You only need a pair of sunglasses between you and the fashionable summer


“Made in Germany” is no longer dour

“Made in Germany” has been a compelling sense of own precision, the only label, but sometimes it will feel a little serious small small square.

But the German senior eyewear brand Mykita made a complete turnaround: not only to retain the integrity of the “made in Germany” precise and detailed, and is completely opposite of “dour” — the design is very avant-garde.

Each pair of glasses Mykita by craftsmen all Handmade. With the hinge design, exquisite replace screws; with a special 0.5 mm ultra thin steel, lightweight and sturdy build frames; all lenses from “fellow” Cai Si, in order to provide perfect protection of ultraviolet light and glare.

3 Mykita 2017 lookbook

3 Mykita 2017 lookbook | DECADES series To the old classic, cleverly translated into the structure of modern Mykita

The design of modern Mykita and pioneer, in addition to the Mykita Studio set up the conceptual design of high fashion glasses may also regularly, in collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela, Damir Doma, Bernhard Willhelm and other designer brands, launched a joint, a mirror

The Mykita Studio concept works

3 Mykita x Maison Martin Margiela

The Mykita x Damir Doma

Mykita love of innovation of technology and materials, for example, the Mylon line with 3D printing technology will rapid prototyping steel and nylon material powder mixture, explore can satisfy the needs of fashion and sports wear the glasses.


The most well-known eyewear brand niche

Denmark eyewear brand LINDBERG process for the production of the famous top, top only use natural materials, never mass-produced luxury, follow the principle of limited customization.

LINDBERG small, elegant and low-key, but there are a lot of “a great reputation” flash tag: the world’s first use of titanium glasses brand; the world can quickly get the most advanced customization; More than 30 years of manufacturing glasses have never used a screw The world’s first vice; no rivets, no welding point, no screws, the whole frame weighs only 1.9 grams without glasses also from its hands……

3 LINDBERG 8401: round big box with retro round lenses, don’t pick the face, and full of unique sense of style

LINDBERG Sunglasses with optical glasses as the prototype, organic titanium material and top plate using natural light, flexible and adjustable frame, “glasses should be perfect parts of the face, the architect background designer insisted:” see not the frame, but should face.”

No matter what a sunglasses, there are 4 kinds of shapes Nose and 3 kinds of length The leg will be optional – l’optique they adjusted to the most suitable for your posture, make you uncomfortable to forget the existence of the side of the ear nose.


Jacques Marie Mage

The standard for builders of the “New-Classic”

Losangeles brand Jacques Marie Mage Each pair of glasses by hand, like the story of Arts and crafts. They are precision and meticulous, and solid, heavy, With the blessing of modern design , but insisted on retaining all belong to The old-fashioned and retro chic, Always hidden some no need to let others know like “Mensao” small details .

“New-Classic” The texture from Mage Choose the one and only Mr. private factories, one in Japan, one in Italy, they took their own character, in a subtle way to redefine the glasses manufacturing.

3 Circa series

Cooperation with Japan Circa series of precious ancient craftsmen, one by one, build using Japan glasses manufacturing golden age “antique” technology. For example, the hardware part of the precious metals, by hand polishing, the lost wax casting method — these are the ancient method of making hundreds of years ago.

3 Circa series

Italy made Vanguard series pioneer sense, The use of fine wood, mother of Pearl and fair trade horns and other top natural materials, the precious material lamination process exclusive Jacques Marie Mage Have a mixed color combination of extraordinary ability.

Jacques Marie Mage Each pair of glasses to manufacture “craftsman system” standard By design, the highest level of production can last a lifetime and incomparable quality control for the manufacture of glasses From concept to completion, Each side Jacques Marie Mage Go through at least 100 hands touch “” Or, with Italy’s imagination and freedom, or with The Edo period Japan’s delicate Oriental sense Subtle, Balance and eternal.


Cutler and Cross

A strange flavor of England

Founded in 1969 the British Cutler and Cross eyewear brand, each side are not logo or what conspicuous landmark elements, Even the name also use only simple numbers Instead, But it will never escape from other frames but Gentlemanliness thick flavor, not strong, interesting, subtle and strange feeling.

