Dog Days Are Here, the girls how to wear?

Want to be cool? In fact, it is not difficult.

Simple as white t-shirt, with a pair of denim hot pants, is a pleasant street beauty!

Wearing a sports vest like a short hit, it is cool!
Of course, this tight-fitting vest need you have a good body type, in order to wear unbridled

Who has a little bit of meat you can choose loose version of beauty, such as various basketball clothes vest.
Dress or vest is a cool choice!
Thin shoulder strap design is too intimate, coupled with short skirts or hot pants will be able to go out!

Thin people can do a dress with a dress to wear a ride. Simple and neat very good ~

Cotton and linen material is sweat and breathable effect is very good, so every beauty are ultimately a white dress in the summer.


This summer can not miss these sneakers.

Converse x Tyler, the Creator

Maybe this summer is one star. For this has been the influx of people on the feet, but it has not been a fire into the wind of the Converse one star series, this summer seems to be the day of its rise. And who is not important, it is only that one star.

From the United States popular hip-hop group Odd Future Tyler, the Creator, this time and Converse cooperation, and did not create a “hip-hop flavor” full of shoes, but chose the sky blue, and orange to match, retro means strong at the same time, also Brought a trace of cool.

KITH x Coca-Cola x Converse

After last year’s series of collaboration with Coca-Cola, KITH will soon release its second joint series with its cooperation. In this series, the most eye-catching, than the tripartite joint this pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star!

Daniel Arsham x adidas Originals

And the artist’s wave of competition must not retreat. This adidas Originals invited the American artist Daniel Arsham to create a pair of new New York shoes.

In addition to the overall style is based on the artist’s own love for archeology, and the integration of the design of broken burr, the most powerful place or the soles of the hidden “THE PAST IS PRESENT / past that is now” fluorescent design.

Small white shoes are still active on the line, but now also need to fluorescent

Vans x “Thrasher”

Vans has been quite a couple of actions in the past two days released with the skateboard magazine “Thrasher” series of cooperation. Two skateboard giants of the cooperation, must set off a “fire.” From this time lookbook can also be seen, Vans seems to be to this time the joint, as the heat in another “fire”!

The series will be officially opened on July 29

Vans x “Thrasher” This time a total of five pairs of different joint shoes, but after all, is a joint series, if you need to choose, printed with “Thrasher” classic “fire” pattern Sk8-Hi Pro, and Slip-On Pro , Is the real can not miss.

Sk8-Hi Pro

Slip-On Pro

Innovation /

Innovation may be the brand is facing the biggest “problem” of the. Want to launch a new shoe, or the existing shoes for major transformation, is not a simple matter.

Reebok Instapump Fury UltraKnit

Socks shoes really did not leave us, but with the intensified trend. This time even Reebok have joined the ranks of socks shoes! Brand this will be the most legendary shoes Instapump Fury out to play innovation, to create a new version of the Instapump Fury Ultraknit!

Using the OG color (original color) Instapump Fury Ultraknit probably should be the most comfortable online socks shoes it

Reebok Pump Supreme UltraKnit

In addition to this high- profile Instapump Fury Ultraknit, Reebok another William has long been recommended to the girls Pump Supreme, this time also brand into the innovative Ultraknit technology. The overall shoe body by the Ultraknit knitted material composition, combined with Pump Supreme elegant lines, and many small details of the show, making this pair of shoes is not only thin and comfortable, and full of summer!

This pair of new Pump Supreme Ultraknit is also recently opened slightly! Girls should pay close attention.


New /

In fact, the new week week out, so here on the easy to pick some of William that since the powerful to you!

Adidas Originals NMD

Adidas Originals really want to continue to carry forward the NMD culture, simply every week will receive the new NMD upcoming news. This pair will be released on August 17, the new NMD R1 PK “zebra” color, I believe that missed Yeezy girls, can not wait for it.

There is this pair of our Meibao students recommended in the live, and now has not dragged me to wear a new color in the feet of the NMD R2 PK!

NMD is definitely the first adidas Originals shoes, and the recent flagship of several girls color, are very suitable for girls to wear every day.

