Shirt new trend so much

Spring and summer is the least shirt. Moved to the new home, I was finishing when the clothes only to find their own shirt is how much preference, and now the summer has not arrived, I can not wait to start a new shirt, and really buy more shirts are not too many ~

With the complex wind popular, this year’s popular shirt is all kinds of printing, folds, strapless, bubble sleeves, lotus leaf … … dazzling.

Beautiful and interesting shirt so much, how do we choose it? I have a very mature little advice, that is, starting from the easy control of the beginning, there are some shirts just more than ordinary models of small details, the overall style becomes very different, but it is not effortless to wear.

Yes, I’m talking about these three shirts:

Retro girl heart: lotus leaf shirt

In the “complex wind” under the influence of the major brands have launched with a lotus leaf decoration fashion a single product, such as lotus leaf shirt.

When the neutral temperament of the shirt encountered romantic stacked lotus leaf, immediately become refined seductive, showing the gentle and elegant retro beauty. 

Moreover, this year’s popular style of the lotus leaf shirt is also varied, it is flexible in the shirt of the various locations, showing the style and taste is not the same. 

In the collar using lotus leaf and small high-collar design, will bring a little palace wind, romantic and Smart. 

But the high collar of the lotus leaf shirt is very easy to show a large neck short, looks a bit bloated, more suitable for paper people. 

The same is very suitable for paper and there are such a chest with lotus leaf decoration, stacked folds can be short and long, easy to create bumps caused by visual effects. 

Big chest girl first turn away, you can choose the lotus leaf on the sleeve, so that concerns fall on your romantic sleeves. 

This shoulder with a lotus leaf design is also very fire, it is suitable for the arm rough people, modified arm effect first-class, where the meat where the cover, but not suitable for shoulder shoulder thick star. 

Last year’s popular strapless shirt, this year will not be outdated. This kind of dew will be more special. Even with the basic jeans, but also full of personality. 

Digging shoulder shirt is also very popular for the past two years, revealing a little shoulder, but also quite sexy. 

In general, no matter what kind of style, it is recommended that you choose a little smaller leaves, less style. There is a little lotus leaf embellishment like, so that shape a little more romantic, while not too much force. 

In particular, it is not recommended that the Hobbit people wear very large, exaggerated lotus leaf, Lotus leaves too much is also very easy to dazzling. 

Lotus leaf side less, not only more refined, and can have more room in the color, pattern make a fuss. 

Check, hollow, lace, printing, like what to choose what. 

As for the lotus leaf shirt with, as long as the principle of relying on the simple and simple, choose some simple and neatly loaded like. Both eye-catching, and will not seem too messy. 

Classic fashion: blue and white striped shirt

Blue and white striped shirt is also very fire these two years, big high street are out. It is a pure color shirt classic look and feel, but also in the collision with the stripes under the higher degree of fashion, and looks very fresh. 

However, this year’s popular blue and white striped shirt is not unusual way, become more interesting. In the basic models on the basis of a lot of small details and small ideas, such as strapless, wrinkles, flare sleeves and other fashionable elements, completely dispel your “sick” service bias.

Trumpet sleeves, romantic and light. 

Shoulder and back lines look good can choose strapless and halter style, a second break boring, refreshing and sexy. 

Waist fold, knot, highlight the waist line. 

Lotus leaf elements of the blue and white striped shirt is also a lot, more girl feeling. 

I see Burberry autumn and winter show last year to see it a lot of home with a lotus leaf striped shirt, could not help but chop hand. 

Shoulder to point bow elements, so blue and white striped shirt away from the administrative style, more small playful. 

Although the design of blue and white shirt becomes more complex and changeable, some do take the ride may not be so appropriate, but not how to pick down. And jeans especially with. 

Can also match the elegant atmosphere of wide leg pants, smoking pants. 

Vivid sexy: comes with a narrow scarf / choker shirt

Narrow scarf is the last two years, one of the essential pieces of modeling, elegant and also allows you to look look more fashionable details. 

