These popular bags, dozens of years ago on the fashionable

Big brands are now beginning to look for inspiration from the previous design, to retrieve the previous classic elements, and some even directly engraved classic models, of course, some re-engraved may be other home or popular vintage models. Not just big, now popular some It bag, there are many are the design ideas.

Lets come look–

Gucci out of the bamboo bag is the 60’s IT bag

Gucci2017 autumn and winter T stage of this bamboo package. Whether it is the shape of the bag or bamboo handle, it seems full of retro style, a launch of the attention is very high. 

Bamboo package is one of the flagship package Gucci, familiar is not surprising. This is the original package type of engraved version. Is not it and its home in 1990 on the advertising block is almost exactly the same. 

This is not it home 90 years out of the package section. Sixties Hollywood stars took over. Compare this, the new out of this and the previous paragraph is almost exactly the same. 

In fact, this bamboo bag is very backing. It is Gucci 1960s it bag. In addition to Hollywood actress like, the Belgian Princess Paola di Liegi is also its fans. 

Whether it is out of the new or 60 years of that section, their appearance and Gucci home classic number 0633 bamboo package similar to the overall similar to the saddle bag, handle and bag buckle bamboo design are purely handmade. 0633 bamboo bag in a lot of ancient shops should be able to Amoy, the following is the ancient section of the money. 

Dior’s CD logo full return

Since Maria Grazia Chiuri took over Dior, it is a new season out of a lot of burst models, have joined their own logo design. Before writing a small white shoes, said they re-use the CD back to the logo. Bag is also true

It is home this year’s early autumn series of new C’est Dior flap bag I like, the design is very retro, feeling back to the elegant fifty or sixties. 

C’est Dior flap bag is one of the flagship of this season, launched a different style. It is the most special is the three-dimensional CD buckle. There are chains. 

There are ordinary leather shoulder strap models, wine red will be more retro. 

But also the popular thick shoulder strap also joined in, suede material will be more retro. 

This new package is inspired by Mr. Dior’s previous design. The last time in the collection of readers Xue Tao Tao to share their own Amoy to the ancient section, the most special is the classic buckle ~ ▼

Three-dimensional buckle is still relatively subtle brand logo. Early autumn series there is another package, on the simple and crude in the package at the printed “CD” word. 

Compared to the three-dimensional buckle, “CD” logo is its home vintage bag more common models. I went to the ancient shop in Beijing Amoy to a similar, the location of the package also has a CD logo design, but smaller and more refined. Beauty is not beautiful 

Comprehensive return, there Dior’s old flowers (monogram) series.

Speaking of old flowers, we first reaction may be Louis Vuitton. In fact, many big names have their own old flower series, mostly brand logo for inspiration. But some brands may have some time to give up this element, but, Dior’s old flowers this time is back again. 

Dior’s old flower is the brand name for the inspiration, highlight the capital of D, the other four letters around in the next. In its home several recent series, and ultimately, the design of the old bag.

In fact, as early as 2016 early autumn series of its home has launched a Logo, but the color is more low-key some. 

To the latest 2017 autumn and winter series, logo more violent. 

Contrast Amanda Seyfried took the Dior vintage flower speedy. Do not know that this is the same series. 

SJP in the “Sex and the City” also took a few of its home package, and the right side of the early morning 2017 is not like? This season the old flower series is still the location of the package to join the “CD” logo, rejuvenation thicker. 

Louis Vuitton’s Pochette Metis postman’s brother is

This two years, LV home Pochette Metis is also considered one of the explosion, street shooting everywhere. 

Many domestic female stars also back. Liu Wen has more than one, with it to match the casual wear, so that the body more complex flavor. 

It is not the first LV postman package. 1986, when the LV has been out of a similar postman package, called Monceau. The shape of the two bags is similar, but Monceau is more fancy. There is a small pocket in front. The last time the ancient package of soliciting, there are several readers in the ancient shop to buy this only. 

Metis although made a little change in the version of the type, but retained the classic lock design and Monogram printing waterproof canvas material. To compare to see, is not it like? Left is Monceau, right is Metis. 

