Sports shoes + shirt skirt

What can be simple and stylish in summer and comfortable? There is no doubt that sports shoes + shirt skirt will be your best choice, not only good-looking and age, the key is also a special comfortable and easy to bring their own sense of high quality, so that you are so beautiful this summer!

The most worthy of this summer shirt skirt,

There is always a suitable for you!

Seemingly simple shirt skirt, in fact, there are a lot of classification models, you want to wear the United States, first of all you have to choose the most suitable for their own that one!

Short paragraph shirt skirt with sports shoes, the most significant youthful atmosphere

The most common type of shirt skirt is this short paragraph. With sports shoes, both youthful playful, but also has a clean and fresh culture of fresh temperament, it is feast for the eyes.

Direct single wear show legs, quite kind of oversize shirt lazy sense, and handsome and beautiful.

You can also use the belt or strap details, not only highlight the waist, but also added a few gentle feminine.

Extra long shirt skirt, without high heels can elegant and elegant

This to the ankle at the long shirt skirt is also a favorite fashionable people, without high heels blessing, simply with the shoes will be enough to give slender slender visual effects.

In particular, this skirt has a split design style, more an elegant aesthetic sense, so that you Xianqi full, become the most beautiful summer street scenery.

A-shaped shirt skirt, easy to wear a good body

If you prefer to self-cultivation, highlight the body’s style, it is recommended to start this high waist A-shaped shirt skirt, to strengthen your waist and proportion, highlight the good body.

With sports shoes, filled with full of youthful vitality, but also to avoid weakness to show the most beautiful of their own.

In addition to the difference between the version,

Different pattern material shirt skirt

Also belong to their own charming charm

Classic solid color

There is no doubt that the most classic is the basic paragraph of this solid color.

White shirt skirt, and small white shoes with the color combination of clean and fresh is the most intuitive.

You can also choose other colors of sports shoes, so that your shape more personality more eye-catching.

Simple stripes

This summer the stripe element is unstoppable, and this trend is undoubtedly widely used in the shirt skirt.

And striped shirt, simple and stylish striped shirt dress is also a good taste of the essential products. And sports shoes is a perfect match.

In order to make modeling primary and secondary focus, it is recommended that with a small white shoes can be simple.

Handsome cowboy

Like a neutral street style, you can choose cowboy material shirt skirt, reckless yet seductive very chic.

Romantic printing

Printing style is more beautiful, but the premise is not to choose too old or rustic printing patterns, otherwise the effect will be discounted friends.

Part of the northern part of the temperature difference between the morning and evening is relatively large, but also in the shirt skirt and then stacked to wear a thin coat, grace temperature correct.

Well, today’s points to enjoy here,

this summer,

Want to feel comfortable and fresh and age,

To use sports shoes + shirt skirt to get!

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Sports shoes X skirt

The most comfortable fashion mix and match, you can not miss

In the past aesthetic look

Skirt only with high heels is the day of the match

No! This year’s sports wind is very popular, skirt + sneakers

Has become the season’s most fashionable cp

The two mix and match together,

Let you easily become the most beautiful street scenery.


Sports shoes + skirt

Full of girls with short skirts with sports shoes

Let you return to youth full of vigor and vitality

All kinds of comfortable and stylish wear look, wild look

Style of choice, to high waist is appropriate

Can make your legs look better slender


Sports shoes + knee dress

Who said the elegant intellectual pencil skirt or pleated skirt

Only suitable for workplace or dating when wearing

Off high heels replaced by a more comfortable sports shoes

Exquisite to highlight the personality

Break the inherent sense of the right skirt

Add a different kind of charm for you, more lazy with sex

Whether it is out of the street or date

Such a wear can also become a bright spot


Sports shoes + and long skirts

Goddess full of elegant dress

Is a lot of girls heart good

But in all fairness, it is more suitable for holiday photography

As skirt, knee skirt suitable for everyday wear

But mix and match sports shoes, daily suction eye just right

And the harness or hanging neck skirt mix and match shoes

Will add a sense of beauty for the whole body shape

There are goddesses and young gods

Printed dress comes with romantic style

And small white shoes collided together, fresh and nice

Visually can be several years old


Sports shoes + all kinds of dress

To talk about the mix of the most real mix of wear

Absolutely undoubtedly a sports shoes + dress

Try this style for the first time, you can choose a variety of dress with

The little man is on the choice of dress

Revealing the knee style, even more legs long Oh

Wide pendulum style, you can easily cover fleshy

Reveal the most slender legs, is to the United States up

Slightly partial movement of the wind knitting section

With sports shoes, the absolute fashion simple

If your body is good enough, tight sexy and yet youthful

A little dress style dress more sweet

Workplace can choose a little formal stripes

If your job is not so serious

Hanging neck section on the presumptuous to wear it, beautiful enough

Fire for several seasons of the shirt skirt

Revealing clavicle, intellectual little bit sexy

Is definitely an indispensable fashion this season, a single product

Feminine lace, chiffon dress

Collision out of the same fashion sparks, the United States and chic

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