You may not have thought

Whether high or short, the proportion is very important. And wear on the clothes can make the perfect body also has a good proportion.

Very high secret, has written a lot, was a high single product, from high waist shorts, pencil pants, mini skirts, etc., we have been overripe. Today only push dry goods, that you may not think of those who are high single product, take a look at it:

1, Midi dress

Choose tips: fit, high waist, hem not too wide

I used to write, refers to the length to the knee below the ankle above the skirt, intellectual elegance. 

Many Hobbit people are not easy to try this length of knee skirt, worry about bad control.In fact, as long as the dress on the long skirt can also be very high. The secret is: high waist, hem not too Peng

Many will wear a small man love to wear. 

Fit and how high waist, compare to know, the same are fans flute skirt, waistline a low, wide skirt, the whole person’s altitude is also a lot lower. 

Upper body cut fit is the key, it is best to face a little more skin area, will visually make the ratio better. Skirt certainly do not have to pursue the same personal, but the skirt is best not too much, especially the kind of hem umbrella type, will pull the whole person’s center of gravity. 

Nicole Warne both pass, but I think the right side of her look more slender. 

Hem is Baoshen or small A-shaped high waist fan flute skirt, have a high effect, with high heels look even higher. Duma these two, and others do not take pictures, it should not see the height of only 153cm, right? 

Midi skirt is the same reason, choose high waist, hem small opening small A word skirt, there will be significant effect. With the same, 2D world Jenny Walton looks like the ratio will not be worse than the supermodel AA ha ha. 

There are some fans flute skirt, although it is A word skirt, but because the material is soft, buttocks design more round, hem and open relatively large, even the big high, wear it will be fat and short. Maria Duenas Jacobs on the right is not tall, but the two visual effects are similar. 

2, Siamese pants

Keywords: fit, dew skin

Concerned about my long readers all know, Siamese trousers is one of the most common items I wear, whether it is an interview, see show or participate in activities, often a piece of pants to get. In addition to lazy, there is a very important reason, it is the Hobbit to create a good proportion of artifacts. 

Also take a small example of Duma, is it very convincing? 

Note that I said that the high waist line, Slim section of the piece of pants, rather than the left of this very popular last year, the waist is low, wide and large tooling piece pants, this only supermodel to control it. Compare. 

In fact, the wrong is not the overalls, but rather cut. The same is the tooling Siam pants, choose a little higher waist, style more self-cultivation, then, or very high. But sleeveless models Siamese pants, more refreshing and capable, suitable for summer. 

Hanging section and wiping models of Siamese pants is also worth starting, more sexy and charming, suitable for clavicular beautiful sister. The line of sight to the clavicle and shoulder and neck, was significantly better. 

Pants can take their own needs, but the trousers can lengthen the leg lines, the longer the more long legs. 

I like the most wide leg design Siamese pants, the most able to hide meat, which take double high heels, the whole person was tall and slender, full gas field. 

3, wide leg pants

Keywords: high waist, pants long longer

Many people think that wide leg pants are only suitable for tall and thin people to wear.This is a misunderstanding. High and thin people, what is a single product is not suitable (white eyes)?

Wide leg pants is not enough high enough people to save the savior. As long as the election of the paragraph, it is absolutely no need to worry about the proportion of the problem. 

And other pants shorter and slightly higher, long section of the wide leg pants but better control, short section is accidentally fifty five body. 

Although the long section can be hidden in the high heels inside, but not too greedy, too long legs will appear to procrastinate. My own favorite just cover the length of the foot, with a pair of high heels, was high-quality first-class. A set of positive examples. 

There is also a key is, wide leg pants is not equal to a wide pants. In addition to the pants wide, the waist and hip position is whether it is to optimize the proportion or the proportion of the key to destroy. Although wide leg pants are more relaxed and more comfortable, but too wide wide leg pants to the whole people are submerged. Compare: ▼

These two years are very short short section of wide leg pants, summer wear more refreshing. But to remind that it is not significant, but will make the lower body looks short and wide. Habi must be with high heels to wear. 

With as much as possible to choose a lot of feet of the pointed shoes or sandals, so that the foot has become a part of the leg length. 

Height is not enough to wear wide leg pants, but also need to master some with a small trick.

Jacket a little shorter, self-cultivation is even more high. Or the body is loose, like the left, the proportion of body has become a five five points, or even six four points, refused. 

The shirt into the wear can also be more high, if the pants are wide, it is best to add a belt to strengthen the proportion. 

4, harness mini dress

Keywords: harness, waist, big collar, A word pendulum

Last time to LA travel, bought a few pieces of dress, the results go home to see, how are the same paragraph. Is the following dress, I bought one of the following is the same paragraph of the red, Reformation. 

In fact, I tried a variety of models of dress, and later bought three are this. Let me YY look: If you have to choose a single product, is the Hobbit people do not lose the effect of wearing supermodel, I am afraid that can only choose it, ha ha. It is really suitable for petite girl.

why? First of all it’s waist position in the chest line below, naturally create a chest below are the feeling of the legs. Waist is the focus. As long as the waist line is high enough to wear a long five centimeters long. Contrast, the left skirt shorter but no clear waist, it is not as obvious on the right was thin 

Followed by slightly tilted A-shaped skirt, skirt length, the overall elongated ratio. Plus dew face area, the visual look will be very refreshing. Habi even take a flat shoes to wear will not look very short. 