The first edition of Monceau uses LV classic Monogram printing waterproof canvas material. The name Monceau is taken from Parc Monceau in the eighth district of Paris, built on the back of the 18th century. Parisians often use the “green, quiet” to describe the park. 

The first two years LV also engraved a MonceauBB, version with Monceau, but most are pure color models. Can be children back a rose red patent leather texture. 

And now Pochette Metis also introduced a variety of colors and materials. 

Loewe Barcelona on the small triangle for a long time

Another one may not know from their own classic models of the bag to draw inspiration, that is, we are familiar with the Loewe home of Barcelona.

To the iconic small triangle lock design features, launched a few years, it has become a fire all over the world explosion. 

Since JWAnderson took over Loewe, it became a burst of specialized households, from 2015 onwards, puzzle and Barcelona has been a popular street in a single product.

But in fact the triangle lock design is not the first in Barcelona. Before the reader jumped to share a Japanese second-hand shop map, which has mentioned a lot of vintage Loewe bag also has a similar design.

And the Vintage Barcelona Dress Black Satchel is also a triangular design, but this is softer and elegant. 

These big new packages can be found in the ancient shop similar models

In addition to re-engraved their own brand of classic models, there are some big wit from other brands of vintage models to find inspiration.

Remember the Chloe Georgia I had recommended last year when I opened my last year. It can be regarded as Chloe following the pig bag and Faye after another It bag. 

Give you after the end of grass I last year also pull grass, and the following size of this figure almost. To tell the truth, I am sorry, later told you fine ~ ▼

Georgia’s most special is its double-layer design. But in fact, it and Cartier before a Vintage bag particularly like, put together is silly too clear. Left Cartier, right Chloe. 

Italian brand Nina Ricci this year’s new season show field has a bucket hand bag, some students should also feel familiar with it ~ ▼

Does it look like a vintage hand bag? Cartier vintage bag also has a similar style, the following two are Cartier’s. 

There are some It bag, from the props shop can buy the same paragraph

Celine home in the spring of 2017 launched the Clasp series, fashion fine almost a hand. There are medium medium, Mini trumpet and Cabas oversized three sizes. 

I looked around a lot of people are crazy grass, feel simple, and retro, too good to read. But it is too familiar!

Wang Da R earlier in Paris to buy a similar section, that is, green this. I borrowed and photographed. The package comes from a designer brand Tammy & Benjamin founded in 2009. ▼

Mansur Gavriel last year’s new elegant bag, is not it looks like. 

MG two years out of a lot of retro style bag, and this Circle bag, round package type quite retro. ▼

It is also another very red bag HATBOX hit with Tammy & Benjamin. 

Who in the end who borrowed, I am afraid not to say. Because their common inspiration should come from the fifties and sixties popular package models. 

Love the retro element Jenny Walton recently took a similar package, that is, from the ancient shop in Paris Amoy. 

As for the round bag, inspired by the previous hat box. The old photos of the sixties can often be seen. 

Carrie also took several times in the City of Desire. 

My queen in the movie “Carol” also took one. 


The 2017 women’s fashion trend of the most popular dress collocation.

   The spring and summer color either flowers or printing, bright atmosphere wear also feel happy and complete the flower + flower is still an important trend. Women are most concerned about women’s fashion, do not want to go in the end fashion, sensitive to fashion is surprisingly strong. A classic style of women’s fashion collocation, the charming woman will show the most incisive. The following small series with a 2017 appreciation of women’s fashion trends.












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Girl, you can not beautiful, but you need to know the truth!

You can not high levels in appearance,

But you need to know the truth!



  To hold his own mouth

  Don’t in front of the man cursing his family has not said, most men will see his family is heavier than the wife, the wife can choose, parents have no choice.This is the truth!Women can do is, at least, do not ignore the existence of his family, with in-laws or respect.If really is in-laws do wrong, you can and her husband calmly say their views, but is not abuse.



  Hold his desire to spend money

  Especially do housewives without their own career women, don’t do shopping crazy.Can satisfy the desire to buy their own appropriately, but definitely not careless profligacy.



  Don’t be moonlight clan

  Spend more money, less spend less.Life planning, risk management, to force yourself to save each month beginning to urgent need.To understand the risk transfer out.If all the money I earned out, and one thousand have something urgent need a large sum of money, you will find that every day should not, call to ineffective how miserable!



