness

Is a necessary condition for wearing a denim shirt

Slightly self-cultivation is not too loose

In fact, the simplest size is

Choose to wear tights than usual on their own big clothes

◆ ◆ ◆

Denim shirt so take

Bend the shirt hem crossed

Can play to improve the waist line, elongated lower body ratio

But also can block the role of the flesh of the stomach

The clothes of the clothes scattered on the outside

Chic with the nature, tall must try

Shirt into the waist, capable and gas field

Denim jacket with jeans

Is the most common street shooting Daning wind

We can also try, fashionable one

Ladies Olivia and spicy ladies ladies

All with this classic with the law out of the street

Tops and pants can choose the same color

Refreshing and the atmosphere, spring wear a very suitable street out Oh

If your skill is stronger and stronger

Coat color and pants color

You can choose the level of gradual gradient

Denim shirt with white jeans

The same as blowing the breeze

Ladies Olivia and supermodel Miranda can children

Are 30 + light Mature

Control cowboy shirt and white download

Distribute the elegance and charm of a mature woman

Denim shirt with black single product

Suitable for full of cool woman

Denim shirt with leather pants

Is definitely the most handsome presence of the season

In addition to trousers denim skirt

With a pair of denim shirt mature

Suitable for women in the workplace

For the cooler weather in early spring

You can take the denim shirt to take inside, very college style

Jacket to wear within the denim shirt

Handsome fashion is also very gas field Oh

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Collocation | this spring popular flower clothes, really beautiful burst!

 It is time to bid farewell to the dreary winter guadan. And what elements and the bright spring of the match? There is no doubt that non Gorgeous beautiful printing elements None! From the summer of 2017 the major show is not difficult to find, This spring is popular in the flower clothes!

The Christian Dior 2017 series of spring and summer

3 Dolce & Gabbana 2017 spring and summer series

The Anna Sui 2017 series of spring and summer

   The printing elements can exhibit the goddess temperament, nature has been loved and sought after various fashionable actress. In all kinds of printing products under the blessing of the goddess of beauty, who have a new height.

   If you are tired of wearing the minimalist collocation, can they take advantage of the arrival of spring, enjoy with brilliant printing elements to fill your heart girl!

Worthy of the printing products

You let this spring Meicheng a street!

<strong> Stamp coat</strong>

   The coat coat used in printing on the occasion, but also make your look collocation several more romantic and poetic, relaxed talent shows itself in the numerous living beings, seductive suction eye easily.

Print skirt

   Feel that they cannot hold print dresses, or more love has a sense of the level of collocation, then print skirt is the best choice for you, and it can be easily and coat all kinds of group CP in spring and summer.

   Print dress

   But small is the most recommended flowers blooming like a piece of brocade print dresses, as if the whole spring wear on the body. Beautiful gorgeous elegant romantic stamp collocation skirt, it is beautiful.

   The light coloured print dress, beautiful and fairy goddess temperament show.

   Light blue print dresses, fresh and romantic girl sense.

   If you prefer low-key and elegant style, can choose print dress at the end of the dark.

<strong> Printing bags</strong>

   If you still dare to try printing a single product, it is recommended that you may wish to start from the accessories, like bags with printing elements is nowadays a hot one of single product. It is the blessing, you can play with important role, make your other perfect upgrade.

<strong> Print Shirt</strong>

   In addition to the wardrobe essential white shirts, denim shirt, may wish to start a dressy printed shirt, regardless of the ride wearing skirts or trousers, collocation, have a very outstanding effect.

   Small Suihua elements is the most romantic and fresh, a literary tone.

   Printing pattern with Bohemia style, exotic ancient mystery.

   Floral elements shirt, can also be fun or glamorous or handsome street fan.

Learn the following collocation skills

Printing a single product easy to control!

   I believe that many girls actually have to stamp a single product heart, but because of improper collocation printing single product easy to wear cheap feeling and long-term in a wait state. So Xiaobian today and we support weapon, let you The United States and the United States can not only control the printing of a single product, can be out of their high sense.

   The security is not easy to make a mistake this basis prints a large plain collocation, seductive suction eye was just perfect.

   If the printing pattern is more, you can choose the relatively large spacing style.

   The printing element itself is relatively complicated, so a single product itself cut design must be very simple, it does not give too exaggerated feeling.

Create printing with color collocation, show good clothing products

   To want to A little bit difficult to improve both sense So, you can choose the same color collocation. Here’s the same color collocation are generally two kinds of routines, the first is the selection and color with the color of the color printing products collocation:

   The second is the selection and printing pattern echoes the color.

   If there is a certain collocation skill, you can also try the same color printing combinations of single product, on the wear effect is very outstanding.

   If you are printing dress body, bags, shoes are the same color collocation of single product can create a sense of the whole.

Mix the neutral wind alone, firmness and flexibility

   It is easy to print a single product cheap feeling, in addition to more complex patterns, but also that the style is not too sweet, beautiful atmosphere. So you can be an antidote against the disease, some material collocation crisp neutral single product, On the one hand and the usual sweet, improve other texture, can also make you beautiful and handsome, full face charm.

   The most recommended collocation of non single product is a leather jacket, with all of your group CP printing products, especially with Printed Dress fit.

   Oversized profile pilot jacket, dress collocation printing unique style in general.

   Neutral handsome suit jacket, denim jacket are also a good choice for collocation.

   In the summer, you can also use the movement of wind of white shoes mix print dress, woman out and there is no lack of vigor.