The inspiration – Cycle

The inspiration for design comes from the infinity of digital symbols ‘∞’.

It represents a kind of fate, a cycle from meeting to far away from meeting again and again.

The two lovers, from somewhere closer, meet, interlacing, and then separated, farther and farther…

Maybe one day, they will meet again, at that moment, inadvertently, everything suddenly clear up, didn’t seem to forget yesterday.



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Jewelry from Losangeles, Super Beautiful!

 Kendall Jenner wearing Frasier SterlingKendall Jenner wearing Frasier Sterling

Today, we recommend a Kendall, Gigi love jewelry brand Frasier Sterling! Frasier Sterling from Losangeles, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner “take goods Queen” are its fans.

 Fashion blogger Patricia Manfield wearing Frasier Sterling

The avant-garde design and unique brand, a small accessories can make you talent shows itself in the crowd, whether it is Choker or necklace, with sparkling sense of hierarchy, is absolutely your party or the choice of going out.

 Bella Hadid wearing Frasier Sterling

Design from the world of fashion girl love Frasier Sterling brand, has attracted a lot of young fans, classic Crystal Choker and bold bralet fashionable and avant-garde, make the brand quickly become the most popular this year talent shows itself, the jewelry brand, take a look at the name of people’s collocation!

 Fashion blogger Natasha Oakley wearing Frasier SterlingFashion blogger Natasha Oakley wearing Frasier Sterling
 Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing Frasier SterlingFashion blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing Frasier Sterling
 Frasier SterlingFrasier Sterling
 Frasier SterlingFrasier Sterling
 Frasier SterlingFrasier Sterling
 Frasier SterlingFrasier Sterling
 Frasier SterlingFrasier Sterling
 Frasier SterlingFrasier Sterling
 Frasier SterlingFrasier Sterling

Givenchy ClARE WAIGHT KELLER announced as a brand new artistic director

Lead: Givenchy Clare WAIGHT KELLER will be officially announced on May 2, 2017, as a brand new artistic director, and will be responsible for the men and women clothing and accessories, as well as senior custom series all design.

 Givenchy ClARE WAIGHT KELLER announced as a brand new artistic director Givenchy ClARE WAIGHT KELLER announced as a brand new artistic director

The global CEO -Philippe FORTUNATO Givenchy

Sincerely welcome Clare WAIGHT KELLER to join the big family of givenchy.

I am very excited Clare can put her into a Givenchy of modern elegant insights.

I believe that through this has 65 years of history and handmade artisan skills excellent brand exploration, Clare will inspire all brand potential.

LVMH Group Chairman and CEO – Bernard ARNAULT

Very glad to join Clare WAIGHT KELLER LVMH group.

I believe her rich experience and vision will make the brand’s unique development to a new stage.

I am looking forward to her continued success as a veteran of the fashion house’s contribution.


Hubert de GIVENCHY unique design style of self-confidence has always been my inspiration, I am very honored to be part of the history of the old legend has Givenchy fashion house in.

I am looking forward to working with this team, it will be a beautiful new page.

Clare WAIGHT KELLER will release her into the first of a series of Givenchy Givenchy – 2018 spring and summer series in Paris in October.


In addition to Nike, Adidas, what is fashionable and not easy to hit a sportswear?

 PE Nation


   As the name PE (PHYSICAL EDUCATION), which is what we call the physical education curriculum, the pursuit of sports brand nostalgic style, also praised the TOMBOY (tomboy style). Each series to help strengthen clothing Physical fitness and body coordination, but also a way to reflect the movement of self-confidence through clothing. Pay attention to the brand clothing function, fabrics and apparel fit, provide better for people living in the fast-paced city life.

   The new season LOOKBOOK will undoubtedly give a person a kind of street movement style, girls can also cool to exercise. Vintage sports wind brand is also to model interpretation just perfect.

   PE Nation in the development of swimwear should not be overlooked, whether it is the color of the mosaic, or is remarkable in the design process structure. The design of these styles are cleverly sexy movement through the interpretation of it, reflects the beauty of women’s movement.

   No Ka ‘Oi


   The Italy brand was founded in 1991, it is one of the leading in the manual cutting and embroidery fashion studio company, mainly in Europe and the United states. Compared to other sports brands, No Ka ‘Oi to focus more on yoga clothing, but also focus on the process and hand embroidery, and dress elements hybridity, avoid sports clothing line boring feeling stiff. Is a relatively high-end sports brand, the price is not cheap.

<em> SPRING / SUMMER 2017 /</em>

<em> FALL / WINTER 2016 /</em>

   It is not difficult to see, No Ka ‘Oi feminine design, many fashion elements used in sportswear. This will satisfy those who want to take into account the movement and beauty of the female, no doubt, this is a very good attempt. Some of these styles, if collocation in place, do not see professional sports wear.

   No Ka ‘Oi and a main field is yoga clothes, compared to other popular trend of loose yoga clothes, this style is more beautiful.



   The brand was founded by three garment industry professionals, is committed to providing professional sports high-tech clothing, clothing can be seamlessly integrated into people hope The fast-paced and busy life. The clothing is integrally formed by fabric properties, enhance athletic performance, compared to several other brands it is more professional.

   In addition to knitting molding technology, the brand is also used to partition design, printing technology is the pursuit of silica gel, functional brand. If you want to have to conscientiously exercise heart, the purchase of a LNDR sports suit is certainly not wrong.

   Although the brand is committed to the professional and functional, but its success in delivering the exercise makes people happy idea. Let the brand is not so high cold, easy to be accepted by the public.

   Gigi Hadid was also in the street through the brand.

   Charli Cohen


   Personal trainer Charli Cohen founded the eponymous brand into her designer, from a professional point of view to examine the fitness needs of modern life, for the fitness of the people more reasonable design of clothing . She believes that with its brand of clothing technology and fashion.

   Charli Cohen will be feminine in this season faded completely, created a hale woman image. This is a professional brand to pursue, if you want to please a professional sports and enjoy the feeling and not care fully and delightfully, accidentally is cooler than men.

   Of course, the brand is not blindly the masculine women. Some leisure style or combination of women’s fashion elements, followed by the current popular style, very suitable for leisure time in.

   It is no less than the design style design of some brand, leisure and fashion at the same time to two, sometimes is very difficult, but Charli Cohen seems to do.

   Tory Sport


   Tory Sport is launched by the United States light luxury clothing brand Tory Burch sportswear brand, including running, golf, tennis, swimming and yoga in areas such as clothing, at the same time, also have handbags, footwear, accessories and other items.

<em> 2017 Rosemount / FW /</em>

<em> SPRING / 2017 /</em>

   Brand responsible person said that the appearance and function of their pursuit of balance of clothing brand to achieve the perfect balance, with quick drying, moisture absorption, waterproof fabric and sunscreen and many other characteristics, can provide professional equipment for the sport.

<em> SPRING / SUMMER 2016 /</em>

   With the rise of wind movement, Tory Sport this “pants” is also in the lead up to the people to pop up. A major trend in the background, sports pants collocation high-heeled shoes is no longer what seems strange, full of fashion.

   In addition to motion classification costumes, Tory Sport also launched a jewelry. Among them, the lotus leaf edge with the popular shoes.

   Want to have a good sports fitness equipment, sports wear is not frequent replacement of equipment. Fine and small is the key, therefore, today recommended brands are some high-end sports brand. This equipment bought before heart movement.