Sports shoes X skirt

The most comfortable fashion mix and match, you can not miss

In the past aesthetic look

Skirt only with high heels is the day of the match

No! This year’s sports wind is very popular, skirt + sneakers

Has become the season’s most fashionable cp

The two mix and match together,

Let you easily become the most beautiful street scenery.


Sports shoes + skirt

Full of girls with short skirts with sports shoes

Let you return to youth full of vigor and vitality

All kinds of comfortable and stylish wear look, wild look

Style of choice, to high waist is appropriate

Can make your legs look better slender


Sports shoes + knee dress

Who said the elegant intellectual pencil skirt or pleated skirt

Only suitable for workplace or dating when wearing

Off high heels replaced by a more comfortable sports shoes

Exquisite to highlight the personality

Break the inherent sense of the right skirt

Add a different kind of charm for you, more lazy with sex

Whether it is out of the street or date

Such a wear can also become a bright spot


Sports shoes + and long skirts

Goddess full of elegant dress

Is a lot of girls heart good

But in all fairness, it is more suitable for holiday photography

As skirt, knee skirt suitable for everyday wear

But mix and match sports shoes, daily suction eye just right

And the harness or hanging neck skirt mix and match shoes

Will add a sense of beauty for the whole body shape

There are goddesses and young gods

Printed dress comes with romantic style

And small white shoes collided together, fresh and nice

Visually can be several years old


Sports shoes + all kinds of dress

To talk about the mix of the most real mix of wear

Absolutely undoubtedly a sports shoes + dress

Try this style for the first time, you can choose a variety of dress with

The little man is on the choice of dress

Revealing the knee style, even more legs long Oh

Wide pendulum style, you can easily cover fleshy

Reveal the most slender legs, is to the United States up

Slightly partial movement of the wind knitting section

With sports shoes, the absolute fashion simple

If your body is good enough, tight sexy and yet youthful

A little dress style dress more sweet

Workplace can choose a little formal stripes

If your job is not so serious

Hanging neck section on the presumptuous to wear it, beautiful enough

Fire for several seasons of the shirt skirt

Revealing clavicle, intellectual little bit sexy

Is definitely an indispensable fashion this season, a single product

Feminine lace, chiffon dress

Collision out of the same fashion sparks, the United States and chic

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Skirt below set pants?

When the popular elements thoroughly cooked in the heart but want to play out of the amazing girls, do not be timid, and do not rigidly adhere to the skirt is a skirt, pants are pants of the traditional wear law, mix and match fresh is you become The magic weapon of the eye. Pants outside with skirts, it is time to learn up!

This most in-style dress is called: dress over pants. What kind of chemical reaction does a collision between a pants and a skirt produce? Neutral profile, capable lines, but rubbed into the feminine texture. Two seemingly diametrically opposite style, but can be integrated, not stiff. This is certainly not created with a new match, is the style of the nineties resurgence. This is also very popular with the last century with it, often appear in a variety of magazine pictorial.

This emphasis on the use of clothing structure to achieve the impact of the visual method is actually very practical, it can not be inadvertently to the body is not perfect to block up, and there is no lack of fashion sense. Although each resurgence has its sense of the times, but still will join the now fashion factor. So the stars for this wear will fall in which can not extricate themselves.

Show the field of this wear can actually see, as free and easy representative of the independent temperament, in the long skirt under the wide leg pants to create the foot of the wind at the foot of the wind.

The most like this way to wear the law is undoubtedly Emma Watson, obviously the United States into the princess but not fit handsome heart, a strong gas field all the skirt and pants now mix and match it! Halter show sexy and high open skirt, great personality, sparked a burst of hot topics.

Little girl sister do not have to worry about hold live, petite ghost horse fashion blogger Leandra Medine for this wear is also very much at home. Sweater + skirt + trousers with wear, never seem to have a romantic wind and street wind ride, put on the body is very worth pondering.

The best dress is skirt longer knee more fashionable, but afraid of the short sister can choose the long skirt, skirt length in the middle of the thigh, then can lengthen the visual effect. Afraid of the error can choose the same color with a similar but differentiated. Do not emptied at the same time without losing the sexy, in full compliance with the United States than their careful ah. Hurry up to wear these little wear to wear it!