Intimate designers this year, simply separate the narrow scarves and shirts into one, do not have to start another narrow scarf, but also worry a lot. Olivia recently wore one. 

A law-abiding shirt, because the collar between the narrow scarf to join, become more vivid and more feminine. Shirt collar is generally large V collar, with looming small sexy, chest chest are friendly. 

With the time to put it as a basic paragraph wear like, whether it is daily commute or leisure out of the street can hold live. 

With striped wide leg pants, do the most fashionable office workers. 

Do take a look inside. 

Creating a shirt with a narrow scarf is also very simple. Just take out your bow tie with a shirt, unlock the shirt collar 2 to 3 buttons, ribbon is not tied or tied to the side, let it naturally hanging in the chest, is not very witty ~ ▼

In addition to the narrow scarf, the designers also introduced a shirt with their own choker, let us wear clothes directly when the choker, lazy gospel! 

All the role of choker, it has: to solve the neck to the top of the chest is too open to create a kind of dew is not revealing the small sexy, so that the original ordinary shirt feminine soaring. 

Olivia loves to wear this shirt, the most common wear black. 

With no restrictions, skirt pants can be, but the style is more biased with some feminine. Olivia likes to use it to take skirts. 

Take the pants are not violated. 

Of course, this Choker shirt on the neck of the requirements will be higher, the short neck of the best students choose choker tape fine. 

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Long legs and the most fashionable fashionable wear

Finally come up to do not wear a coat of the season, the girls can also be completely please bloated stacking friends, but the line is clearly not ready to take a short T hot pants to show their own body, can be sister not afraid, with “shirt + high Waist jeans “to possession of meat, not only the legs are long and is the most texture with fashion ah

 Shirt to wear well, really very sensible and advanced, clothing is simply not a grade.

Shirt is not a professional woman’s logo, with casual and comfortable jeans is also a perfect match. Do not pick jeans style, whether it is tight jeans or wide leg pants can be perfect match.

And this time to say the focus is that the choice of high waist jeans to enjoy the waist line, elongated the overall proportion of the body.

The best way to wear jeans into the waist is to tuck in the pants, the appropriate belt, fashionable and modified waist.

For what shoes, pointed heels really sad, anyway, is the sister of the good heart, the same elongation of the overall line of the advantages.

With a pair of boots is also a good choice, you can try.

White shirt + high waist jeans

For what shoes, pointed high heels really sad, the same elongation of the overall line of the advantages.

For those who do not want to look mature girl, this lotus leaf white shirt will be your favorite, playful and ghost horse.

For the full personality of the girl, the same for your white shirt! Oversize version of the large white shirt can show your character, especially long sleeves are the focus of this year’s popular.

Blue shirt + high waist jeans

Fresh light blue is too suitable for summer, not only to bring a sense of freshness and really is the age of magic. With the same color of the jeans, structured, simple and comfortable. The basic style can match the jewelry accessories and color bag is bright enough friends.

Seemingly simple shape is completely not simple, sunglasses, scarves, high heels, a bag can not be less.

Black shirt + high waist jeans

Black shirt looks hot, but cool handsome. For the upper body of the more fat girl, the black shirt is more slim, coupled with high waist pants pulling the waist, the whole person look spirit, neat.

Flower / pattern shirt + high waist jeans

There are patterns of decorative shirt more personality and vitality, for blue and white striped shirt, this year is particularly sought after vertical stripes more fashionable trend, the basic models are simple but classic, novel and special design, enough to make people shines.

Printed shirt even more with the breath of summer friends, Xian Qi fluttering enough ladies Fan children full, and not only suitable for weekdays in the dating dress, but also a good choice for travel, in addition to with high waist jeans, fairy dress is also a Nice choice.

Retro wave pattern coupled with a large red lips, the whole person will exudes a charming glory and temperament, classic and elegant.