Whether it is gray or pink, are wild enough.

Adidas Originals Swift

And as the recent adidas Originals new shoes, adidas Originals Swift’s new color is also the main hit the pink and gray color, to the hot summer with a trace of cool and advanced texture.

Really is a pair of shoes full of science and technology

Nike Air Max 97 Premium

I believe that many girls will certainly pay attention to the Nike “gold and silver bullets” – Air Max 97 dynamic bar This time Nike finally to enlarge the move. Will be launched next month, Nike Air Max 97 Ultra, and I want to introduce to the girls Nike Air Max 97 Premium!

Nike Air Max 97 Premium

Nike Air Max 97 Premium not only retains the classic shape of Air Max 97, but also uses a high-grade suede, as well as leather to build, not to mention such a wonderful four color, and worth starting.

August 4th on the official sale

Girls exclusive /

In fact, sneakers in essence, is unisex, as long as the basic to buy their own size, with her boyfriend to wear the same pair of sneakers is completely no problem. The brand is constantly in the development of girls market, which is to meet the current girls sneakers market in short supply of the status quo. So, there are more and more brands began to launch girls exclusive sneakers.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

In my opinion the most unisex Converse, in this month on a new wave of new exclusive girls Chuck Taylor All Star!

This time the new color, is the most suitable for summer wear Makalong color, whether it is pink, pink green, or pink, girls are full of feeling.

Nike Air More Uptempo “Island Green”

Nike Air More Uptempo boom will certainly continue! Brand not only in cooperation with Supreme after, continue to introduce new color, still this month for the girls to prepare the girls exclusive mint green color big air!

May be able to think of the brand, that is, in line with girls, and very summer color, in addition to Macaron, is the candy. This time the girls exclusive, really is a look, that is, girls will choose the color. Though i will also buy!

You are not good clothes is a good body.

Summer approaching, looking at the closet in the skirt has long heart itch. But a cruel fact in front: in fact, their poor never good clothes, but a good body.

“If you want to dress thinly, first you have to be thin.”

More and more people began to use high-intensity HIIT instead of running or skipping, but in fact Tabata more efficient than the HIIT. It is not only hot times microblogging “fat killer”, it is recognized at home and abroad fat burning the fastest aerobic exercise.

Use your own weight, high speed and effective “fat reduction” and “increase muscle”. Half an hour of Tabata will be able to consume nearly 500 calories, this season is the best power of emergency rescue.

Activate the “metabolic system” by super-intensity exercise, allowing the body to consume fat automatically within one hour of training while improving heart and lungs.

Beauty skirt came immediately, want to make the body immediately thin down may not be realistic, but at least exposed where the first thin ah. With targeted local shaping thin, will make dress and body with a more tacit understanding perfect.

The following single product is not only this summer fashion models, but also the best choice for personal style. But the premise is that with the corresponding local slimming tutorial practice, you will be faster than others some of the United States.

“In the best of the year we have to do something else, such as looking at the thinner, what is it?”

Open skirt – thin thighs

Sexy, charming, a slit open to the waist, with a large long legs and looming Qiaotun stunning crowd. Found in the crowd, the slit skirt is always much more eye-catching than the skirt, people can not move away from the line of sight.

Own magic “fans” of the sexy, sub-minute to create eye-catching big legs. Smart and attractive woman, all like to use the slits elements to ignite the temptation of firepower.

Summer are wearing a skirt, Smart and elegant skirt, a pair of attractive seductive thighs, and the color of the slit skirt is the day of the match ~

7 simple actions burning thigh fat: each action 10 – 15 for a group, do 3 groups, between groups of rest 60 seconds. After the completion of a single leg need to change the other leg to repeat the same action.

▼ bow word bounce

▼ wide squatting

▼ to circle the legs one by one

▼ three-point kick

▼ side lift legs

▼ Side kicks

▼ leaned over the leg

After training, remember to fully stretch the leg muscles, or use the foam shaft to relax.

Stick to it will find a significant improvement in leg type, hip line upgrade will make the thigh in the visual more slender. This summer, let us have a beautiful big leg with it ~

Dress skirt – close milk

The charm of the harness, not only people have to tear it’s desire, but also more sultry than the pure dew, more style.

