Don’t wear a coat?Spring is the most popular dress like that!


Look at the collocation of star type people, we can draw lessons from to come over!


Chung, (Alexa Chung) wear jeans suit


Rosie han Paddington – Whitman li (Rosie Huntington – Whiteley) wear jeans suit


Rika magazine fashion director Alexandra Carl spring/summer 2017 Paris fashion week shows the street snap


Designer Annie


Pandora Sykes says private servers


Sarah Mikaela private photos


Laura Stoloff spring/summer 2017 Paris fashion week shows the street snap


Liu tao




Song jia


Suit is everyone can try mixing with jeans, no tall figure, there is no age limit, so today the most popular is that it nothing is impossible!The different style different color suit should be how to match?

Black the joker

The joker is undoubtedly black jackets, after all the classic neutral black collocation has been always able to achieve most.


Black can modify body not only, still hidden meat, can match the white shirt, also a little bright color sheet is tasted.


Bag is also a very good match tool!Can have the effect of dot eyeball!


Directly with a T-shirt, is also very stylish look!


Victoria song, in a black suit, fleece, black cowboy feet pants and white sneakers!Suction eye and youth invincible!


Plaid the restoring ancient ways

Like the style restoring ancient ways of girl, then try plaid jackets, and fashionable with restoring ancient ways, very type products, loved by modern talent.

Plaid suit coat color there are many kinds of style, the classic rich textures and coffee color is gray these two kinds of color, can make a more elegant and retro feel.






Simple but elegant gray low-key

Gray suit is low-key low-key style of girl’s favourite, whether it is a dark gray or light gray, have qualitative feeling, is very simple but elegant, can let you mix look look fashionable and advanced.


If you are afraid of grey too inflexible boring, you can at the neck with printed scarves into a choker, nifty and reduction of age and chic enough.


Introduces several usual everybody most often wear suit jacket, what should match that style of jeans?

Suit jacket + edge grinding of jeans

This year popular edge grinding jeans suits, fashion leisure ~



Flared jeans suit jacket + 9 points

After the agitation in wide-legged pants, flares and fire don’t don’t of, a cowboy nine points flared trousers collocation suits, stylish effortless ~



Suit jacket + jeans rolled up his trousers

Rolled up his trousers, can let whole show more agile, and modification of leg ministry line ~


The suit jacket + skinny jeans

A more simple, cultivate one’s morality cowboy joker, and what time will not go out of style!



Suits with jeans, trendy and spirit, get rid of the old suit, add vigor, is really able to bear or endure look.

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Spring is the most popular print dress, beautiful score minutes let a person heart!

In this paper, by the dress collocation (fushidp)The original product

  The bloomy spring season, no doubt is the beautiful fairy dress again and gorgeous printing element is the most appropriate.And the major in spring/summer 2017 show, it’s not hard to findBrand launched by designers to the skirt this season, all the tacit understanding chose printing element, a beautiful love at first sight





  Romance can print dress itself very lining out ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings of lasting appeal of the woman, and is now a promotion for this season’s most popular skirt, got the favour of fashionable women of all stripes nature.In these textures, different style of print dress blessing, the goddess of beauty out of the new height.






  So speak true,The spring of 2017 is not a print dress is incomplete!Today a sister for everyoneSummed up the season of print dress to wear the most beautiful and the most practical guidelines, there is always a let you move

2017 print dress four popular trend,

Beautiful let a person can’t resist!

  Want to start a beautiful charming print dress, the most important thing is to choose to print dress pattern texture.As can be seen from the spring/summer 2017 shows, print dress this season’s most popular mainly has the following four hot styles.

  Pure and fresh and printing is the most attractive

  Popular fairy this spring wind, there is no doubt that this kind of pure and fresh and simple but elegant, dust is very light color fastens printing has become the mainstream.This kind of light color, printing design is very simple but elegant feminine temperament, on the vision can give a person a kind of cheerful comfortable enjoy, and relatively not pick people good harness, so is by far the most recommended by elder sister a, worth all of a piece.


  Pure and fresh and romantic small broken flower skirt, wear a girl full of heart.



  Light blue, purple printing and strewn at random, is really beautiful.


  If you don’t like too dense printing design, can choose the design space is relatively large.


  This season also prevails on collocation of lotus leaf edge horn sleeve details, adding to the dust.


