The weather is getting warmer, the heavy winter coat away, come up with suitable spring clothes ~ cowboy as four standing alone, in this hot cold season wear appropriate.If you trace the history of the development of denim, there are a hundred years.The first is because in nineteenth Century when the American gold rush of the most popular gold workers have been complaining about the ordinary wear pants too severe but designed, but now it has become one of the most popular fashion items.

And now the cowboy single product popular continuously meet a lot of new tricks. Want to become a fashion icon only to meet the most basic styles today how can do it, I will give you an inventory of several of the most popular cowboy single product details, all received your wardrobe to go!

– hole –

The design of the hole should be the most common cowboy single product.

Is essential in denim jeans


Take the fishnet stockings

The original handsome jeans had a sexy and feminine

The hole in the denim jacket too.

The use of stacked holes and take to create a sense of hierarchy


– flash –

The jeans became popular flash from the previous quarter

Is like a torn leg like, Let the flash naturally exposed


The trousers have a flash uneven fluffy texture

Pants type straight tube or micro speakers are appropriate

Originally every rhythm tannins become monotonous

In the jacket is also nice

If you feel good, you can DIY at home

There are Vetements asymmetric super recently fire leg jeans

Advanced version of flash is the style of the tassel

Have a walk with the feeling of the wind

– splicing –

As the name implies is the mosaic of different shades of blue or a combination of other proper material together

Two different shades of blue stitching together can be modified leg type well

With other materials will impact the different splicing fashion sense


Want to be a fashionable person even the figure

Then choose a stamp denim jacket.

Whether the pattern or various slogans

You are all reflected in attitudes

– – embroidery

When embroidery and cowboy met together

It should be said that today is the most fashionable elements.

Two days before the Gucci show when Chris is wearing a denim jacket embroidered

Fan Ye this cute embroidered jeans

Just a small pattern can play a punchline

This is a big power power embroidery super have the feeling of summer denim skirt

The fire should be Gucci this piece of embroidery denim jacket

It is the actress who Zhuangshan artifact

Dakota Johnson, Ni Ni, the universe one blogger Chiara Ferragni

Rich and colorful color is very suitable for the spring season

There is a kind of the spring flowers are leafy wearing feeling

Frank sexy revealed a lively careful machine

In fact, fashion is a continuous cycle,

But in the cycle at the same time to follow up details.

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This small bag trend is very wide straps to ah!

Now the world, the chain with wide straps tie. To say what kind of strap with packet is the most fit, I believe most people still remain in the of course chain ~But, packet situation this year seems to be in the “act in a diametrically opposite way”, the latest CP packet – wide straps has been successful “host”, has become a favorite bag strap


As the originator of the strap Fendi just ended a few days ago in the autumn and winter of 2017 show, a handbag trend, the surprise is this season double F full return pattern! But you can see the wide straps representative still exist, and the common point is almost all in a relatively small size handbags

As early as 17 years before the spring and autumn and winter show 16 years earlier, the Fendi packet with wide straps trend appeared.

Of course, the unique Fendi preference can not represent the entire popular throughout the year T trend, combined with small wide straps actually appeared in many brands of handbags style

Small bag body collocation with wide straps, this combination of contrast not only adorable, increasing the usefulness of the strap in the bag is so beautiful in the shoulder has been enlarged

Diagonal pressure

Back chain package must have the same chain, beauty is beautiful, but it is OK Le meat!Especially when the bag installed more a bit heavy, really say ~ hi Pu Ben is now wide straps popular, smoothly done or easily solved the problem

“Recent street goods” Queen Yang Mi’s film, in addition to net socks and shoes is very eye-catching, carries a new Prada wide strap bags is conspicuous

Yu Bo Chiara Ferragni here in Milan when shopping was photographed with the large power power were chosen with different color, pink bag with pink fur collocation of cute, and the bag of blue and white band patterns become the highlight of the whole look

Marc Jacobs camera bag is last packet “explosion of body wide straps”, after the introduction of a lot of stars are personally “buyers show”. Poems with a smile is very beautiful, but the lack of the United States and the United States is covered by the ~ Da wide straps

The correct demonstration here, the same will bag back in the coat, remember to go back a bag, let the beauty of the bag and strap show (Xuan Yao).