Do not have to cover up, and do not need to indulge too much, is so Jiaoqiao graceful, you can wear the most charming gesture. Just take a pair of jeans, are enough style.

Delicate skin and wonderful lines, do not deliberately exposed is the most clever sexy, easy to put the body of the feminine call out.

But just think about it, if the light under the harbor overflowing a deputy milk, and then graceful style will be immediately replaced by embarrassment.

▼ even Oscar shadow after their neglect of the deputy milk, this small gold dress with the beauty of the big discount

Here are six chest training exercises to help you carry out daily training. Each action 10 – 15 for a group, do 3 groups. Group rest for 60 seconds. Stick to it, in addition to eliminate the deputy milk, but also to make chest type more upturned.

▼ push-ups, if the action is difficult to complete can try to be more prone to kneeling push-ups

▼ supine push chest

▼ waist supine shoulder and shoulders

▼ supine hands with chest pushes

▼ Standing dumbbells

▼ chest birds

Halter – practice ditch

Halter is also difficult to master but can not help but want to try the summer single product. In addition to the compact arm, smooth shoulder and neck lines, shallow ditch, bumpy butterfly bone, will make your eyes look back more breathtaking.

Every inch of skin exposed to the sense of proportion, like the murmur of love. From the first glance to see, give him a pull into the impulse. If you are tired of the chest of the “aggressive”, it must not miss the United States to the breathtaking halter loaded.

Immediately in the spring and summer, just like the United States and the United States wearing a halter, with ditch charm beings, so the next one or two months is the key.

Here are six back training activities, to help you carry out daily training. Each action 10 – 15 for a group, do 3 groups. Group rest for 60 seconds. Adhere to practice down, the back curve will be more attractive.

▼ from both sides

▼ lean over dumbbell boating, training latissimus dorsi

▼ dumbbells arm up pulling

▼ hard pull, training erector spinae, can slowly deepen your ditch

▼ single-arm dumbbell boating, training latissimus dorsi

▼ After the action is finished remember to stretch, the muscles are stretched in the stretch

The back can not be thick, but also have an attractive ditch, love such a figure.

Crop Top – thin belly

“Lips + high waist” is the summer people love and hate to wear the law, everyone wants to rely on it a second change supermodel, but hate it if you do not desperately fitness to lose weight, then the meat will be exposed Clean and clean.

And want to wear a good look Crop Top, even if there is no vest and six abdominal muscles, at least the abdomen to be flat enough can not have excess fat.

10 minutes Pilates junior waist training, each action 10 – 15 times, rest for one minute after the next action. Note that the whole taut waist, control breathing . Adhere to a month can significantly improve the waist line.

▼ dominate the belly

▼ waist leading action

▼ Cat-style breathing stretch

Pilates is the best thin waist movement, exercise a little less than running dumbbells less, more efficient to stimulate the general exercise difficult to reach the deep muscle – abdominal transverse muscle. When the transverse transverse muscle is tightened, the waist will be reduced by 1.5 – 2 cm. Including Karlie Kloss, including the supermodel rely on Pilates to maintain a charming figure.

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.

If the denim shorts are not well worn, how can a good summer?

Denim shorts should be the standard summer it

If you do not wear badminton shorts

But also how happy to spend the summer it

Denim shorts not only wild also very modified body

A pair of denim shorts can give you a full return rate

Classic white shirt with denim shorts, simple and casual, is the most difficult combination of mistakes.

Miss Jones Alexa Chung choose a white shirt with embroidery printing, a stronger sense of fashion.

Emma Roberts as a small girl model, she knows the benefits of denim shorts, white shirt into the pants, and the belt combined to create high waist, even if only 157cm still looks all legs.

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio (Alexander Ambrose rest) witty choice of a bright bag, so that the overall shape of a little more lively.

Light blue or denim shirt and denim shorts with, there is a depth of the gradient, on the next deep even more thin Oh.

Plaid shirt is also a super classic with friends, black and white plaid shirt + denim shorts is also a perfect combination.