  Light blue or light pink as the impression of print dress, also are very pure and fresh and beautiful.



  Warm printed the most amorous feelings

  This brilliant printing is the most warm, in this blessing of print dress, can the liner out your touching mingyan, help you easily into a street view.


  This style of printing and dress the most suitable, can exhibit charming posture, and restoring ancient ways is romantic tone.




  Strong colour, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood big printing, enough to make you shine in the spring.



  Darker printed the most simple but elegant

  Usual style quiet inside collect, want to try again popular printing of girl, elder sister I suggest you choose this dark printing, the most is able to bear or endure look atmosphere.And the texture printing is also the trend of paragraph one of this season, frequently appear on show in the spring.


  With simple but elegant printing ornament brunet department of skirt, blank can be worn with brunet dress, fashion beautiful index all upgrades, both within single wear or build, the effect is very good.




  Printed gauze with embroidery most ideal

  This season the fairy, sexy perspective thin veil is also very hot, and this veil and colorful exquisite embroidery printing is a match made in heaven – looming gauze filled with stereo only beautiful flowers, is a capital of beautiful good-looking.


  This spring the flower embroidery veil over already became the star of love.



  This dress can best reflect the details of heavy industry is exquisite, beautiful let people heartache.


  Daily collocation, this kind of flower embroidery veil is concave shape tool.



  Style is also changed, can present a sexy handsome or elegant charm charm, help you stand out in the crowd easily.




Three kinds of classical style print dress,

There is always a suitable for you!

  Short dresses more youth age

  Printed short dress is elder sister very recommended style, don’t pick people good harness, beautiful fashionable and full of youthful vitality, simple chic to detonation mix build a pair of white shoes.


  Brief paragraph printed dresses by sister or more recommended choose this fresh design style, will look more light sweet.





  The goddess of long dress more fan

  Long print dress is the most beautiful goddess highlighted van, including the comparison of the design of cultivate one’s morality is the most suitable for dating or wear on formal occasions, stunning all must belong to it.


  With the tail design printed skirt hem, double eye absorption index more.



  The relatively loose printed dresses is your holiday of choice, and printed with wide skirt, walking casually swaying skirt can be beautiful as a picture.


  Print dress is definitely the most photogenic modern sheet is tasted, want to clap a beautiful travel without it.



  Printed skirt is most suitable for daily

  Printed skirt than Yu Lianshen skirt style is more suitable for daily, and more able to create modern administrative levels.And printed skirt also far more than you’ll ever know good collocation, can with you almost all the coat group of cp.





To learn the following skills collocation,

Senior print dress can also be very beautiful!

  Many girls actually has always been very interested in print dress, but also worry about print dress than basic sheet is tasted like joker fact wear for everyday.In fact as long as you master the following skills collocation, print dress can wear out the street type fan, not only can build a more advanced.To be clear, printed skirt suction eye itself is very assertive, so at the time of collocation should be concise, to the other, highlighting printing element.

  Color collocation

  Other item with print dress collocation, general item selection based color won’t appear too heavy and complicated is mixed and disorderly shape.And the kind of basic color can often have the effect of improving texture.


  Want to make the model more holistic, might as well challenge more have tasted collocation fastens with color, tie-in effect will be better.




  Item on collocation

  Print dress collocation in basic commonly can, and simplified regularly to highlight model the administrative levels.Like printed skirts with minimalist shirts, fleece is enough.



  And print dress as inside take time, it is recommended that the material of stiff coat collocation, more able to neutralize printing element breed of sweet greasy feeling, let your modelling may show many charm.


  Like leather and print dress is a perfect fit, handsome and do not lose feminine taste.



  Printed dresses or jackets good partners, can weaken the jackets workplace fan, not the same as modern sparkles collision.




  Restoring ancient ways collocation jean jacket is more hippie, willfulness and full of youthful vitality.





  Shoes in addition to a woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood collocation of heels or bind single shoes, spring everyday wear take elder sister actually recommend you mix neutral wind bare sports shoes, boots, can appear more along with the gender has a fan.






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Fashion street snap formative necessary sheet is tasted!2017 chun xia’s sunglasses trends

Do you know what role does the sunglasses in fashion week?1: in the face of the hordes of photographers and people can protect themselves, even if one didn’t sleep all night, you can also look super powerful!With handbags, shoes, striking the iPhone as following, we are always looking at these parts, as long as they have a unique, always let us stop don’t laid hands on him.Bloggers always with the change of the collocation of style and replace the sunglasses.This season, there are some definite trend: from the cat’s eye shape restoring ancient ways to mirror in space science and technology, is worth a try!