The messenger bag back, wide straps small really appropriate ~ is not only let other more type and will play on the bag pulled after the waist can promote the whole people, will look more tall

Qi Wei is the “postman” carrying Fendi light blue wide straps with color Lacoste bag collocation sweater, wearing Fenty x Puma shoes, barelegged small sexy show ~ whole fresh and very simple

Shoulder more beautiful.

The wide straps shoulder bag with diagonal benefits actually similar, the biggest advantage is still Relieve Shoulder pressure. But personally think that the shoulder back method is really beautiful wide straps completely displayed, as if in every hour and moment saying look at me, look at me”

Before Valentine’s day, Liu Yifei for the Dior Lady Dior Small the Qixi Festival handbags Limited publicity, one has to be beautiful Oh, the collocation Lady Dior wide straps is not only a bit more elegant and neat

Compared with the diagonal will give people a little playful, single shoulder strap width package will be more suitable and simple style of woman, more momentum

And when you are walking a small sexy, single shoulder point method is also more suitable than diagonal to.

Hand pose

The front seems to be focused on the wide straps above, don’t forget to say today also is on the parcel. The biggest advantage of small, in addition to outside on the shoulder can get back in the hand pose. Burberry launched last year Patchwork Bag series is one of the representatives of

Whether it is illustrated or show to our home and abroad, official display is in hand, take note that is ~ in the hand

When Winnie Harlow attended the event model of a simple black and white dress full of aura, his hand is Patchwork Bag

Wuli this street super good cousin have all black dress shoes, but with wide straps bags have elements to choose flowers and black, this will take a very casual handbag in hand


A hand bag is called the pose weapon, then wide straps abandons the practicability, is completely reduced to a decorative

The combination of the most perfect demonstration from the 2017 Dior spring show, a small square bag on the tarot cards with large width straps, adhering to the brand elegant style and added a lot of dynamic elements, a second will hit your heart of girl

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Your jeans in the off season! Liu Shishi Yang Mi Song Jia in the 5 NEW

Spring, before buying a new pair of jeans, you really want to see what the trend this year? The recent Fashion Week Street, whether it is Victoria Song, Yang Mi, Song Jia, Tian Jing and other domestic star, or show the trendsetter with, of 5 jeans favored, they wear fashionable, worth in the new season shopping list.

Liu Shishi at the airport to Chlo street in the cloak of loose burrs collocation jeans, Chanel suitcase and Opening Ceremony silver small bag looks pleasing light.

Victoria Song airport styling with a black velvet suit, in a short section of Off-White black sweater and jeans washing midriff burr wide leg pants, a suit will a fashionable street sense.

Bai Baihe airport to other Chanel pink duffel coat, a black and white striped T-shirt, jeans and white shoes Vetements let other more casual, Gabrielle handbags (26800CNY) dotting.

Yang Mi in camel coat, blue and white vertical stripes shirt collocation the hot season and ripped jeans, Rihanna x Puma Prada Plex Ribbon shoes and red calfskin bag are trendy.

Song Jia’s trip is the choice of straight jeans, nude color, white and blue washing powder gives a very clean feeling. Louis Vuitton Twist chain package for other color.

Refreshing clearing in a T-shirt and skinny jeans with Lim Yoona Dior coat under the other hand, the chain J’adior messenger bag is a stylish dual standard.

Tian Jing Saint Laurent black motorcycle jacket collocation the hot flash Unravel tight jeans, Stuart Weitzman blue and Gentle Monster with a high-heeled sandals sunglasses have become eye-catching items.

Liu Yifei in the perspective of dress collocation under tight jeans style, for the sense of hierarchy has brought new ways.

Ni Ni with deep blue flight jacket, a white T-shirt and skinny jeans style is very refreshing, a pair of white shoes can create a fresh texture.

Jiang Shuying wearing MO&Co. suit coat collocation is Chanel white T-shirts and baggy jeans, this comfortable supremacy of the other.

Zhao Liying in loose pants suspenders jeans Moschino collocation sweater, shape easily.

Wang Ou Claudie Pierlot sweater collocation cowboy pants by other broad azure stones limited Valextra Iside (21500CNY) white eye-catching handbags.