  To make smart financial secretary

  A lot of women there is no financial power, it doesn’t matter, money is not in his hand but must know ball man for family financial management, so as to ensure that even if a man is not willing to give money you spend, also have a place to take money to spend.



  To learn that playing dumb

  Silly woman happiness, a woman not too strong.At work, can be strong, but in life, marriage must understand the soft.Especially one thing to say is, save some face for men, in front of his friends and family to his embarrassment, it is not a wise choice.Happiness in our own hands, don’t expect others to charity, so to understand business.



  Want to have a sense of crisis

  Don’t old to look a man, look at how he don’t want to go home and watch.Home is a warm harbor, dock to let a man like.Appropriately modify yourself, don’t be a yellow face shiva.You remember, you men who are not in order to live, you can live well.Don’t only gossip, playing mahjong, roaming and a bunch of friends.Discipline their children, don’t even tutoring school children.Remember, improve yourself!



  Want to know to cherish the youthA sense of

  A woman can have how many years of youth, don’t away easily.If you don’t progress, learning, work, and improve the inner cultivation, talented woman beauty around him will be your threat.Don’t stay on the status quo, content to be raised.Constantly learning to enrich himself, inner beauty is the real beauty.



  A woman should have their own career

  How much money is not important, the important thing is don’t have to face every day 4 walls wall, with the society, have worry no place to talk, will only see who all don’t pleasing to the eye at home.Body slowly obesity, physical decline gradually.Because at home to talk less and less communication, less brain…Memory is more and more worse.



  Learn to do home cooking

  Don’t expect to learn chefs, can at least family taste.Can give oneself of the person you like, do a delicious meal, that’s enough.


From here, let’s change the fashion!

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practical wear little guide

 Brief paragraph fleece

Han Fan, loose sense of style and hole do old jeans, inside take fishingnet stockings who say is not the most tide type rocks!

Fleece in one of my favorite is also a brief paragraph fleece, same as a whole and the fleece, but shortened length to above the navel, majia line girl figure it’s time for big show ~

Small belly meat meat more, like Gigi, all with high waist item hide all meat, then give some waist skin fully coordinated proportion, pretending to be a thin man works ~

Already thin Gigi also like in the loose short fleece sets a bra top again, increase the administrative levels and can greatly to prevent exposed, the security of beauty balance ~

Kendall this short fleece design is tricky, made a elastic waist, directly under the autho 100 estimates are not exposed, no wonder she can so confidently not good wear fur, big show small pretty waist.

If too much belly meat, collocation of tall waist trousers, revealing half shoulder, collocation small vest, sexy sexy ~

No brief paragraph fleece, you can fold up your normal version fleece, now popular grid on collocation, super good.

  Oversize fleece

Last year, each star is known to all bloggers favorite is super long sleeve clothes, David was very fire, but this version is really good.

As modelling foundation item, all the year round to buy above all is long fleece, many occasions can wear ~ elongated body lines, not only can easily cover a little stomach.

Super oversize wear is beautiful to cry, especially bright color, tie-in fitting with the sun day.

Of course, if you don’t want to show the legs take a tight pants also is very handsome.Especially the baby have a good figure, must not be wasted!

If you like the handsome neutral wind, tie-in style jeans again is also very handsome ~

Tie-in straight jeans, and black boots, wear a man chi points minutes.

  With a skirt

If I have a good pair of legs, then I would have a skirt, both loose fashionable feeling, and there was a sexy young woman.

Joan Small especially like to use it with miniskirts, immediately present a comparable iphone20 big long legs.

One cool David black clothes, originally in the small skirt into cortex, modern degree of opening of ceng up several degrees, I just love this girl ~

Street snap up is also a large fan ~ points minutes plus a small sachets, sex appeal and will be more than a few minutes.

  As an inside take

Now, after all, the weather is not very hot, so sometimes single wear fleece still a little cold, fleece as internal also super beautiful ~

Another of fleece is of cultivate one’s morality, can be infinite set of different style of the coat.If handsome and agile, with lines just suit jacket.