The cat’s eye shape


The cat’s eye shape to take us back to four, the fifties of the last century.Yes, absolutely is not an error to the present style restoring ancient ways.

The shield shape


Oh, right, in the early 00 s style to come back again, the evidence is that you can always see it during fashion week!

The colored lenses


If not all sunglasses lenses are black, and also are not mysterious.The colored lenses allow you to see the different colors of the world, I mean just the color!

White frame


White frame with black lens to form bright contrast, no matter what style you are wearing today, it will add move feeling for you!Preference for elliptical eyes you more not to be missed in the 90 s.

The space of glasses


Rihanna feeling to be a partner with Dior’s space sun glasses is the beginning of the trend.

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Still buy a black coat?To make the bright color and bold design

Black is beautiful color, but it is always a black how many let a person feel heavy, we need more stimulus.Black coat, coat, you must have, even there are many parts, but this winter on the style of jacket, you can try to more bright color and bold design.

1. Start with the color of camel’s hair

If can’t accept too exaggerated color, from color more relaxed and experiment with the color of camel’s hair, styles, in addition to the classic trench coat, rich sense of design in detail place, or a fur coat, light color of camel’s hair, compared to many black light and bright eye.

2. The classic case grain

Everyone always feel to plain coloured jackets style will be a good match, but actually plaid is also a good choice, not only a classic in style, actually on the collocation also is not very complicated, there is a kind of retro charm more.

3. Love is a bit neurotic coloring

Premium you can choose a mustard yellow, pink, the color of this kind of neurotic, eye-catching color to make the cold winter more energetic.

4. Bold flower design

Previous seasons of printing, embroidery, extended into winter, become the wonderful design on the coat, high-profile, bold design, let wear a moment full of individual character, don’t need other heavy and complicated is tie-in, a coat has shock full vigour.

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Bought this a few pieces of dry goods | sheet is tasted, through 50 years won’t be out of date!

 When I was small, especially like to watch old movies, the inside of the black and white image quality let me drunk, the garments and more fascinates me, probably because it is so old that the more distant things to it more as a curiosity.

  So, for the clothing of style restoring ancient ways, I really no resistance to it, it through the old firm, design is simple and joker, the old feeling of that age.


  Knitting coat


  Don’t look down upon this kind of knitting coat of cultivate one’s morality, its design style is simple, but to the figure of the wearer’s request is higher.


  The first point is to thin, you can have no chest, but must be thin, wear cultivate one’s morality version to prominent figure.


  The cultivate one’s morality version is the loose version of it to fit without the former so picky, and loose version to make it more casual, like a hip-hop style of girl also can choose appropriate.


  A very classic and gorgeous color, red vintage dress always let a person back to the 6-70 – s.


  Turtleneck, is I was in junior high school of time through the most styles, it really warm.

  But in life, it is classified as “soil” gas category, more and more people choose more fashionable word or a big neckline, but I’m more like this is considered a “conservative” turtleneck.


(High collar shirt + men and women)

But the ground was tests of oh

Ordinary people wear well just like show the long well (▔ ▔) ㄏ


  (High collar + coat)


(High collar + skirts)


(Sandra deductive style restoring ancient ways)


  (High collar + shirt)


  (High collar + dust coat)Much a handsome, “she explains


  (High collar + leisure trench coat)


  Tall waist trousers

  Jeans can say no is never out of season, listen to my mother said, when a young father also through the flared jeans, the original young’s father was once a city boy.

  Vintage jeans, roughly divided into: high waist, horn, loose, etc.


  Our common belong to high waist jeans, this kind of design of tall waist is the Gospel of short stature girl!


  It not only boosted the waist line also show long legs!


  (Tall waist + shirt)


  (Knitting + high waist)


  (Vest + high waist + belt)


  Terms of Endearment (1983)


(Tall waist + t-shirts)

Full of sense in the 70 s


(Tall waist + shirt)


(red strap + high waist)

Out of feeling restoring ancient ways


  High waist shorts s full feeling, for sister likes to show beautiful leg couldn’t be better.


(T-shirts + high waist)

The United States very amorous feelings


  Agitation restoring ancient ways to attack, stepping foot trousers became popular.