Yuan Shanshan AMI Gray Hoodie collocation Peacebird jeans, foot Balenciaga white boots, white Delvaux handbag is recently very red “Mutin” section.

Edition 10 asymmetry has become an important style of Ma Su burr jeans in the modeling of a single product.

Zhang Li MO&Co. plaid coat is very suitable for spring, flash jeans just good collocation.

Whether take enough wear read more than 14 stars? We summarized the 5 styles from the next, let us look at the street in what a trendsetter.

<strong> These 5 popular jeans</strong>

<strong> People are in such a</strong>

<strong> No.1 this season: the most favored jeans.</strong>

There is no doubt that the impact of Vetements flash jeans in this season is a fashion week one of the highest rate of appearance of jeans style, with a worn DIY texture, suddenly become the most all-match single product, easy to let the other street upgrade.

<strong> This season features: splicing, asymmetric ends, loose cut, seven minutes or nine minutes in length</strong>

Tiffany Hsu street has always been wearing bold printed shirts and jeans outfit flash for the spring to bring new ideas. J.W. Anderson Mini Pierce chain bag still has a high popularity.

In the classic trench coat collocation sweater and jeans color flash, can be “activated” your old wardrobe.

Flash jeans sweater collocation printing state easily, can wear gold and silver thread pointed shoes stockings, which can make the modeling more eye-catching.

Collocation Gucci le fu shoes, small white stockings and jeans with a flash point cool attitude.

The wind is still very popular in pajamas, collocation with lace top burr jeans, able to go out in the outside robe.

The flash tweed coat and jeans, not the design feeling very fit?

The jeans and white shoes also match flash.

<strong> No.2 thin it: Wide Leg Jeans</strong>

Although many people feel wide leg pants wearing thin, but after is not the case, the key point is the collocation the wrong shoes. Winter pointed boots don’t close up, the influx of people are using it to collocation wide leg jeans, you see, is not the vision has reached the stovepipe effect?

<strong> This season features: hole, embroidery, high waist</strong>

Giovanna Battaglia with high waisted wide leg jeans jacket collocation, smart division proportions, particularly long legs.

Gucci Rejina Pyo sweater collocation blast hole wide leg pants let other herd shot in the street many talent shows itself an easy job to do.

Spring is the most suitable for the release of their own heart of girl season, wide leg jeans collocation workmanship complex Pink Chiffon coat, with a silver pointed shoes to eye.

Slogan and Tee are essential for spring and summer sweaters, wide leg jeans are fashionable collocation.

You can also select tooling of strong strap wide leg jeans, if love female collocation point, can replace the tip high-heeled shoes, but remember trouser.

<strong> No.3 Magic: Longshanks flared jeans</strong>

On behalf of the 70s hippie style of a single product, to today is still very classic, whether collocation Hoodie or pilot jacket is this season’s street wear model. But the length of this season is seven points or length, or length, there is no middle ground ambiguous.

<strong> This season features: seven points, or full flash</strong>

Seven flared jeans both collocation hoodies jacket are a match or pilot.

The same is with the length of the horn will not mix sweater to live up to a great spring.

If you want a special form, remember with everyone in the wearing fishnet stockings this year.

Wide shoulder jacket is a bit more popular, flared jeans just for collocation.

You can see it is collocation blazer or baseball jacket can be said to be the most “not picky eaters” good partner.

<strong> No.4: most people do not pick to wear straight jeans</strong>

It is hard to imagine the plain looking straight jeans this season and return to the essential list, although is a bit ordinary jeans, but wins in it does not pick up what figure, are not to be wrong, which will give you more space to play in the upper part of the collocation.

<strong> This season features: color texture</strong>

Stylist Diletta Bonaiuti this season with primary straight jeans take Loewe Muller shoes, wine red socks Qiangjing very, handbag is Loewe Joyce.

Straight jeans will turn up, is one of the designer J.W. Anderson led the trend, Gucci and fishnet stockings shoes for other.

Retro jacket and jeans collocation need a pair of cool sandals to other color.

Remember the spring and summer use color, it will make the basic models of single product collocation more modeling sense.