Cutler and Cross Use only the top plate of Italy, each side in Italy private factory KaldoreiThrough the 42 steps Handmade – From 1960s to 1990s, Princess Diane Audrey Hepburn, the “Notting Hill” in Julia Roberts, then a handsome British outfit by everyone to resolve the numerous “trump card” in the agent ” Kingsman ” And wearing are Cutler and Cross.

3 Cutler and Cross Museum

It’s like a shop in Knightsbridge Cutler and Cross exclusive Museum glasses, because here is devoted almost all brands launched since 1969, and Sweet is, Each pair of these vintage in a cupboard, as long as love can be customized.



Glasses, magazines, film clips in modern California dream

Young brand glasses GLCO ( Garrett Leight California Optical ) founder Garrett Leight is the United States glasses tycoon Larry Leight’s son, with his new way of “father son”, in 2012 the eponymous brand in California. Garrett Leight inherited the technology of top brand Oliver Peoples and the father of timeless classic aesthetics, exquisite plate and lens material, often with classic celebrities as inspiration.

But at the same time, he went to the bright and lively way of life in California for inspiration, adding modern elements in a vibrant agent for their own brands: mirror type young and lively, bright color of the tortoise shell or other material, or neutral style, it is easy to wear and easy to take.

It is worth mentioning that the GLCO not only relates to product Oh, they actively support those inspired their art: rented theatre, short support of local independent filmmakers; or “Spectacle” (the magazine publishing entity has been out of the ninth period.), the content of course “opera glasses”, but still more about California, the people here, the weather, their recipes, stories or life.

3 GLCO “Spectacle” magazine

Percy Lau

Integration of science and philosophy of the eye accessories

Hongkong brand Percy Lau has been taking “accessories” as the starting point for an eye glasses design, the concept of breaking the “glasses” border, the scientific experiment and philosophical thinking into the accessories design,. She is never too observant of conventional standards. bold, a powerful and unconstrained style, and is full of a sense of visual experiment.Voicer also interviewed the designer

In addition to the accessories concept into “glasses”, Percy Lau also hope that through the design, to develop a new perspective to understand their own unique personality, or explore a new perspective to discover the world. These glasses may seem a bit strange sight, but all the work is through ergonomic adjustment.

The Percy Lau X Xander Zhou

Human nature, elements, cell division, chemical reaction or physical refraction law of light source and is aided in her design inspiration. In the design philosophy belongs to Percy Lau, imagination comes from natural “existence” — “Everything is inspiring under the sun” Up


New Orleans “with salt”

Krewe is a 2013 birth of the new tide brand sunglasses, its headquarters in New Orleans, (in addition to the familiar wings outside here but a mixture of) such as Indian, Spain, France, Britain and the United States and Africa many important sub cultural elements wondrousplace.

All of Krewe’s design inspiration comes from the local New Orleans, Whether it is natural or cultural construction, and residents have every little bit into it. and Krewe Instagram also used a unique “a scene of a mirror to tell us, the inspiration from life is all the details how to write into the color, shape and lattice in glasses.

Krewe has a unique retro metropolitan flavor design and Handmade details, From the classic retro round box to 1950s to the cat’s eye, square box irregular…… The frame style is very diverse.Plate made of all Europe come from as far away as Italy, printing patterns rich overhangs, it is much admired personalized supermodel stars PW a high rate of appearance favorite choice.


Wood ninety MUJOSH

The list of most people first choice

With the conventional domestic glasses shop” On the contrary, the ninety is a wood from glasses to store all full of fashion sense of vitality of the “local” brand. In Asian fit, easy collocation of the classic and cost-effective combination, very popular with young people.

It’s made of wood, nine, ten logo of the three Chinese characters combination, representing the initial product material from bamboo (wood), lasting quality, perfect shape (nine) (ten).

Recently, Mu ninety is through a series of creative and imaginative, limited by experimental style pop-up store and other forces out of space to create a field exciting brand upgrade.