  This isn’t a mother as a child to we wear that trample feet pants oh ~

� � � � � �

  But how da ~ isn’t it look cool ~ feel legs were several centimeters long!

  It is a fire!



  My understanding of the skirts is “literary and artistic young women,” once I particularly like one of the authors are very passionate about skirts, or dark or bright colors.


  May be precisely because it restores ancient ways, so “artistic”.


  Skirts with a shirt or is it standard collocation with short sleeves, not too big error and can highlight female glamour.


  Pleated design, let a skirt bigger, more fleeciness feeling.


  Umbrella bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt, more lovely.


  Silk fabric drape is more and more smooth.


How Green Was My Valley (1941)


  So go retro, gucci16 pleated skirt restoring ancient ways is applied in this side of the design.


  Grid design, restore ancient ways do old feeling full marks, compared with pleated cotton and linen skirt, it is more formal.


  Each big fashion bloggers ten copies of also favour a bust plaid skirt.


  Gucci style restoring ancient ways of using the grid design in the large.


  Grid suit

  Remove plaid skirts, grid design suit for my first thought is chanel classic plaid suit.


  Galeries lafayette for chanel grid design, the fashion evolved into restoring ancient ways.


  Set up and down the grid is designed, make it rich times feeling restoring ancient ways.


  Chanel show


  Altuzarra show


  Tartan dress + sweater season tie-in coat or dust coat again good however.


  Easy design suits, not cultivate one’s morality, delicate but has no intention of releasing a leisurely.


  Princess Diana, the partial suit style grid coat much a masculine flavor.


  Tang manor in the elder sister of a suit jacket, let her less gentle, but much more rigid.


  Grid suit + jeans, wear a mixed feeling, is not the same with other people.


  Grid coat with belt, tide female fan now!


  Grid suit + windbreaker, men feels dye-in-the-wood, like girls with a more androgynous style can not miss!



  Stripe is one of the element restoring ancient ways, concise and easy it.


  Style is numerous, the girl in the closet there is always one or two pieces.


  Diagonal stripes


  Horizontal stripes + denim vest


  Cotton and linen vertical stripes, the color of the light, so elegant.


  Fashion style of vertical stripes, outgoing international fan.


  Act the role ofing is tasted

  Besides clothing, a few small adorn article also allows you to instantly restore ancient ways.


  Striped hair band


  Knitting hair band


  Yellow hair hoop, energetic


  Wave may lessen the hoop


  Wave point scarf


  Taylor in the MV “the Wildest Dream” retro look with the scarf.


  The movie carol


  Wrapped her silk scarves to hair is also a good choice, silk scarves of hazy more temptation.


  Make a knot with squares, farm style came out.


  Oblong silk scarves, wrapped in a different region amorous feelings.


  The ornament of a string of pearls, elegant temperament.


  When you don’t know what on formal occasions collocation ornaments, pearl is your first choice.


  The English Patient (1996)


  The Apartment (1960)

  Pearl will not go wrong in any occasion, it is intellectual and elegant.

  Class clothes and restoring ancient ways, must be more than what I have written these, but want to wear out the temperament of restoring ancient ways is not an easy thing, like restoring ancient ways and can’t be too exaggerated, you might as well try something item to match, with restoring ancient ways in the modern breath, you can also wear the literature.

  Such as our sister ~ Taylor


  In recent years more and more popular agitation restoring ancient ways, so fashion is probably the thing!

  Is the gyrations, decades ago thought obsolete old things, perhaps which day is popular again again!

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Nine minutes of pants + sneakers: comfortable and fashionable mix build, is good!

Both comfortable and fashionable, easy to wear out alive

Nine minutes of pants + sneakersA combination of, must on the list

Show the most slender ankles, spring to meimei

See below, all of these nine minutes of pants is advantage

Fit into the comfortable and fashion

This spring a travel with all the fashionable women

Also is very suitable for our daily match reference for reference

Learn to nine minutes of pants + sneaker collocation,

Modern stylish effortless!