Having finished this set of practical and fashionable mix, with you talk about wearing a shirt and jeans little trick, so that their clothes more style it.

For a shirt

Bright color on the service of aunt red, not only the texture, it is popular color is good, the atmosphere is full, after all, a good choice.

Do not want to be so formal, revealing a little shoulder is enough, do not seem explicit also fashionable.

If you are bold enough, then with a sense of perspective shirt can try Oh, almost fatal temptation.

Do not underestimate a little bit of design details of the power, bow and tie, court sleeves make you full of vitality.

For jeans

Jeans style is more and more, slightly personality and low-key quality of the jeans it, for everyone to prepare these models. First, straight trousers side jeans, Guards long legs immediately have.

With a pattern of jeans more playful personality, is a farewell boring magic weapon.

Cave is the focus of these years, a little bit of holes with a trace of uninhibited personality, youth by age.

With junk crush jeans this year, hot, so looming ankle sexy and charming.

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The shirt will wear, don’t be a woman!

The shirt is always the woman’s wardrobe essential classic items, classic design allows the shirt is full of sense, and all-match almost all items. This two-year shirt has become more and more mainstream fashion items. It is no longer the only all-match simple, stylish is redefined shirt overhangs the pronoun. You


Show the trend

   Victoria Beckham spring 2017 show trend You


Vetements spring 2017 show trend You


Tibi spring and summer 2017 show trend You


Michael Kors spring 2017 show trend You


Aquilano.Rimondi spring 2017 show trend You


   Monse spring 2017 show trend You


Irregular design shirt

A sense of formal shirt added some irregular designs with full tone and feeling. Let be an attitude of the sexy collarbone exposed, exposed back outstanding design The beautiful curve of the back, let you suck eye force out. Increase the profile of shoulder design, more retro art. You





Sleeve design

The big sleeve design exaggerated year is the classic of hot fashion circle, and this year’s big sleeve shirt will continue to occupy the influx of people’s behavior is the wardrobe, hanging open domineering aura. You



Lotus leaf ornament

Lotus leaf ornament shirt, with Xian Qi with literary temperament. Very suitable for sweet but not greasy retro fairy. Want to wear the heck, lotus is your choice of atmosphere. But if you want to highlight the exquisite skill with sexy, small leaf embellishment perfect. You









Stripe shirt

In addition to the above, as a new fashion Wanghong, blue stripe is absolutely indispensable in your wardrobe classic. Once compared simple white shirt and blue striped shirt more style full of sense of the atmosphere, the characteristics of all-match bestie, and not like a white shirt, accidentally become passers-by. Simplicity is not simple, become the most important reason is the striped shirt perfectchoice fashionable star of. You







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Early spring sweater with well

 Sweater is definitely the early spring of the most beautiful, whether inside or outside wear, sweater can easily do

  And no matter the height or size, as long as the right collocation, can wear a beautiful style

  The little girl look here

  Or an old saying goes, the little girl wants to wear a tall, waist line is very important, choose a high-waisted bottoms, stretch the leg proportion, give a person visual illusion

Sweater + skirt of tall waist umbrella

Sweater + tall waist skirt

Sweater + high waist pants

The brief paragraph sweater + bottoms

The beltIs also high waist line artifact

  The fat girl look here

  If you just upper body fat and thin legs, so congratulations you, you can dress like that.

Loose long sweater, show beautiful leg

Loose sweaters + short skirt

Cold +Leather pants

Loose sweaters + jeans

If you feel enough thin leg, that’s all

Loose sweaters + wide-legged pants

Loose sweaters + dress

Loose sweaters + baggy jeans

  Workplace OL look here

  The workplace is not only a shirt and a suit, wear sweaters, too intellectual beauty

Sweater + package hip skirt

Sweater + vents of skirt

Sweater + pencil pants

  Look here, toward a sister

  Don’t like close-fitting jeans, and hate the bondage of skirt, wear casual

Sweater + slacks

Sweater + sweatpants

 His sweater there are many ways to take the above several can also be mixed with wear, likeSweater + long wide-legged pants, also apply to the little girl, we can according to your own body, free combination, also can play street ~

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Girl, you can not beautiful, but you need to know the truth!