Open skirt + pants

Open the heat of the past few years seems to have intensified the trend, from the clothes hem and trousers small split fork, rose to open to the armpits and thighs, completely stopped . Then you say that open fork so high, simply put all the exposed out of the show, this time not to put the pants in the past, Moreover, this is still very fashionable.

Shirt skirt + pants

Shirt skirt is also a classic classic, and how can this stack of small trick it? Especially the striped shirt comes with gas field, whether it is metallic color pants or was thin bell-bottoms, can easily control.

Skirt + bell pants

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The shirt will wear, don’t be a woman!

The shirt is always the woman’s wardrobe essential classic items, classic design allows the shirt is full of sense, and all-match almost all items. This two-year shirt has become more and more mainstream fashion items. It is no longer the only all-match simple, stylish is redefined shirt overhangs the pronoun. You


Show the trend

   Victoria Beckham spring 2017 show trend You


Vetements spring 2017 show trend You


Tibi spring and summer 2017 show trend You


Michael Kors spring 2017 show trend You


Aquilano.Rimondi spring 2017 show trend You


   Monse spring 2017 show trend You


Irregular design shirt

A sense of formal shirt added some irregular designs with full tone and feeling. Let be an attitude of the sexy collarbone exposed, exposed back outstanding design The beautiful curve of the back, let you suck eye force out. Increase the profile of shoulder design, more retro art. You





Sleeve design

The big sleeve design exaggerated year is the classic of hot fashion circle, and this year’s big sleeve shirt will continue to occupy the influx of people’s behavior is the wardrobe, hanging open domineering aura. You



Lotus leaf ornament

Lotus leaf ornament shirt, with Xian Qi with literary temperament. Very suitable for sweet but not greasy retro fairy. Want to wear the heck, lotus is your choice of atmosphere. But if you want to highlight the exquisite skill with sexy, small leaf embellishment perfect. You









Stripe shirt

In addition to the above, as a new fashion Wanghong, blue stripe is absolutely indispensable in your wardrobe classic. Once compared simple white shirt and blue striped shirt more style full of sense of the atmosphere, the characteristics of all-match bestie, and not like a white shirt, accidentally become passers-by. Simplicity is not simple, become the most important reason is the striped shirt perfectchoice fashionable star of. You







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The 2017 women’s fashion trend of the most popular dress collocation.

   The spring and summer color either flowers or printing, bright atmosphere wear also feel happy and complete the flower + flower is still an important trend. Women are most concerned about women’s fashion, do not want to go in the end fashion, sensitive to fashion is surprisingly strong. A classic style of women’s fashion collocation, the charming woman will show the most incisive. The following small series with a 2017 appreciation of women’s fashion trends.












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This spring, you only need 6 pieces of all-match and fashionable accessories

A long time ago, depending on what the trend of fashion show. But more and more people are willing to share personal style in the social network, who will wear the clothes in the closet and not all girls follow the trend of update, but according to the season cleverly personality style collocation. Although this sounds very difficult, but don’t worry, we tell you, but you only need this spring the 6 accessories.

A black ribbon is the perfect start

There are many places to wear such a thin ribbon, it is wrapped around the neck like Choker, Olivia Palermo is the 100 point model. You can also put it in a white shirt collar, or to tie in the neck. The other you can not choose such ready-made products, from the arts and crafts store buy a satin or velvet to produce, it is cheaper and easier to DIY.


Olivia Palermo


Chiara Ferragni


A pair of long earrings can make other value-added


You worry about the other too common? Of course, this will not happen. As the Queen Street, Jenny Walton here is that of a mushroom like Mario long earrings can make you the other value.



Muller shoes is also very effective


Wearing Muller shoes will make you elegant and chic, people have noticed you look quiet and low-key, like Emma Watson the sportswear + look slippers. If she does not have this pair of shoes and clothes together, you won’t think her other what is special.


Aimee Song


Linda Tol

When is your straw bag UPDATE

Now the straw bag on the occasions has moved to the street from the beach. Look at the fashion blogger Anum Bashir took this furry Festival feeling straw bags, collocation cowboy shirts and white dress without molimen. Whether leisure or elegant white collocation T little black dress, straw bags can collocation up. Interestingly, although the Herm s Jane Birkin named Jane Birkin bag, but I still love the straw bag.


Anum Bashir


Jane Birkin


Let’s talk about.

Like Bella Hadid this 90s cowboy belt than other Western Cowboy more other points, rely on a unique ring can let you have other magic. Of course, Bella Hadid is very smart to put this belt into the shape of the punchline.