Nine points wide-legged pants and sneakers

Hide all the nine points above the meat thin, show wide-legged pants

Not only can easily manage all people

Simple with a pair of sports shoes is enough give prize has a van


The joker was black nine points wide-legged pants

How fashionable collocation are capitalized a product

Retro hippies and solid wear cowboy wide-legged pants

Has become a fashion the essence of love

Nine points of the light color fastens wide-legged pants

Pure and fresh and generous, fashionable beautiful just well


Nine points black feet pants and sneakers

Nine points black feet pants is the four seasons will be hoarding

A timeless classic item

Handsome and fashionable enough freedom joker

Can be with you all the sports coat group of cp

Contracted and the atmosphere of the nine points black feet pants

With embroidery baseball uniform

Also can wear a senior

If you worry about the general black pants too ordinary

Choose to have details on the pants outfit of feeling, like to take off the line, hole, etc

Can produce along with the gender of modern type fan

If your leg is fine enough straight enough

Choose to have burnish feels leather black pants

Absolutely is the best choice of the type you van street


Nine points pants + sneakers

Nine points pants and sneakers mix the trend

Unexpectedly handsome have a type,There is more than a little chic

Because the style of pants is capable

So we suggest more simple crisp coat

Mix build, with further highlights the modelling of the handsome

The recommendation is

Mixed combination of suit and white sneakers

Weaken the suit of conventional rigid, old impression

Added a few minutes of leisure and vitality


Nine points slightly flared trousers + sneakers

Retro romantic nine points slightly flared trousers

You can modify we are straight legs

Shorten the height and is more suitable for daily collocation

And sneakers to mix with it

You can wear out along with the gender and romantic tone restoring ancient ways

With the suit jacket with this group of mixing methods group of cp

Also does not have a flavor amorous feelings


Nine points of tall waist straight jeans + sneakers

The unique unruly style restoring ancient ways,Put more comfortable to wear

Also a significant modification effect to legs

Choose nine points of the height with a pair of sports shoes

Absolute modern rock

Nine points of the restoring ancient ways of tall waist jeans and sneakers group of cp

Can also play the multivariant style

With the suit jacket mashup unexpectedly is no acosmia feeling

Make a neutral contracted the temperament of the wind

Nine minutes of pants + sneaker collocation skill,

Get up, to the United States up!


Panasonic on tight thin invincible

On the collocation of panasonic is definitely the most tightly show thin, for upper body relatively full, choose relatively loose blouse, can live is clever cloak your arm bye and lumbar abdomen redundant proud flesh meat.Whereas choose tight trousers, and upper body form bright contrast, thereby visually make your legs appear more slender.

Slender legs do not belong to the category of girl actually can also try this group of collocation.Because of tight nine minutes of pants type can make your legs look more compact, and the relatively loose coat collocation, can weaken the bloated feeling, show thin effect is also outstanding.


Want to show high, create good ratio is the key

Direct approach is the use of brief paragraph coat collocation of tall waist nine minutes of pants, so as to create from the waist down all legs of the visual sense, leg proportion, nature would look even more slender.

Jacket is not a brief paragraph or it doesn’t matter, remember your hem into your leg.

If your dress is oversized, so only need to tuck in the front hem casually, such already stretched the proportion, and will not affect the languid is lazy along with the gender temperament unique to the profile.


In the preferred brief paragraph coat, with long come to light

Early-spring little also not to wind cold, with his coat if you itself is high enough, suggest or preferred more agile show high brief paragraph coat collocation with nine minutes of pants and sneakers.

Long coat trim out the bottom shoes is also possible, but is tie-in key must be open to wear a long coat, put inside tall waist line.

Take a direct choice or have the same color, more able to play the role of pull type length on the vision.

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Small suit really have so difficult?You just don’t understand that!

Magazines and fashion website, small business suit was always try very hard to recommend, says they are a wardrobe essential basis, is a classic joker how necessary during the spring and autumn coat;The graduation season every year of girl, also all HuiXing hurried to pick small suit, as its first business attire.

Imagination is always so beautiful, but practice is the best teacher.

The truth is that most of the girls put on small suit, see oneself in the mirror, will be hit: “good mature! Instant aged 10 years!””Or” the good earth! Seems to work!”

So, how do you wear small suit, just good workplace rocks, rather than a rigid boring business attire?How to wear, don’t look old?

In fact, the small suit itself is not wrong, they are really classic ten thousand, just, and different item together, style will be different.Today, I will from the perspective of item selection, to share with you, don’t old small suit what to wear.

【 overlapped overlap shirts VS T-shirt 】

Many graduates cover girl, the first small suit, will take the shirt, the first thought because “suit + shirt”, it seems to be a professional outfit standard.

