For your body swimsuit wear the most suitable

A suitable swimsuit
So to choose

Here the body type to help people buy for their own swimsuit, pear shaped, triangular, oval, hourglass, there is always a type for you.

pear-shaped body

Pear shaped body is thin, with wide hips, thighs are strong, choose the swimsuit to highlight the waist, bare upper body skin can be more, maximize the advantages of your body.

You can choose the two-piece swimsuit waist paragraph, waist Douzhu fat to build tight buttocks effect, in order to weaken the hip and thigh fat.

The one-piece swimsuit fashion this year is also a good choice, also help you wrap hip muscles. Because the suit not too exposed, so this year there is a new dress, is Download directly put into.

Single product brand Recommend

Falbala fly sleeve adds shoulder girl breath!

Inverted triangle shape

Some girls born skeleton, shoulder, hip is relatively narrow, just do not pay attention to “heavy”, wearing a swimsuit to try to choose more styles of cloth shoulder.

You can also choose the split design, highlighting the waist.

It is easy to appear the upper shoulder burden, crowded, can choose V collar one-piece swimsuit, and neck collar are integrally formed and open so big, who will care about your shoulder?

Single product brand Recommend

The upper part of the body width are generally associated with kylin arm, the swimsuit thin lotus leaf edge to solve this trouble.

Oval shape

This is the main abdominal meat more, no curve, can choose to cover the effect of swimsuit in the abdomen, to hide their fat.

The waist is lotus leaf edge swimsuit recommended to the body, pulled tight waist, abdomen, split proportions, show your long legs.

A printing activity with great enthusiasm, fresh and lovely color stripes.

The eye-catching hit color collocation to shift people’s attention abdomen.

Single product brand Recommend

An hourglass figure

Such a good figure, what would you wear casually, anyway, how are the United States (envy huh)

Single product recommendation:

Solid colors, excellent tailoring, minimalist retro and elegant.

Wear points

The beach wearing a swimsuit with a blouse, gulina Karzai and Jiang Shuying will do a good demonstration, swimwear, pure and sexy coexist, partly hidden and partly visible, if your body is fat, just like them, sunscreen fashion, block body, show your slender legs.

If your body is fat, you can choose a scarf scarf suit, casual tied on the waist, thigh occlusion at the same time, there is a different kind of exotic.

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Excuse me? They even wear swimsuit shopping!

Bodysuit (tight body clothing) since the emergence of a deep misunderstanding!

What is Bodysuit in the end?

Although its predecessor is a piece of swimsuit

But the buyer show and the seller show are different …

In reality, Bodysuit is understood as this style …

You cried to me, fairy tale are deceptive

Or such a style …

(If I am your boyfriend, I can not do it …)

Speaking of Bodysuit tight body, in fact, this is a predecessor has long played a single product.

Especially in the past two years the trend of the ancient wave of retro, the major brands and then to improve the various details of the style of remodeling of the conjoined clothing onto the T station, put on the market, tight body has also jumped a single sexy sexy impression.

It is no longer the eyes of ordinary swimsuit and fun underwear, paragraph high to occupy all kinds of fashion magazines layout

Should wear like this

Lace section

Bodysuit has been able to be fashionable fine pro-gaze, because it can be perfect fit the body curve, comfortable at the same time, but also exquisite lines can be revealed, plus strap to embellishment, sexy degree DuangDuangDuang ~


In fact, bodysuit on the requirements of the match is not high, a pair of pants or skirt can hold live, if you feel a single wearing shy, and then more pieces of jacket. Vest section of the ride are hin good choice!


Want to highlight the body and do not want too exposed? Do not think it can only “reckless side leakage” In fact, it can also be very routine ~

Please use Bodysuit correctly

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environmental and beauty travel together

To celebrate the World Earth Day of 2017, the famous electrician YOOX and the Australian brand the Great Barrier Reef Foundation launched the charity project – when YOOX met the Great Barrier Reef to support the protection and restoration of the world’s seven natural wonders One of the Australian Great Barrier Reefs. This time the launch of the swimsuit capsule series, by YOOXYGEN exclusive sale.

Brand designers Jeremy and Katinka Somers are inspired by the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem, featuring swimsuit and sportswear, Australia’s unique aesthetic taste and infinite vitality.

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