I believe we all know this year’s strapless in the end how much fire it, strapless wear + denim shorts combination is full of thick summer atmosphere, very suitable for vacation time to wear, but also want to carry a package to say that go away Of the trip ~ ▼

I believe we all know this year’s strapless in the end how much fire it, strapless wear + denim shorts combination is full of thick summer atmosphere, very suitable for vacation time to wear, but also want to carry a package to say that go away Of the trip ~ ▼

The United States and the United States feel that the hollow card or sleeves sleeve elements will be more sweet and feminine Oh ~ ▼

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.

You only need a pair of sunglasses between you and the fashionable summer


“Made in Germany” is no longer dour

“Made in Germany” has been a compelling sense of own precision, the only label, but sometimes it will feel a little serious small small square.

But the German senior eyewear brand Mykita made a complete turnaround: not only to retain the integrity of the “made in Germany” precise and detailed, and is completely opposite of “dour” — the design is very avant-garde.

Each pair of glasses Mykita by craftsmen all Handmade. With the hinge design, exquisite replace screws; with a special 0.5 mm ultra thin steel, lightweight and sturdy build frames; all lenses from “fellow” Cai Si, in order to provide perfect protection of ultraviolet light and glare.

3 Mykita 2017 lookbook

3 Mykita 2017 lookbook | DECADES series To the old classic, cleverly translated into the structure of modern Mykita

The design of modern Mykita and pioneer, in addition to the Mykita Studio set up the conceptual design of high fashion glasses may also regularly, in collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela, Damir Doma, Bernhard Willhelm and other designer brands, launched a joint, a mirror

The Mykita Studio concept works

3 Mykita x Maison Martin Margiela

The Mykita x Damir Doma

Mykita love of innovation of technology and materials, for example, the Mylon line with 3D printing technology will rapid prototyping steel and nylon material powder mixture, explore can satisfy the needs of fashion and sports wear the glasses.


The most well-known eyewear brand niche

Denmark eyewear brand LINDBERG process for the production of the famous top, top only use natural materials, never mass-produced luxury, follow the principle of limited customization.

LINDBERG small, elegant and low-key, but there are a lot of “a great reputation” flash tag: the world’s first use of titanium glasses brand; the world can quickly get the most advanced customization; More than 30 years of manufacturing glasses have never used a screw The world’s first vice; no rivets, no welding point, no screws, the whole frame weighs only 1.9 grams without glasses also from its hands……

3 LINDBERG 8401: round big box with retro round lenses, don’t pick the face, and full of unique sense of style

LINDBERG Sunglasses with optical glasses as the prototype, organic titanium material and top plate using natural light, flexible and adjustable frame, “glasses should be perfect parts of the face, the architect background designer insisted:” see not the frame, but should face.”

No matter what a sunglasses, there are 4 kinds of shapes Nose and 3 kinds of length The leg will be optional – l’optique they adjusted to the most suitable for your posture, make you uncomfortable to forget the existence of the side of the ear nose.


Jacques Marie Mage

The standard for builders of the “New-Classic”

Losangeles brand Jacques Marie Mage Each pair of glasses by hand, like the story of Arts and crafts. They are precision and meticulous, and solid, heavy, With the blessing of modern design , but insisted on retaining all belong to The old-fashioned and retro chic, Always hidden some no need to let others know like “Mensao” small details .

“New-Classic” The texture from Mage Choose the one and only Mr. private factories, one in Japan, one in Italy, they took their own character, in a subtle way to redefine the glasses manufacturing.

3 Circa series

Cooperation with Japan Circa series of precious ancient craftsmen, one by one, build using Japan glasses manufacturing golden age “antique” technology. For example, the hardware part of the precious metals, by hand polishing, the lost wax casting method — these are the ancient method of making hundreds of years ago.

3 Circa series

Italy made Vanguard series pioneer sense, The use of fine wood, mother of Pearl and fair trade horns and other top natural materials, the precious material lamination process exclusive Jacques Marie Mage Have a mixed color combination of extraordinary ability.