But I tell you today: a suit in a shirt, will show mature, will age.If you don’t want to look older than you, suggest you don’t take the shirt, and should take the T-shirt.

You can contrast, the suit + shirt above combination, and the following suit + shirt, which more younger?

Believe the answer is obvious to all, T-shirt than shirt, to reduce age a lot.

Here is not to say that, of course, the combination of suit + shirt, absolutely exhausted.Of course you can wear a suit + shirt, wear well is also a fan is very stylish, but, if no minus age, suggest you still choose a T-shirt.

If you choose to take the printed t-shirts and stripe T-shirt, so the effect of age will be better.

Pay attention to the cartoon design, of course, not the kind of very childish.

【 match VS conventional pants wide-legged pants.

When you wear a suit, what will match the pants?

The last few years, foot trousers and pipe trunks is the mainstream, but later wide-legged pants flares pop up, these two pants, is fan is more and more fashionable.

Look at the following two groups of street snap, you can feel yourself, suit + conventional pants have a van, or suit + wide-legged pants have a fan?

Here, still need to be emphasized: is not to say that the small suit + conventional can not wear pants and only have van if you want to be fashionable, wide-legged pants or flared trousers would be a better choice.

【 match long vs. short skirts in 】

Remember I said many times “long skirt style attribute”?

Short skirt show young, lively and sweet feeling, but also easy to appear are not serious enough;MIDI elegance sedate, mature temperament.

This apply to suit with the same.

Skirts and dresses, either type A skirt or A pencil skirt, short skirt is than the dress looks “tsunami”.You can compare the photos above and below the street snap, feeling is two completely different style.

Finally said, most key of shoes!

Personally, I uphold the idea is: in the case of relatively simple clothing, shoes is the key determinants of integral collocation style!

So, the following groups of street snap, you can feel the subtle changes in the style under the well.

【 tie-in high documentary shoes VS flat documentary 】

The following two groups of street snap, the first group are high documentary shoes, including shallow mouth high-heeled shoes, with high heels, sandals, etc.While the second group are all flat documentary shoes, ballet shoes, Mary Jane, bind, and doug shoes, etc.

You can have a good feeling style difference between the two groups.

Ever feel that the above group high-heeled shoes, the aura than flats under the group, a lot of?At the same time, than the flat shoes group below, more mature.

Yes, high-heeled shoes could show maturity than flat shoes, shoes have the effect of the reduction of age.

So, when you wear a suit, want aura, want it done wants to set up sex, suggest you wearing tie-in high-heeled shoes;And if you want to give a person sense of affinity, want to reduce age, tie-in flats.The operatives in the office, for example, want to look approachable, many wearing flat shoes;The newbies want aura, and high heels.

The collocation of ankle boot VS loafers or Oxford shoes 】

Ankle boot is like the wind in Europe and America, of must-have shoes, no matter what kind of dress collocation, in Europe and the United States taking snapshots can have ankle boot, a suit is no exception。

But, this time to take the ankle boot and fu shoes, Oxford shoes do contrast.

Is still two sets of street snap, we feel, the ankle boot and fu shoes, Oxford, which is more reduction of age?

Ankle boot is above, below is the loafers oxfords, although everyone wore a small suit + conventional trousers, but completely two kinds of style.

Ankle boot in Europe and the flavor is very rich, it is common in Europe and the United States taking snapshots of the rocks, and loafers and Oxford shoe group, is full of wind or the cavity of England.

Have this feeling?

Mature and want of Europe and the United States, or relative reduction of age British literary fan, riders in daily wear, it’s their choice.

“Match running shoes”

In addition, the suit is tie-in sneakers.

It sounds like a bit odd, suit is obviously feel very formal, suitable for the work sheet is tasted, and sneakers put together?

And, in fact this combination, in some European and American film and television play is very common, especially in some campus drama play, because of their country’s school uniform is suit more uniform, and lively teenagers, although the above wearing suits, but is still a canvas shoes, sports shoes on his feet.

Perhaps is the impression that the culture, suit + running shoes, became a classic set combination, and reduction of age show young very much!There is a “yuppie” feeling.

【 collocation hot pants.

Suit can also take hot pants, very suitable for young women.

This combination is very suitable for summer, day and night temperature difference is big, dressing gown matchs bunt during the day, the evening outside a small suit directly, also is a good match, can also show long legs.

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