This year the most worth buying T-shirt

T-shirt is needed every summer, but in fact spring began to start right, because the T-shirt is also very good spring ride Presumably you last year’s T-shirt for a long time collar has become larger, and some color faded it, but also to update slightly. T shirt this year to how to buy? I suggest that these 4 is enough ~ ~

White t-shirt, the smartest investment

White T-shirt is a wild single product, but also really test the goddess of the standard, because we always say good-looking people, just wear a white T-shirt is beautiful.

How big is the white t-shirt? Amber Heard took it on the red carpet!

But I think the white T-shirt most people just need it, it can be used with a variety of you feel the color is not good hold, or the design of a single product, so that those wardrobe is difficult to take a single product no headache.

White T-shirt also has a very practical way to wear, that is, with your all kinds of straps / harness with a single product.

Little girls love the dresses

Wear a greasy bowling pants

From last year to wear this year’s dresses ▼

Slogan Tee, fashionable people have one

To say this year’s fashionable to burst the table of the T-shirt, but also the number of slogan tee, eye-catching slogans make you look more personality, single wear more fun.

Many brands have a very hard in the T-shirt marked with their own logo ▼ logo color is very rich, so that T-shirt has become full of design sense.

As well as flaunt personality of the various slogans ▼ very intuitive to break the boring

Especially in with some minimalist single product, you will find a slogan it will be compared with the pure color T-shirt with a wonderful, more casual with the sex.

Rock band Tee, cool full

Rock people’s attitude is wild and free, and their T-shirt is often not low-key, like printed with a large icon or a variety of legendary figure, T-shirt also with a bit sharp sense of cool feeling.

Star bloggers are also a manpower ▼

It is more suitable with some handsome single product, such as leather or boots, cool full.

And tannins with, but also more street wind unruly feeling, really cool girl’s heart is good.

Striped T-shirt, classic and wild

When it comes to the wardrobe to carry the child, the stripes can be regarded as never fade classic, year after year we are wearing, so even if the closet of all kinds of T more, but also for the stripes section of the budget.

But some people say, not to say that cross stripes were fat it? In fact, mainly depends on how your stripes choose.

Such as wide stripes, it is easy to show old age is also obvious fat. While the relative, thin stripes were young and thinner. So want to dew in the season more “thin” some, or recommend thin stripes.

More common is the combination of two colors of the stripes, a single wear or do take, can create fresh and generous feeling.

If you want to say vitality, or color stripes even better, spring and summer season to wear some bright, so that color stripes to help you more eye-catching it

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March Europe and the United States tide street shooting analysis

2017 spring and summer Europe and the United States Street beat showing retro and renovation of the scene, fashion people are willing to try all kinds of mix and match.Designers on the historical elements of the new pattern to play, but also create a new bright spot.

Color – flame red

Red is the necessary color in 2017, do not have to stick to the season’s replacement, and white with beautiful and pleasant, and heavy color with some lively festive sense. This season’s red in the lipstick flame red close, and lip color is echoed with the fashion of people with the means.

Color – magenta

Magenta is harder to control than red, but it is best for handbag, footwear and sock as embellishment.

Color – white

Spring and summer colors in the natural and ultimately white, this season’s white focus is not pay attention to sports shoes, white fashion with the type of footwear began to popular.

Single product – music shoes

Carrefour shoes continue to be concerned about the fashion industry, simple and stylish atmosphere, almost necessary staff. High-heeled class music shoes are the focus of future changes.

Single product – tie Derby shoes

And music shoes, like this, more than men’s Di Bei shoes is 2017 fashion people love. Compared to men’s shoes, ladies Derby shoes more than some tricks. Shoelaces pattern tied method, or fashionable personality of the bottom type.

Single product – shoes

The charm of the shoes will never fade, simple and no flowers, personalized slogans, sweet printing, gorgeous velvet, all-inclusive reception, no matter what, always wrong.

Single product – Muller slippers

Muller drag again in the rise of the quarter, rough with the Muller drag is the mainstream, the single also take the risk, with the cat with the very test of the stability of the soles.

Single product – boots

Spring cold has not yet passed, boots in the transition season is more than a single product.

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Promised me, grab the net before the red wear it?

Alberta Ferretti slippers

Alberta Ferretti, a tailor’s daughter, 18 years old in the fashion circle to show the edge. In 1974, and finally set up their own brand in Italy and the same name and studio, it sounds like a fashion for the legendary figure.