Jacques Marie Mage Each pair of glasses to manufacture “craftsman system” standard By design, the highest level of production can last a lifetime and incomparable quality control for the manufacture of glasses From concept to completion, Each side Jacques Marie Mage Go through at least 100 hands touch “” Or, with Italy’s imagination and freedom, or with The Edo period Japan’s delicate Oriental sense Subtle, Balance and eternal.


Cutler and Cross

A strange flavor of England

Founded in 1969 the British Cutler and Cross eyewear brand, each side are not logo or what conspicuous landmark elements, Even the name also use only simple numbers Instead, But it will never escape from other frames but Gentlemanliness thick flavor, not strong, interesting, subtle and strange feeling.

Cutler and Cross Use only the top plate of Italy, each side in Italy private factory KaldoreiThrough the 42 steps Handmade – From 1960s to 1990s, Princess Diane Audrey Hepburn, the “Notting Hill” in Julia Roberts, then a handsome British outfit by everyone to resolve the numerous “trump card” in the agent ” Kingsman ” And wearing are Cutler and Cross.

3 Cutler and Cross Museum

It’s like a shop in Knightsbridge Cutler and Cross exclusive Museum glasses, because here is devoted almost all brands launched since 1969, and Sweet is, Each pair of these vintage in a cupboard, as long as love can be customized.



Glasses, magazines, film clips in modern California dream

Young brand glasses GLCO ( Garrett Leight California Optical ) founder Garrett Leight is the United States glasses tycoon Larry Leight’s son, with his new way of “father son”, in 2012 the eponymous brand in California. Garrett Leight inherited the technology of top brand Oliver Peoples and the father of timeless classic aesthetics, exquisite plate and lens material, often with classic celebrities as inspiration.

But at the same time, he went to the bright and lively way of life in California for inspiration, adding modern elements in a vibrant agent for their own brands: mirror type young and lively, bright color of the tortoise shell or other material, or neutral style, it is easy to wear and easy to take.

It is worth mentioning that the GLCO not only relates to product Oh, they actively support those inspired their art: rented theatre, short support of local independent filmmakers; or “Spectacle” (the magazine publishing entity has been out of the ninth period.), the content of course “opera glasses”, but still more about California, the people here, the weather, their recipes, stories or life.

3 GLCO “Spectacle” magazine

Percy Lau

Integration of science and philosophy of the eye accessories

Hongkong brand Percy Lau has been taking “accessories” as the starting point for an eye glasses design, the concept of breaking the “glasses” border, the scientific experiment and philosophical thinking into the accessories design,. She is never too observant of conventional standards. bold, a powerful and unconstrained style, and is full of a sense of visual experiment.Voicer also interviewed the designer

In addition to the accessories concept into “glasses”, Percy Lau also hope that through the design, to develop a new perspective to understand their own unique personality, or explore a new perspective to discover the world. These glasses may seem a bit strange sight, but all the work is through ergonomic adjustment.

The Percy Lau X Xander Zhou

Human nature, elements, cell division, chemical reaction or physical refraction law of light source and is aided in her design inspiration. In the design philosophy belongs to Percy Lau, imagination comes from natural “existence” — “Everything is inspiring under the sun” Up


New Orleans “with salt”

Krewe is a 2013 birth of the new tide brand sunglasses, its headquarters in New Orleans, (in addition to the familiar wings outside here but a mixture of) such as Indian, Spain, France, Britain and the United States and Africa many important sub cultural elements wondrousplace.

All of Krewe’s design inspiration comes from the local New Orleans, Whether it is natural or cultural construction, and residents have every little bit into it. and Krewe Instagram also used a unique “a scene of a mirror to tell us, the inspiration from life is all the details how to write into the color, shape and lattice in glasses.

Krewe has a unique retro metropolitan flavor design and Handmade details, From the classic retro round box to 1950s to the cat’s eye, square box irregular…… The frame style is very diverse.Plate made of all Europe come from as far away as Italy, printing patterns rich overhangs, it is much admired personalized supermodel stars PW a high rate of appearance favorite choice.


Wood ninety MUJOSH

The list of most people first choice

With the conventional domestic glasses shop” On the contrary, the ninety is a wood from glasses to store all full of fashion sense of vitality of the “local” brand. In Asian fit, easy collocation of the classic and cost-effective combination, very popular with young people.