You can not high levels in appearance,

But you need to know the truth!



  To hold his own mouth

  Don’t in front of the man cursing his family has not said, most men will see his family is heavier than the wife, the wife can choose, parents have no choice.This is the truth!Women can do is, at least, do not ignore the existence of his family, with in-laws or respect.If really is in-laws do wrong, you can and her husband calmly say their views, but is not abuse.



  Hold his desire to spend money

  Especially do housewives without their own career women, don’t do shopping crazy.Can satisfy the desire to buy their own appropriately, but definitely not careless profligacy.



  Don’t be moonlight clan

  Spend more money, less spend less.Life planning, risk management, to force yourself to save each month beginning to urgent need.To understand the risk transfer out.If all the money I earned out, and one thousand have something urgent need a large sum of money, you will find that every day should not, call to ineffective how miserable!



  To make smart financial secretary

  A lot of women there is no financial power, it doesn’t matter, money is not in his hand but must know ball man for family financial management, so as to ensure that even if a man is not willing to give money you spend, also have a place to take money to spend.



  To learn that playing dumb

  Silly woman happiness, a woman not too strong.At work, can be strong, but in life, marriage must understand the soft.Especially one thing to say is, save some face for men, in front of his friends and family to his embarrassment, it is not a wise choice.Happiness in our own hands, don’t expect others to charity, so to understand business.



  Want to have a sense of crisis

  Don’t old to look a man, look at how he don’t want to go home and watch.Home is a warm harbor, dock to let a man like.Appropriately modify yourself, don’t be a yellow face shiva.You remember, you men who are not in order to live, you can live well.Don’t only gossip, playing mahjong, roaming and a bunch of friends.Discipline their children, don’t even tutoring school children.Remember, improve yourself!



  Want to know to cherish the youthA sense of

  A woman can have how many years of youth, don’t away easily.If you don’t progress, learning, work, and improve the inner cultivation, talented woman beauty around him will be your threat.Don’t stay on the status quo, content to be raised.Constantly learning to enrich himself, inner beauty is the real beauty.



  A woman should have their own career

  How much money is not important, the important thing is don’t have to face every day 4 walls wall, with the society, have worry no place to talk, will only see who all don’t pleasing to the eye at home.Body slowly obesity, physical decline gradually.Because at home to talk less and less communication, less brain…Memory is more and more worse.



  Learn to do home cooking

  Don’t expect to learn chefs, can at least family taste.Can give oneself of the person you like, do a delicious meal, that’s enough.


From here, let’s change the fashion!

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Spring and summer fashion this year

Thin OL package hip dress bespoke temperament imported fine nylon cotton fabric, breathable, non pilling, not shrink, elegant temperament type V collar sexy, beautiful fashion slim bowknot decorates the waist, sexy and elegant charming hem slashed more attractive to men of God through the eyes of the body.


Slim package hip dress ladies temperament V collar design tight waist, better show your beautiful curve, invisible zipper back minimalist style, does not affect the appearance and convenient, elegant and charming, is really very impressive! If there is a spring it would be nice! Your closet is missing it!


Small fragrant fishtail skirt dress dress elegant colors, slim design plus the achievements of its natural and elegant style, through the early spring ladies fan children, let your natural and elegant, very pretty and charming gives another impression, essential MM wardrobe, easy to attract the attention of others.


Long sleeved hollow small fragrant dress – hollow design, simple atmospheric style, add fashion sense, contour better modified body, tall figure, rear skirt hem pleat design tightening, more chic and elegant, slim waist cut, let the body curve more beautiful noodles, decent, you are the eyes of the protagonist.