With its brand unique elegance and unique tailoring, so that Alberta Ferretti, until today can also stand out in the public brand.

This velvet slippers are still very wild, and detailed hand-embroidered with full texture of the velvet, do not need too much emphasis, is already capital of the extravagance.

The new season, Alberta Ferretti is to break the color restrictions, launched a more different colors of Fancy slippers.

Black lace nail beads models, luxury sense to it ranked second, Mo Jie sure absolutely no which dare to call the first.

New season Mia slippers in the choice of materials, the designer is also very hard, more diversified, with color and more bold, to Mia added a wide range of retro fashion sense.

Although Alberta Ferretti has been established for decades, but in the country and no one knows the bad street, but has maintained a small minority of the mystery of the brand.

With a dream skirt with this pair of low-key luxury velvet slippers, but also too thin legs? The

Full texture of the black velvet encounter exquisite embroidery, there is this pair of unique temperament fashion people must have Fancy slippers.

Chloe Nile Minaudièr

Carrying bags, in this season is a fire to no friends. Still remember in the Chloe 2017 spring and summer catwalk, the metal ring Nile Minaudièr debut, it attracted a large die of loyalty.

Fashion blogger Leaf Greener hands carrying this Nile Minaudière, with a small yellow jacket, is not very type? The

Aberdeen Aimee Song a mix of wind, the hands of the fight color Nile Minaudière become the finishing touch of the whole body shape, body shape more layered.

Sophisticated handle ring design + simple and clean Baoshen design, Chloe Nile Minaudière in his hand more like wearing a beautiful steal the mirror of the “jewelry.”

The following can also add their own acronym, a second change in the world’s unique Chloe Bag, especially like the sister of the same “custom” obsessed girl, missed certainly must regret a year.

Of course, from a practical point of view, the sister also feel that this bag is also very worthwhile to start, a long shoulder strap so that you can not only walk with the wind, but also from time to time from time to time to carry away.

Percy Lau

It’s Percy Lau’s eyes to be the last thing to make. Funny and very stylish, almost perfect.

Percy Lau This brand was established in 2013, to take the ordinary road glasses.

There is nothing in Percy Lau what you want, completely subverting your view of traditional glasses. This pair of glasses, is not just looking at a single product has been enough to suck the eye?

There is such a dislocation of the eye, enough crazy enough type.

And you share, it is too eye-catching, is not it?

Minutes and rotten on the streets of the cat’s eye to distinguish it, there is no!

This kind of hexagonal glasses have been robbed of light, and really hand, hand slowly no.

Avec New York

Avec New York is a young jewelry brand from New York, and a pair of sister Kate & Chloe Lee co-founded. Voice-over: it is an era of sister flowers never separated from the inspirational story.

In fact, to understand the hearts of women or our own, the two female designer’s work once launched, the rapid circle powder.

Each jewelry are eye-catching players, the texture is not lost to the same price of the so-called big.

If you are tired of the common sexual cold style, then this comes with Meng design must be the right of your girl heart.

The amount of pearl + just the shining, so you inadvertently reveal a full texture.

Intimate little jewelry to accompany themselves to open a new journey, it may well be a good choice!

Just choose a full enough to make you get full of envious eyes. Do not believe, because it is really nice to see too easy to capture our girl heart.

Maison Michel

As a love hat control, founded in 1936 Maison Michel, but Mo sister favorite hat brand. Oh right, do not go to the heart of the emphasis, it is now a family of Chanel family.

Each hat is hand-made, plus every season will launch a special design, always easy to girls who obediently took out his wallet, of course, sister also one of the children.

This year haze blue so fire, not only to catch up with the trend of the bag, the hat should keep up with. And bag together with the wear, the sister will not tell you, keep returning to high friends.

I heard that this straw material with classic woolen material style, have been robbed of crazy.

Born to the pink no resistance to the United States girl please raise their hands, especially dedicated to the girl’s cherry blossom and elegant elephant gray, combined, full of screen texture, do not say you do not heart?

Fashion people of course, will not let this set of luxury, and a type of Maison Michel hat, casually pendulum shape, are good street shot.

British fashion it Girl Alexa Chung this beret, is not handsome enough?

Suwon Hiro’s little yellow, looking at the sister are a little heart itch to get a home.

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