The cowboy and the cowboy collocation of the season is worth trying, but don’t forget the details is the key to success.

<strong> No.5 everyone must: tight jeans</strong>

Like straight jeans, tight jeans pants is a classic must-have, but want to have fashion sense really need to use their brains. Following the collocation trendsetter has fully proved this point.

<strong> This season features: washing, snow texture</strong>

Tight jeans and boots in the original, collocation is the zipper sweater retro tide flu, Prada Cahier color gorgeous eye-catching handbags.

Prada feather show shirt already very high-profile, used to collocation the basic models of tight jeans just to balance.

Find the color close to the skinny jeans socks and boots, elongated legs is a simple matter.

The snow grain tight jeans look nostalgia, then put on a motorcycle jacket.

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This spring, white shoe what to wear?Match which item is most suitable for the most fashionable!

Believe that every girl should involve a pair of white shoes

The joker and modern sheet is tasted

What like collocation are very good-looking

Today will take you to see in the spring

Small white shoes with what’s most modern sheet is tasted the most appropriate!


White shoe + long coat

Who says long coat cannot balancing shoes?

The combination of long coat and white shoe is very “tacit understanding”

The little girl is no exception

Zhou long grey coat with white slacks and a white shoe

Contracted and fashionable, his trousers rolled up show long legs is known to all

Navy long coat with white shoe

The combination of the two color contracted and temperament

The color of camel’s hair long coat collocation small white shoes

Whether inside take pants or dress as a whole

Will be more pure and fresh and elegant

White woolen cloth coat and pink pants and white shoe

A backpack, youth aggressive

Black and white to match the feeling is very cool


White shoe + jeans

The small white shoes with jeans

This is the combination of the most classic and is not easy to get wrong

As the country’s most star will be wearing jeans

Song jia also like best choose small white shoes to match

Jeans with a pair of white shoe travel convenience

Leisure and van

If this is the loose style can roll up your trousers

This looks more fine ankle

Stretch the proportion of the lower body

Jin Xiaomei Kendall Jenner


Miranda Kerr



White shoe + wide-legged pants

Coat + wide-legged trousers and a pair of sports shoes

Modern extraordinary

Small white shoes make you feel more clean

This combination will note the waist adjust the proportion of the whole body

The upper part of the best inside the clothes wear short coat or plug

Take the belt split ratio is also very smart

Irene Kim

Kendall Jenner


The small white + dress shoes

Not only feel the dress collocation white shoe very fashionable

And the role of reduction of age

When dating or shopping can beauty and comfort to give attention to two or morethings

Like Miranda Kerr meimei dalai

This is white look fresh and energetic

Dress + white shoe make you relaxed become a focus in the streets

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Cashmere sweater, sweater not only render unlined upper garment

Not only can render wear cashmere sweater, sweater, don’t look at you out again.

Presumably every love beautiful girl wardrobe, always little not a few pieces of color, design fashion sweater or a cashmere sweater, how collocation gives the feeling of fashion?A lot of girls have a tired sleep the feeling of love, today small make up teach you how to collocation gives a delicate, fashion of you!

  1. Sweater when skirt

If you’re smart, sweater enough long enough, can choose directly put on lazy big sweater knee-high boots collocation, you are under a fashion person.Of course, if you really can’t accept other people’s eyes, similar with this one

That’s right, is to give you a long sweater and a bottom, match again a pair of boots.

2. The sweater and skirt

Tie-in fluffy broadly skirt, a brief paragraph sweater or directly to sweater plug into the skirt, so this dress make you radiate a sense of youth… show tall and thin

Type A girl in choosing A broad skirt to select the mini skirt is not recommended, O had stomach sister try to dress up.

This outfit is really quite simple, find a suitable for your dress, the location of the appropriate adjustment of dress.

Tall waist line is a must, not necessarily can also casual wear your sweater, with brief paragraph broadly skirt, have little stomach type 0 girl might as well try.

3. The sweater and package hip skirt

Office worker do you still want to spell able and have feminine taste, pencil skirt is your choice.

4. The sweater and skirt

Brief paragraph sweater with high dress

5. Sweater and a pipe for the pants

Smoke tube pants this kind of pants pants, also can choose a little loose sweaters.Although it is difficult to hold the style.