Bella Hadid



Declaration of shades of icing on the cake

No matter you love is round, square or oval sunglasses are never mind, as long as it has enough framework of personality is enough. Because there is no better than it is for other extra accessories.




Yoyo Cao


Carine Roitfeld

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Early spring sweater with well

 Sweater is definitely the early spring of the most beautiful, whether inside or outside wear, sweater can easily do

  And no matter the height or size, as long as the right collocation, can wear a beautiful style

  The little girl look here

  Or an old saying goes, the little girl wants to wear a tall, waist line is very important, choose a high-waisted bottoms, stretch the leg proportion, give a person visual illusion

Sweater + skirt of tall waist umbrella

Sweater + tall waist skirt

Sweater + high waist pants

The brief paragraph sweater + bottoms

The beltIs also high waist line artifact

  The fat girl look here

  If you just upper body fat and thin legs, so congratulations you, you can dress like that.

Loose long sweater, show beautiful leg

Loose sweaters + short skirt

Cold +Leather pants

Loose sweaters + jeans

If you feel enough thin leg, that’s all

Loose sweaters + wide-legged pants

Loose sweaters + dress

Loose sweaters + baggy jeans

  Workplace OL look here

  The workplace is not only a shirt and a suit, wear sweaters, too intellectual beauty

Sweater + package hip skirt

Sweater + vents of skirt

Sweater + pencil pants

  Look here, toward a sister

  Don’t like close-fitting jeans, and hate the bondage of skirt, wear casual

Sweater + slacks

Sweater + sweatpants

 His sweater there are many ways to take the above several can also be mixed with wear, likeSweater + long wide-legged pants, also apply to the little girl, we can according to your own body, free combination, also can play street ~

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Girl, you can not beautiful, but you need to know the truth!

You can not high levels in appearance,

But you need to know the truth!



  To hold his own mouth

  Don’t in front of the man cursing his family has not said, most men will see his family is heavier than the wife, the wife can choose, parents have no choice.This is the truth!Women can do is, at least, do not ignore the existence of his family, with in-laws or respect.If really is in-laws do wrong, you can and her husband calmly say their views, but is not abuse.



  Hold his desire to spend money

  Especially do housewives without their own career women, don’t do shopping crazy.Can satisfy the desire to buy their own appropriately, but definitely not careless profligacy.



  Don’t be moonlight clan

  Spend more money, less spend less.Life planning, risk management, to force yourself to save each month beginning to urgent need.To understand the risk transfer out.If all the money I earned out, and one thousand have something urgent need a large sum of money, you will find that every day should not, call to ineffective how miserable!



  To make smart financial secretary

  A lot of women there is no financial power, it doesn’t matter, money is not in his hand but must know ball man for family financial management, so as to ensure that even if a man is not willing to give money you spend, also have a place to take money to spend.



  To learn that playing dumb

  Silly woman happiness, a woman not too strong.At work, can be strong, but in life, marriage must understand the soft.Especially one thing to say is, save some face for men, in front of his friends and family to his embarrassment, it is not a wise choice.Happiness in our own hands, don’t expect others to charity, so to understand business.



  Want to have a sense of crisis

  Don’t old to look a man, look at how he don’t want to go home and watch.Home is a warm harbor, dock to let a man like.Appropriately modify yourself, don’t be a yellow face shiva.You remember, you men who are not in order to live, you can live well.Don’t only gossip, playing mahjong, roaming and a bunch of friends.Discipline their children, don’t even tutoring school children.Remember, improve yourself!



  Want to know to cherish the youthA sense of

  A woman can have how many years of youth, don’t away easily.If you don’t progress, learning, work, and improve the inner cultivation, talented woman beauty around him will be your threat.Don’t stay on the status quo, content to be raised.Constantly learning to enrich himself, inner beauty is the real beauty.



  A woman should have their own career

  How much money is not important, the important thing is don’t have to face every day 4 walls wall, with the society, have worry no place to talk, will only see who all don’t pleasing to the eye at home.Body slowly obesity, physical decline gradually.Because at home to talk less and less communication, less brain…Memory is more and more worse.



  Learn to do home cooking

  Don’t expect to learn chefs, can at least family taste.Can give oneself of the person you like, do a delicious meal, that’s enough.


From here, let’s change the fashion!

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