With a leather coat, ‘bomber jacket is make you seconds cool street girl.

Cover a coat can accept waist loose tooling fashion sense is extremely strong, fully faint coloured squares and drive a diu diu winter to life.Square usage is straddling a whole piece of fashion street.

Whether single wear, or as the build, can let you bright eye is out of the street, whether it’s coat or dust coat, jacket, these item is true!

  Trend of the fashion model

Love fleece of the most popular design, we can’t miss for those who think pretty girls are really nice design fondle admiringly

Vetements are familiar, is it the long sleeves who stitching jeans, lighters, clothing, high-heeled shoes, such as magic with the fire.This frequency ultra high green fleece, is said to be in unwitting circumstance are “cooperation”.

Will officially start and Vetements cooperation, altogether long ribbon fleece seems inconvenient wear false, have become everyone’s favorite popular single ghost.

Even Eric song song style, also do not hinder the little fairies to mix with it short skirt, high-heeled shoes play play niang.

Besides love Vete, I especially love Gosha.Last season is good for Gosha and FILA made a good joint.Big love ~ is somebody else’s heart

To see so much, want to chop hand again?Change garments according to the period after all, not to buy some clothes, feeling sorry for yourself ~

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Spring, so to wear a skirt to fashion!

 The skirt will die for woman. The seasons of the year, which season which day can a small skirt? Although the weather is warm, but the spring is the most volatile Gesanchawu will give you to Tianjie rain run as crisp. So beautiful to be cold.


Dress and leather collocation is the main push spring. If love and fan, warm and cumbersome leather. The long skirt not cold and the goddess fan children.


Is still a long skirt, denim jacket. The fresh wind blowing. By age required fashion cowboy.


Or leather dress. The difference is the dress leather becomes soft yarn female let you play


Warm sweater, with thick leggings and bag hip skirt. Beautiful fashion OL


In the thick long sleeved shirt, hair or skirt, wearing a thick tights is cold


Sweater, leather skirt, thick leggings. Beautiful and Hardy


The old coat sweater with a skirt.


Cold can not bare legs. With a knee length stockings. Absolute small sexy


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Fashionable girls, now is not popular to wear good clothes

 In this talk outfit say “take goods” era, fashionable girl weathervane appears to be a very small part of the people ruled.

   IT Girl or Icon, are worth mentioning, supermodel and female stars at the airport and private travel in secretly wrestling, fulfill their fashionable design, also led to hundreds of millions of female outfit global trend.


   Of course you tried not to repeat what street is queen with real goods, similar issues in the past years has been to many times. But through the frequent appearance mature face image to see out, but it can find fun: the girls were not “good”.

   Kendall and Kylie are the sisters from the obsessed Kardashian family, bold limelight is commonplace; two Hadid sisters also have a subtle rivalry among peers, style to one side of their force; Rihanna is committed to all kinds of unreasonable become reasonable.


   The trend of initiator itself is not in favor of their personality expression too observant of conventional standards., more and more people.


   Is there a good coat button is not important, my T-Shirt, my mood, my most important happy.


   Long vertical stripes shirt, blue jeans and black T-Shirt are simple but collocation, but his chest printed but can let all not drab.


   Not is to exaggerate the hole too observant of conventional standards. advocate unlimited, slightly skin style will be started.


   Ripped jeans is off the legs of the big opening, a good helper, but also can liberate nature, a small increase in rock taste.


   Even even feet were “scissors” is not too much, just his ankle but can appear more delicate.


   A few years ago the popular bold color going around now, finally from the exclusive world of fashion fine liberation, flying into the homes of ordinary people, so the same material but because the tannins dark coats and light colored trousers made harmonious and advanced.


   In turn, the shallow deep collocation, make the whole people’s temperament calm and natural, but the whole body look without losing the interest level.


   In the same color collocation in the profile of fringe elements and wind, it is no longer just clothing and clothing, with beauty like building.


   Even the body made of different materials together with the conflict, the girls also pursue self small outbreak of rebellion. When the leather and velvet “the real thing” to meet, to wipe out the spark that is amazing.


   A single product in the cutting geometry of the article, but also represent the general trend this year.