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During the rounds and wear out of so many modelling, Gigi fashion through here

2017 New York fashion week

Wearing her boyfriend Zayn Malik T shirt body now the autumn/winter 2017 New York fashion week

Handsome furs and black trousers.

Oversize inside take and wine red pilot suit handsome to explode, don’t forget that the same color of riding boots

Autumn/winter 2017 New York fashion week, red wide-legged trousers and white coat this woman fan.Turtleneck echo ankle and black high heels, instantly turns into a bully female President.

Walk the Max Mara show themselves the most comfortable one, will be big this year heat a loophole in the jeans you bought?This pair of trousers’ favorites but high!

Gigi and her boyfriend body now the Versace, two people hand in hand forever sweet out to let a person envy ah

Gigi and sisters are all seduction of Alexander Wang, simplicity and easy is the joker in the same shoes.

Saint Laurent bags in black, really cool enough, even if is such also has a red sunglasses and bind the ornament of shoes

Tommy Hilfiger, own brand is natural to do full endorsement!A navy blue overalls youth live wave

Hand in hand with her boyfriend, all show a proud!Ha, ha, ha

A suit of Tommy Hilfiger!Institute of live wave is nifty and lovely girl ~ wind

Grow a coat of white gauze with high heels and a word is very cool and refreshing, light blue jeans is a revolt of pure beautiful form.

Stuart Weitzman long leg boots will never be outdated, smoke gray is the nods eyeball pen.

Tommy Hilfiger sandals and Miu Miu bag, the feeling of summer very much

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L see Paris show again “fairy attack,” the beautiful is a bit different

Paris fashion week, l was invited to attend the fairy elder sisterDior 2017The modelling of qiu dong series big xiu, this time she has a bright spot, is neither a bitter fleabane bitter fleabane dress, also is not neutral suit, but a fairy and handsome mix build,DiorElegant chiffon dress in a skinny jeans, and wearing short black leather jacket, the fairy a little cool this time!

The fairy, see a showlookSkirt of paper is very popular this year+Pants paperStack method, don’t think it is only suitable for shows concave shape, actually everyday can wear out the street, fashion the essence already play up.If you also want to wear something new, try to mix together.

Pants paper+The thin veil

The first recommendation is fairy see show a semipermeable veil+Jeans, very suitable for spring, thin gauze skirt is popular this year, single wear not too formal and sweet greasy, jeans and mix is a lot of daily, if there is no big long legs advice to avoid open leg pants, easy to appear bloated, pants that had better choose to cultivate one’s morality or straight, more agile, and beautiful and handsome~

Play in a bloggerLeandra MedineIs capable of that, the black veil with small jacket mixed white trousers and pointed single shoes, black and white combination contracted senior, with dust~

Soft profile sweater and veil, jeans mix build, along with the gender style with elegant feeling~

Pants paper+dress

Wear dress now single is still a little cold, if tired of wearing socks, render pants of the cultivate one’s morality article might as well change or straight jeans to mix build, appearing in the graceful and restrained, handsome, the street moment is different~

Metal material for the whole bodylookFashionable feeling, can choose to compare cultivate one’s morality hang down long dress style, appear more slender body~

Pants paper+Shirt skirt

To say everyday is the most easy and pants paper groupcpIs shirt skirt, joker shirt skirt can along with the gender and pure and fresh, can also be fashionable handsome, can also create administrative levels sense, easily manage all kinds of style~

Pants paper+Short skirt

If think long skirt is not easy to control, but the knee skirt also is right choice, more efficient reduction of age,LeandraIn profile sweater fold between straight 8 minutes of pants and wear the short skirt of a pure and fresh, has a lasting appeal~

Color can choose the same color or nearly color, make the body more slender more senior, little can also be easilyholdlive~

Pants paper+Open fork skirt

Open fork skirt is just for the mix combination, the design of tall waist split inside take pants will show out, line can extend from waist to ankle, show thin leg length, stylish atmosphere~ Color can come to some simple color, such as white denim blue, black and orange, and so on~

If like contracted style, the same as color is the best choice, outside the gray pants with split series, handsome have a type, walking with the wind than you have, and it is advanced~

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