The wood ninety Gallery art device 2017 S/S “Innocence” innocent

The ninety THE LAB wood laboratory project “second season” grand light

In 2017 the new concept of the theme of “Mirror mirror mirror”, wood ninety Combined with Framework Creative team to build a relationship between the girl and the theme of the video, “man in the mirror” narrated with the special angle and way, and her on the “I” of the concept of exploration.With a 30 seconds notice and feel it

▸ Ninety MIRROR 2017 “wooden mirror mirror” theme Video Trailer

Please go to watch the full video text reading

“Monkey see another monkey in the mirror,

But we can only see yourself.”

3 Wood ninety 2017 ” MIRROR Mirror mirror “advertising theme

But in the wood ninety 2017 new design, also follow the brand transformation, in the original classic, basic in many facets of strong modeling elements. For example, MEOW Collection in retro prevalent today, so from the last century in 50s by Marilyn Monro and Ellizabeth Taylor’s favorite cat eye sunglasses in the nose and return to the stage, showing the charm and wit.

MEOW ^ Collection

3 GEMINI Collection

GEMINI and Collection The Gemini symbol is a source of inspiration, with double beam details in the design, while the return “double-bridge” 1970s old glasses flavor, while another variable between staggered twin Hollow The interpretation of modern, double beauty.

The shirt will wear, don’t be a woman!

The shirt is always the woman’s wardrobe essential classic items, classic design allows the shirt is full of sense, and all-match almost all items. This two-year shirt has become more and more mainstream fashion items. It is no longer the only all-match simple, stylish is redefined shirt overhangs the pronoun. You


Show the trend

   Victoria Beckham spring 2017 show trend You


Vetements spring 2017 show trend You


Tibi spring and summer 2017 show trend You


Michael Kors spring 2017 show trend You


Aquilano.Rimondi spring 2017 show trend You


   Monse spring 2017 show trend You


Irregular design shirt

A sense of formal shirt added some irregular designs with full tone and feeling. Let be an attitude of the sexy collarbone exposed, exposed back outstanding design The beautiful curve of the back, let you suck eye force out. Increase the profile of shoulder design, more retro art. You





Sleeve design

The big sleeve design exaggerated year is the classic of hot fashion circle, and this year’s big sleeve shirt will continue to occupy the influx of people’s behavior is the wardrobe, hanging open domineering aura. You



Lotus leaf ornament

Lotus leaf ornament shirt, with Xian Qi with literary temperament. Very suitable for sweet but not greasy retro fairy. Want to wear the heck, lotus is your choice of atmosphere. But if you want to highlight the exquisite skill with sexy, small leaf embellishment perfect. You









Stripe shirt

In addition to the above, as a new fashion Wanghong, blue stripe is absolutely indispensable in your wardrobe classic. Once compared simple white shirt and blue striped shirt more style full of sense of the atmosphere, the characteristics of all-match bestie, and not like a white shirt, accidentally become passers-by. Simplicity is not simple, become the most important reason is the striped shirt perfectchoice fashionable star of. You







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A hole in jeans, let me through many girls heart

  In fact, the spring can wear clothes, but ripped jeans and pants all the different bones with a rebellious and a hormone injection momentum:


   In the spring, it feels like the weather warmed up, pulling the brothers, mad line string, blow dirty green stick. Not knowing health, It is sad, sense of relief that is hormone breath, Indescribably cool :


   Not only you, from punk rock and rap old black, and then to the Hollywood community around the small eccentric, is a defender of ripped jeans, all with a bad feeling:

   The young people in our country, to every ripped jeans trousers, that is justice, not letter to the Pearl River Delta jeans factory to see, do the old worn jeans production is the most important part of the young people like visible:

   Ripped jeans is good, but do not wear the wrong clothes have to respect the basic law, sometimes see the hole jeans was wearing mop, I really want to kick the past, taught him a new life.

   The following dress style, a control study, find the most suitable for their own. Please don’t put the wrong, okay?

   Any young people have been rebellious, but not everyone dares to use ripped jeans to the world war.