Striped suit dress skirt temperament street and the wind, all kinds of shoes can be easy collocation, the upper part of the body particularly significant level, great and special texture comfortable fabric design, vertical stripes, slim slim, tall on a simple dress, walking in the street, fashion street Master incarnation!


A loose temperament slim sleeveless vest skirt dress skirt dress some partial thick scarf, collar decoration, according to their own preferences, to choose how many lines, lines as you choose, is a very good collocation style, elegant and sexy, feminine charm, full marks.


High waist thin OL slit dress very temperament of a long dress, waist drawstring lace design, simple and elegant, V collar skirt design plus irregular, sexy and personality, waist not only thin, but also can lengthen the leg line, improve the overall qualities of the whole person, let you wear elegant temperament full.

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V-neck sweater how solid wear joker, don’t wear you never understand!

Don’t try how do you know about it,

This show smaller artifact,

It has what a joker, a joker, joker.

Such simple pure color loose, in particular,

Single wear when there is a kind of “abstinence” little sex appeal.

Along with the gender nature of artificiality,

But no mask feminine unique feminine temperament.

With Ming yan big lips,

Holding the small milk she also could not prevent the fashion sense of ~

Although it is in black, but would not boring.

Careful machine v-neck and sunglasses not so cool.

Have a little rebellious, but definitely not bad girl that’s wrong.

Intimacy is a set of collocation is the most should be the pursuit of the first point.

Boots, bags, woven belts and jacket,

The proportions of integral don’t be too perfect.

Sunny weather, walking in the street is a kind of beautiful scenery.

This kind of style is more suitable for daily collocationTo seeJaime King knew.

The more simple collocation, can put the more confident beauty to the limit,

Often only need a blip namely can stunning and moving.

For example, the nods eyeball pen of white shoe is the whole match.

Do you know how to cut the male is a lipstick, chop male eye shadow,

But in fact, v-neck sweater and soft lace veil is recommended.

Languid is lazy along with the gender is not deliberate, “liao” properly.

It can be fully open the aura.

Compared with the turtleneck pick people, accidentally will be bloated,

The v-neck is much more friendly, let a person look more elegant.

But it does not represent, v-neck is wearing a royal elder sister rocks.

Even with flat shoes casual pants,

Anne hathaway also can wear a powerful aura.

Inadvertently leads movements and self-confident smile,

The threshold of feminine flavour to Max.

When a v-neck sweater with pointed high-heeled shoes and delicate lace skirt,

The collocation that fastens with color full of senior feeling,

Quietly standing there have strong invisible aura,

Start to take up a gust of wind.

The so-called white collar backbone elite style but also is such.

Got the red carpet, walked out the street, never go wrong.

The more the more warm and soft wool design capability,

Both thin and stylish detail always can let a person fondle admiringly.

Irregular stripe v-neck sweater to let a person shine at the moment,

Very artistic breath.

Open fork at the hem,

Let hip curve is like concealed, woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood.

Even as the build,

Also does not cover the magic of V is gotten.

The goddess of the sauce, supermodel Miranda Kerr,

Simply a v-neck sweater, coat so casually draped over the shoulder,

Despite a baby-face, queens and advanced sense of temperament.

Even the slightest holding of Eva can’t weaken the aura.

Whether it be a contrasting colours or fastens with color,

Because of the existence of the v-neck, like a spring,

Easily and thoroughly get rid of the old cadre both visual sense.

A little small and sexy, but definitely not gaudy show low.

Just a little bit small deserve to act the role of careful machine,

Such as a delicate necklace,

For a aura points of sunglasses,

The bag that a most worthy of investment,

Of course, and the smile on his face,

The whole collocation can be lit small details.

Yuan yuan face was modified into a little face,

But want to and distinguish it from the winter temperature and poise a choice,

In the warm spring,

Within the v-neck sweater is absolutely the most practical.

Spell able, comfortable, concise,

Two common sheet is tasted,

Light gray v-neck dress with navy blue suit,

Metallic bling bling pencil skirt

Let the whole collocation and chic.

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