   Long sleeves continued to be popular elements has always been high cold fashion and emphasize the personality niche of youth subculture finally temporarily abandon the estrangement, came together.


   Change of material and the outline of the play based on Haren’s trousers, can lighten the simple white sweater, let the other seems completely not boring.


   As for the basic routines, like in the original is very harmonious, and the whole body coat T-Shirt hot pants outfit, add a plaid shirt, casually around your waist to again long legs.


   These do not follow the rules to wear fashionable popular, perhaps in the heart, it is the expression of the nature of self praise.

   Perhaps someone will say a different point in such a trend, but still not too hot and temperament, into our introverted and reserved Oriental society. But this is a fashion wind, blowing to different land, naturally do the things to adapt to the local culture.

   The United States never limited fashion, instead of “concept” and “opinion digest” and “based on individual precipitation interpretation and the expression of this process is the most interesting.

   At this point, the standard 90 stylist White is regarded as one of the leaders.


   She was wearing a always dare to use color, multi-level mix playing so well.


   Whether it is sports mix of fashion, or go cool hip-hop style, she is an ace.


   Even she put this aesthetic using his body to the star, the image for popular artists top management.

   Therefore The unruly and rebellious through top traffic Wu Yifan and Victoria Song, passed to the fans around the world.



   Fans see the light from the idol, also from your own view to the ordinary. So, I break the old tasteless, fun, free new remodeling I became a source of power and public attention to fashion, and then become a popular topic of evolution.

   The two day of Shenzhen fashion week Marisfrolg SU show, as if to see Jun inverted Fil white figure, is still that do not take the unusual way of.


   White coat: Marisfrolg.SU

   Tell her the same field, and have multiple identities, at any time to see Tian Yuan is fun.


   Tian Yuan total look: Marisfrolg.SU

   However, a law of wear at the same time, their choice is not the stars collective queuing explosion tide brand, but the young girls good heart Marisfrolg.SU. This in you my life is no stranger to the brand has just opened the first fashion series of their own, this day is the day of their debut Shenzhen fashion week.


   This is a big show rather than clothing too observant of conventional standards. rather than break the normal procedure interpretation of fashion parties.


   The show will be able to feel from the single kind of rebel effort: space and device is cross-border cooperation and Li Tingwei, and pop artist Xie Wendi, white cement, tin foil, and stainless steel jointly dominated the stage background, collection device and show the ground, forming a full sense of science and technology pioneer space.


   The big show, and let a person feel to the music festival scene, guitar, keyboard, drums, Beth was moved to the show on the road, electronic music and rock music broadcasting and alternate glamorous frenzy. Watching the show when auditory became can not ignore the protagonist, this feeling is very fresh.


   As if you thought before the opening, this dazzling design will not be too upstage, next to his clothes to do? But when the models are in play, doubts have been dispelled.

   Because the design of this season, it is just the moment of self esteem fashionable people and uninhibited!


   Oversize jacket from the coat to the down jacket, are capital nature, also coincided with the season to break the girls in pursuit of self mentality.



   Ribbon, liberal winding elegant, but also is in use symbols to reflect the true.


   Chocker is the cool season with an indispensable element, who is not ready to not mind?


   The geometric structure of anti conventional cutting on the vision to create a rich level, also let the dress a little more interesting collage. At least want to light collocation, can play a good variety of tricks.



   Design of Marisfrolg.SU in autumn and winter of 2017 playing with the bold, is not only to follow the trend, more important is to see the spirit of contemporary fashion girl: freedom, bold pursuit of wonderful.


   Clothing from “shelter” and “heating” of today to fashion into a huge industry and category, is valuable for people to wear “had higher aesthetic requirements: to look good, to have personality, to be able to show your present mood, involves reading skills of reconciliation in front of more than.

   We follow the trend of the wind, because those who have the fashionable queen of ordinary people can not easily and confident and bold.


   White is Marisfrolg.SU


   Tian Yuan total look: Marisfrolg.SU

   We wear clothes more than to the United States, but also can liberate the mind that tired, ready to “two line”, “nine to five” self.


   Also because of this, Marisfrolg.SU with the girls mind, The introduction of a variety of new ideas in general, want to let everyone in the clothing of the products of art in a A fun game.