   Although the hole jeans invented by the youth rebellion, but the taste is not easy to wear. There are a lot of matching clothes, especially in the leather is the best:

   Most can quell field is black holes in jeans, leather patches zipper looks very aggressive, coupled with the motorcycle leather plus back Undercut hair, who did not dare to offend you:

   Remove the cortical patches and the metal zipper reduces aggression, also have aggressive hoodies softening effect, with the head of the white shoe shell, Some good looks :

   Rock burst style, aggressive lowest than the blue hole in jeans, suitable for almost all people wearing, see the wife’s mother is also no problem, very worth a try:

   The degree of difficulty, the hole through the rock burst of wind up jeans. As long as is not difficult to avoid too fancy swagger coat or coquettish shoes to solve the problem. Before going out, multi mirror bihuabihua.

   Remember, shopping, not casual, not just the streets.

   A little joke, holes in jeans is not only wear Pilipiqi.

   Many young men also tried to add a light color T-shirt tight hole jeans, which can not only balance the upper part of the monotonous serious, also can let hole pants lead a fast convergence point, meat collocation:

   In addition to pure white T-shirt, sweater can also make you look is often around 798, Stan and Meng Jinghui brush over the literary youth.

   The more shallow color more gentle, not black sweater, looked like a little brother gangsta rap:

   Solid color sweater collocation ripped jeans is more suitable for warm warm now, at the same time, also gives people a feeling of 985, 211 liberal arts college graduate, Full of poetry and distance:

   If you above these, too soft collocation, enough man, it is directly sheathed with cortex patch holes in jeans, and boots, hardness naturally came back:

   The hole jeans out of young artists feel no difficulty, Oxford shirt, V neck sweater, loafer, the choice is not wrong, the color can be simple.


   If you said the hole jeans are rebellious certificate, then ripped jeans out of the annual salary of one million straight, is to subvert the old order of the.

   The hole jeans wear a very rich appearance is not easy, the hole to be small, the best at the knees cracked a small cut. With a look full of single breasted coat, with a stuffy Sao, very rich:


   Double breasted blue coat is also suitable for collocation black desert boots, go to town, to avoid the holes in jeans gives people a feeling of sloppy:


  Break open a can not open, but to directly open the window, refreshing, avoid holes around the hanging line. <strong> Adhere to the dark trousers, black robes and best, with flat top hat, rich feeling comes naturally:</strong>


   Love light hole jeans Boy don’t give up, and striped T-shirt shiny brown Bullock leather shoes also can neutralize the dirty pants, but a kind of cynical taste, very chic:


   Although the hole jeans difficult to take, but spend more time, you can always find a suitable combination of collocation and style, while standing Different styles of clothes is the beginning of everything.

   Jingdong launched super brand men’s Day For the audience, master pick out many clothes, <strong> from the basic to the fancy explosion of a single product, and you put a hole in jeans through the 360 senses.</strong>

   Not only for holes in jeans, Jingdong to give young people all dress solutions.

   No matter about the girl for a drink or go to see a big customer, no matter how old you are, how income, Jingdong’s brand super day Can provide the optimal solution for all young people to dress.

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This spring, you only need 6 pieces of all-match and fashionable accessories

A long time ago, depending on what the trend of fashion show. But more and more people are willing to share personal style in the social network, who will wear the clothes in the closet and not all girls follow the trend of update, but according to the season cleverly personality style collocation. Although this sounds very difficult, but don’t worry, we tell you, but you only need this spring the 6 accessories.

A black ribbon is the perfect start

There are many places to wear such a thin ribbon, it is wrapped around the neck like Choker, Olivia Palermo is the 100 point model. You can also put it in a white shirt collar, or to tie in the neck. The other you can not choose such ready-made products, from the arts and crafts store buy a satin or velvet to produce, it is cheaper and easier to DIY.


Olivia Palermo


Chiara Ferragni


A pair of long earrings can make other value-added


You worry about the other too common? Of course, this will not happen. As the Queen Street, Jenny Walton here is that of a mushroom like Mario long earrings can make you the other value.



Muller shoes is also very effective


Wearing Muller shoes will make you elegant and chic, people have noticed you look quiet and low-key, like Emma Watson the sportswear + look slippers. If she does not have this pair of shoes and clothes together, you won’t think her other what is special.