Tall molds have a lot of time to wear. In fact, all sleeveless high waist skirt is very high skill is great, although the mold is high, but the waist is a bit long, the ratio is not perfect, but put on this skirt, the ratio is perfect, big leg advantage is more obvious. 

Many people worry that the section will look very wide and very strong, in fact, those sleeveless but the shoulder line just stuck in the shoulder and arm at the junction of the style is the most likely to look thick shoulder arm. I was wearing a piece yesterday was Tristan Tucao, but my arm is really not very rough. But narrow a little harness, wide collar of the collar will be the line of sight to the neck, looks more fresh. Compare: ▼

Upper body more full of people, not necessarily selected very fine sling, you can choose this shoulder slightly wider a little bit. One by one collar opened a little bigger, more suitable for big chest sister. 

If your shoulder line looks good, you can also consider hanging neck models mini skirt, KK put on just like a female giant. 

Strapless or wiping models of high waist mini skirt is also very high, if coupled with high heels that is more perfect. 

5, short length of the bell pants

Keywords: high waist, thigh tightened, micro la

Before writing a bell-bottoms said, long long bell-shaped pants are picking people, not suitable for thighs rough people, but eight points, nine points short short bell pants control is much easier. It has both flannel pants always retro style, and no restrictions on the body, Habibi people also quite tall to wear.

Is still the example of the Hobbit’s dressing model – Emma Roberts. 

Long bell pants are high everyone knows. Short section of the bell pants are not high ability, and it has some modification of the calf, but also highlights the thin thighs and ankles, more refreshing and more suitable for summer. Compare. 

And the bell-bottoms are more feminine than the straight pants. Popular irregular burr details of the more with some natural ~ ▼

And wide leg pants, like a short length of the bell pants want to wear clothing to optimize the proportion of the effect, the same to pick the buttocks fit. Another point is: thigh position to tight but not loose. Thighs loose loose short horn pants, comfortable is comfortable, but wear it is completely the disaster of the Hobbit. 

In addition, pay attention to “speakers” do not need too much, otherwise it is very cumbersome. The left is an example. 

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Long legs and the most fashionable fashionable wear

Finally come up to do not wear a coat of the season, the girls can also be completely please bloated stacking friends, but the line is clearly not ready to take a short T hot pants to show their own body, can be sister not afraid, with “shirt + high Waist jeans “to possession of meat, not only the legs are long and is the most texture with fashion ah

 Shirt to wear well, really very sensible and advanced, clothing is simply not a grade.

Shirt is not a professional woman’s logo, with casual and comfortable jeans is also a perfect match. Do not pick jeans style, whether it is tight jeans or wide leg pants can be perfect match.

And this time to say the focus is that the choice of high waist jeans to enjoy the waist line, elongated the overall proportion of the body.

The best way to wear jeans into the waist is to tuck in the pants, the appropriate belt, fashionable and modified waist.

For what shoes, pointed heels really sad, anyway, is the sister of the good heart, the same elongation of the overall line of the advantages.

With a pair of boots is also a good choice, you can try.

White shirt + high waist jeans

For what shoes, pointed high heels really sad, the same elongation of the overall line of the advantages.

For those who do not want to look mature girl, this lotus leaf white shirt will be your favorite, playful and ghost horse.

For the full personality of the girl, the same for your white shirt! Oversize version of the large white shirt can show your character, especially long sleeves are the focus of this year’s popular.

Blue shirt + high waist jeans

Fresh light blue is too suitable for summer, not only to bring a sense of freshness and really is the age of magic. With the same color of the jeans, structured, simple and comfortable. The basic style can match the jewelry accessories and color bag is bright enough friends.

Seemingly simple shape is completely not simple, sunglasses, scarves, high heels, a bag can not be less.

Black shirt + high waist jeans

Black shirt looks hot, but cool handsome. For the upper body of the more fat girl, the black shirt is more slim, coupled with high waist pants pulling the waist, the whole person look spirit, neat.

Flower / pattern shirt + high waist jeans

There are patterns of decorative shirt more personality and vitality, for blue and white striped shirt, this year is particularly sought after vertical stripes more fashionable trend, the basic models are simple but classic, novel and special design, enough to make people shines.

Printed shirt even more with the breath of summer friends, Xian Qi fluttering enough ladies Fan children full, and not only suitable for weekdays in the dating dress, but also a good choice for travel, in addition to with high waist jeans, fairy dress is also a Nice choice.

Retro wave pattern coupled with a large red lips, the whole person will exudes a charming glory and temperament, classic and elegant.

Having finished this set of practical and fashionable mix, with you talk about wearing a shirt and jeans little trick, so that their clothes more style it.

For a shirt

Bright color on the service of aunt red, not only the texture, it is popular color is good, the atmosphere is full, after all, a good choice.

Do not want to be so formal, revealing a little shoulder is enough, do not seem explicit also fashionable.

If you are bold enough, then with a sense of perspective shirt can try Oh, almost fatal temptation.

Do not underestimate a little bit of design details of the power, bow and tie, court sleeves make you full of vitality.

For jeans

Jeans style is more and more, slightly personality and low-key quality of the jeans it, for everyone to prepare these models. First, straight trousers side jeans, Guards long legs immediately have.

With a pattern of jeans more playful personality, is a farewell boring magic weapon.

Cave is the focus of these years, a little bit of holes with a trace of uninhibited personality, youth by age.

With junk crush jeans this year, hot, so looming ankle sexy and charming.

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