It’s made of wood, nine, ten logo of the three Chinese characters combination, representing the initial product material from bamboo (wood), lasting quality, perfect shape (nine) (ten).

Recently, Mu ninety is through a series of creative and imaginative, limited by experimental style pop-up store and other forces out of space to create a field exciting brand upgrade.

The wood ninety Gallery art device 2017 S/S “Innocence” innocent

The ninety THE LAB wood laboratory project “second season” grand light

In 2017 the new concept of the theme of “Mirror mirror mirror”, wood ninety Combined with Framework Creative team to build a relationship between the girl and the theme of the video, “man in the mirror” narrated with the special angle and way, and her on the “I” of the concept of exploration.With a 30 seconds notice and feel it

▸ Ninety MIRROR 2017 “wooden mirror mirror” theme Video Trailer

Please go to watch the full video text reading

“Monkey see another monkey in the mirror,

But we can only see yourself.”

3 Wood ninety 2017 ” MIRROR Mirror mirror “advertising theme

But in the wood ninety 2017 new design, also follow the brand transformation, in the original classic, basic in many facets of strong modeling elements. For example, MEOW Collection in retro prevalent today, so from the last century in 50s by Marilyn Monro and Ellizabeth Taylor’s favorite cat eye sunglasses in the nose and return to the stage, showing the charm and wit.

MEOW ^ Collection

3 GEMINI Collection

GEMINI and Collection The Gemini symbol is a source of inspiration, with double beam details in the design, while the return “double-bridge” 1970s old glasses flavor, while another variable between staggered twin Hollow The interpretation of modern, double beauty.

With your bestie Together wearing Swimsuits To the Beach .

Chuu cute Siamese swimsuit

Chuu is a Korean brand style, sweet and fresh, product line includes women’s shoes and bags, underwear, deep and light Cougar their favorite girls. Chuu of this one-piece, the mint green color collocation, ice cream dessert pattern, low cut, thin shoulder straps, very white skin and slim lining.

In addition to this pure retro one-piece, optional red, black and white, letters and digital printing decoration, more American leisure atmosphere.

Bruna Malucelli striped one-piece bathing suit

Designer Bruna Malucelli, cursive letters plus color printing vertical stripes, bring long visual effect. Is the launch of “Bay My Name Swimsuit” customized services, to put their names on them, up to 9 letters, with its own brand, and if bestie exchange wear out, with a little romantic declaration of sovereignty.

Since the need for customization, the horse father home basically is not possible, but very meaningful, we recommend to you, if you have a chance to get one, worth as a souvenir.

Mara Hoffman printed suit

American fashion brand designer Mara Hoffman will use their own unique design concept in the artistic style of swimsuit. This series of swimsuit with fresh green leaves prints, bold collocation sexy clipping, walking on the beach pool, will become the focus of.

Or simply pick the bold hollow one swimsuit, both sides cut design, plus a collection of graphic printing, it is behind the cross straps to increase the halter, very sexy.

Marysia fan edge bikinis

The same is the designer brand, with Italy fabric as fabric, focusing on swimsuit design flawless and high-quality, scalloped trim can be used as a feature. Collocation fresh pink and green color, more fresh and lovely.

Solid & Stripe striped swimsuit

The swimsuit brand, all products are produced in the American state of New York Town, and the selection of exquisite fabrics in Europe and Japan, plus the elegant simplicity of style, become the favorite female swimwear brand. This is the 2016 spring vacation, the use of simple color vertical stripes, Siamese and split the two century, with 20s poster style.

Zimmermann embroidered swimsuit

The famous clothing brand in Australia, with a strong sense of line design, color collocation is unique, and the palace wind retro embroidered, and bestie wearing such two models, probably also has a gorgeous lady vu.

H&M color stomacher type swimsuit

Maybe you are now bestie and shopping, just walked into a H&M, then you will find there is no simple texture of this suit, down two pieces of split design, bra plus briefs, no nonsense. And buy bestie blue and white, can also change to wear on me, I have you, is also a good color collocation, consisting of the.