British diamond-level fresh meat to wear a gentleman 

Topped the British rich list ninth, net worth 9.5 billion pound,(No. 85 billion yuan) and inherited his father most of the legacy and Duke title, he is the seventh generation of the Duke of Westminster Xiao governance. Hugh Grosvenor (Hugh Grosvenor), only 26 years old this year, young and high value both, worthy of the name is a diamond-level small meat. Let’s take a look at how a super diamond man wears it.

Hugh Grosvenor is born with a blonde and not old child, and looks handsome, like a fairy tale book out of the prince. He was very low-key, so that students do not know his classmates outstanding family background, Hugh Grosvenor and William and Prince Harry have a deep friendship, Prince George in 2013 when he was born, Prince William asked him to do George’s godfather (Godfather ). He graduated from Newcastle University and Oxford University, after graduation in the family business engaged in property management, and then to the environmental company bio-bean as a client manager.

In 2004, only 13-year-old Hugh Grosvenor (third from right) attended the grand wedding of sister Tamra Grosvenor. Prince William and Prince Harry and a member of the royal family were also invited to attend. Figure (second from left) for Prince Harry.

Hugh Grosvenor (middle) and Prince William and Prince Harry, from small together often get along, we are also green horse horse. He was particularly incompatible with Harry, and at the age of 21, the family was more than £ 5 million for his birthday party, when Harry was also present. (Pictured on the right is the daughter of the Duchess of Westminster Natalia Grosvenor.)

The so-called “beauty is more beautiful,” he has a handsome appearance (right) more with Harry Prince to Africa to participate in animal protection plan, full of kindness.

Gui Ming Ming family is the third largest rich in Britain, Xiao governance father of the late Sixth Duke of Westminster Gerrard. Gerald Grosvenor (Gerald Grosvenor) and members of the royal family familiar, more with the prince Prince Charles, especially old friends.

Father died of heart disease last year at the age of 64 years old. He and his widow had four children, ranked third, Hugh Grosvenor will inherit his father’s title and up to 9.5 billion pounds of heritage.

Last year in November, Hugh Grosvenor and mother to attend his father’s memorial service when the performance of sad, solemn expression. The death of his father was a big blow to him.

Hugh Grosvenor (right) is low-key, rarely seen him in public, and in social media and the network are difficult to find his trace. However, every attendance at the occasion or party he will dress up in a gentleman style.

Hugh Grosvenor attended the baptism of Prince George in 2013 and showed him in a black suit. The suit also has a pale pink checkered and white bag towel for match, filling the British gentleman style at the same time more British gas full.

Hugh Grosvenor with black tuxedo with striped trousers, grand and decent. Although the pants a little loose, but Xiao governance is still well managed. In addition, and then match the yellow pattern of occupation, for the solemn shape to bring highlights, more exhibition noble style.

All men are wearing the whole black suit is the most attractive! Hugh Grosvenor and brother-in-law Dan Snow wear a full black suit, walking on the way handsome. Slim design more highlights the strong body type, suitable for his son is not too high.

Beauty, beauty, beauty … … all love.

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