Aimee Song


Linda Tol

When is your straw bag UPDATE

Now the straw bag on the occasions has moved to the street from the beach. Look at the fashion blogger Anum Bashir took this furry Festival feeling straw bags, collocation cowboy shirts and white dress without molimen. Whether leisure or elegant white collocation T little black dress, straw bags can collocation up. Interestingly, although the Herm s Jane Birkin named Jane Birkin bag, but I still love the straw bag.


Anum Bashir


Jane Birkin


Let’s talk about.

Like Bella Hadid this 90s cowboy belt than other Western Cowboy more other points, rely on a unique ring can let you have other magic. Of course, Bella Hadid is very smart to put this belt into the shape of the punchline.


Bella Hadid



Declaration of shades of icing on the cake

No matter you love is round, square or oval sunglasses are never mind, as long as it has enough framework of personality is enough. Because there is no better than it is for other extra accessories.




Yoyo Cao


Carine Roitfeld

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Spring and summer fashion this year

Thin OL package hip dress bespoke temperament imported fine nylon cotton fabric, breathable, non pilling, not shrink, elegant temperament type V collar sexy, beautiful fashion slim bowknot decorates the waist, sexy and elegant charming hem slashed more attractive to men of God through the eyes of the body.


Slim package hip dress ladies temperament V collar design tight waist, better show your beautiful curve, invisible zipper back minimalist style, does not affect the appearance and convenient, elegant and charming, is really very impressive! If there is a spring it would be nice! Your closet is missing it!


Small fragrant fishtail skirt dress dress elegant colors, slim design plus the achievements of its natural and elegant style, through the early spring ladies fan children, let your natural and elegant, very pretty and charming gives another impression, essential MM wardrobe, easy to attract the attention of others.


Long sleeved hollow small fragrant dress – hollow design, simple atmospheric style, add fashion sense, contour better modified body, tall figure, rear skirt hem pleat design tightening, more chic and elegant, slim waist cut, let the body curve more beautiful noodles, decent, you are the eyes of the protagonist.


Striped suit dress skirt temperament street and the wind, all kinds of shoes can be easy collocation, the upper part of the body particularly significant level, great and special texture comfortable fabric design, vertical stripes, slim slim, tall on a simple dress, walking in the street, fashion street Master incarnation!


A loose temperament slim sleeveless vest skirt dress skirt dress some partial thick scarf, collar decoration, according to their own preferences, to choose how many lines, lines as you choose, is a very good collocation style, elegant and sexy, feminine charm, full marks.


High waist thin OL slit dress very temperament of a long dress, waist drawstring lace design, simple and elegant, V collar skirt design plus irregular, sexy and personality, waist not only thin, but also can lengthen the leg line, improve the overall qualities of the whole person, let you wear elegant temperament full.

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Fashion street snap formative necessary sheet is tasted!2017 chun xia’s sunglasses trends

Do you know what role does the sunglasses in fashion week?1: in the face of the hordes of photographers and people can protect themselves, even if one didn’t sleep all night, you can also look super powerful!With handbags, shoes, striking the iPhone as following, we are always looking at these parts, as long as they have a unique, always let us stop don’t laid hands on him.Bloggers always with the change of the collocation of style and replace the sunglasses.This season, there are some definite trend: from the cat’s eye shape restoring ancient ways to mirror in space science and technology, is worth a try!

The cat’s eye shape


The cat’s eye shape to take us back to four, the fifties of the last century.Yes, absolutely is not an error to the present style restoring ancient ways.

The shield shape


Oh, right, in the early 00 s style to come back again, the evidence is that you can always see it during fashion week!

The colored lenses


If not all sunglasses lenses are black, and also are not mysterious.The colored lenses allow you to see the different colors of the world, I mean just the color!

White frame


White frame with black lens to form bright contrast, no matter what style you are wearing today, it will add move feeling for you!Preference for elliptical eyes you more not to be missed in the 90 s.

The space of glasses


Rihanna feeling to be a partner with Dior’s space sun glasses is the beginning of the trend.

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